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The 11 Reasons Why Peophins are AWESOME

by stars4ever33


     Why Peophins are Neopia's best pet!

     Another Peophin day has come and gone. This does not stop us from celebrating one of Neopia's most unique and interesting creatures! The Peophin! The Peophin is probably Neopia's ULTIMATE creature! Not only are they super intelligent, but they're also some of the nicest Neopians around! However, that alone does not make them the most ultimate Neopian. Find out WHY they're so awesome below!!

     11) They can live on the Land and the Sea!

     Let's face it, a pet that can live on the land and the sea is pretty awesome. While Peophins are more comfortable in the sea then they are on land. Some even like to live in the Lost Desert, which is one of the hottest places in all of Neopia. On the oppisite side of the coin, some like to stay in the sea. However, this does not stop them from popping up and saying "Hi" every once and a while.

     10) They're shy...but caring!

     Peophins are generally shy by nature, however, this doesn't stop them from being very caring. Just look at Peopatra, she runs a petpet stall in the Lost Desert. She hopes to find every ownerless petpet a home! This can be applied to any regular Peophin, all they want to do is make their friend's day! Additionally, Peophins generally don't mingle with other species of pets. However, they tend to warm up to others, but it might take a while. They're well the worth the effort though!

     9) Marak

     Marak is a Peophin who protected a clan of Peophins from a fisherman attack. He was recognised by Altador and given a statue. He known as "The Wave". Here we have a Peophin who wants nothing more than his clan's own safety, as such he'll do anything he can protect them. On top of this, his design is just really cool.


     Peophy was an old beautiful Peophin who used to give out food items and sometimes crystals. Considering that Peophins are very friendly, I would go as far as to say that Peophy was a physical representation of how generous Peophins are! You see those crystals she used to give out were very helpful towards Neopians! Peophy hasn't been seen in a long time, but it's good look back on her.

     7) They have both fur AND scales.

     Since they can live on both land and sea, they have a mixture of scales and fur. The fur starts at their head slowly fades to scales as you get farther down to their tail. This allows them to swim in the sea while also being able to survive on land. Having fur also makes them incredibly cuddly. However, this is not the same for any Peophin plushies. Those are just very soft with a cute smile!

      6) Jeweled Crest.

     Peophins are one of the few Neopets to come with default "clothing" items. Peophins come with a pretty jeweled crest on their face! These crests, as well as the jewel they contain cannot be removed at all. However, they can be replaced. For example, a snow Peophin has a leaf in place of the crest. It's ok, though, the Snow Peophin doesn't mind so long as no one tries to steal the leaf.

     5) Good fortune and happiness.

     Peophins are said to bring those around them good fortune and happiness! However, they have hooves and not paws or hands so having a physical weapon is bit of a challenge for them. However, they're deeply in touch to the magic that lies in Neopia. Basically, what they lack in opposable thumbs, they make up with magical abilities,.

     4) Peophins are very intelligent!

     Peophins love to read, as a result they're very intelligent pets! A good tip for all Peophin owners is that they should give your Pheophins books to read! Chances are your Peophin will love you for it! Some Peophin favorites are: Sad Peophin Stories, Haraquin's Day and Pretty Peophins.

     3) They are the best swimmers!

     No one can out-swim a Peophin! They're one of the best swimmers in all of Neopia! They're also the fastest! You cannot win a swimming race against a Peophin! Of course, if other Peophins were to race against each other the fastest Peophin from that group would win. Swimming races are a favorite pastime amongst clans of Peophins, and the fastest swimmers seem to be highly regarded in these clans.

     2) Low Maintenance!

     It doesn't take much to take care of a Peophin, their scales need to be washed at least once or twice a week and their mane combed at least once a day. Make sure they don't get bored! While I don't believe they get grumpy, they just get lethargic, which isn't good for a Peophin. In short, make sure they have basic grooming supplies and live near the water, so they can swim to their heart's content! I'm sure you could probably find a book of some kind that goes into great detail about how to take care of Peophin, even though it's not too difficult.

          1) Land...Sea...and AIR?!

     That's right, if you have a Faerie Peophin, then you have the ultimate pet! Not only is it a good swimmer, it can survive on land, AND it's a good flier! That is the total package, and should be what everyone wants in a pet; one who can dive to the depths of Maraqua, but can also soar as high as Kreludor!

     As you have learned, they're probably one of the best pets in all of Neopia! They are great for land, sea and even air travel. Their friendly nature makes them always willing to help out their friends, via grant them happiness or just being generous. I think we should all take a page from the Peophin's book and be a little bit kinder towards our fellow Neopian. In conclusion, go out and adopt a Peophin today! Who knows, maybe you'll end up with a new best friend for life!


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