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Actant's Book Reviews

by reconcilation


     Hey there NT, my name is Actant and I have read a lot of the books Neopia has to offer. Plenty of pets have come to me asking for recommendations for their next hot summer reads. So I decided to write an article highlighting some of my personal favorites.

     I enjoy all of the books that I write my reviews for, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like some more than others, hence the ratings. I have listed the general prices of the books as well. Cheap books are ones you can nap for less than 10,000 NP, decently priced books are the ones between 10,001 NP and 99,999 NP and expensive are ones which are 100,000 NP or more.

      101 Cures Using Health Food

     Did you know if you feed a Pteri a healthy wriggly grub it could cure them of anything? Or how about the numerous uses for the all-natural Prampet leaves? I didn’t until I read this book!

     My favorite section is the part which tells you the secrets on how to brew the perfect Steaming Green Tea. You have to boil clean rainwater (it recommended you get some from the Healing springs from Faerieland for the full benefits) and sweep the tea for exactly four minutes, no more, no less! Then you add a dash of Buzz honey and –

     Oh whoops, I nearly gave it all away, didn’t I?

      101 Cures using Health Food is an invaluable guide deserving to be on any bookshelf of any self-respecting Neopian who wishes to take a natural remedy. There’s even a recipe at the back to make your own Clay and Leaf Paste, an all natural remedy to Shaky Flakys.

     Price: Cheap!

     My Rating: 3/5

     While 101 Cures using Health Food is a useful resource, it isn’t the most inspiring book with long-winded explanations and the ‘illustrious’ history of Talon Root taking up a large portion of the book.

      Cooking for your Petpet

     Wow, these recipes sure are easy!

     If you ever wanted to know the way to best serve carrots to your Floud or the kind of hay that makes your Alabriss’ coat shine, Or how best do you cater a picky Kadoatie (Note: It’s not a Blue Draik Egg unlike those Kadoatie at the Kadoatery keep demanding), well, this book is for you!

     Cooking for your Petpet lists some tried and true recipes along with some surprising additions (Did you know that Ukalis love jelly and custard?).

     Note: For any young pets who are planning to do some cooking for their beloved Petpet, get adult supervision as some of the recipes require the stove top.

     Price: Cheap.

     You can find this popular book at any well-stocked bookstore.

     My Rating: 2/5

     While this book is useful it’s also very basic and does not inspire much creativity. It is worth the first read but not the second, however, given how common and inexpensive a copy is. I especially recommend it to any prospective Petpet owner looking to be armed with the knowledge how best to cater for their new best friend.

      Flight of the Battle Faerie

     ‘….As the battlefield was engulfed in flames the enraged forces of darkness closed in around me, I swallowed my fear, flexed my wings and soared. ‘

     Flight of the Battle Faerie is one of Aethia’s (many) best-sellers. It is a gripping tale of her youth before she became known as the fierce-some Battle Faerie we know today.

     It turns out that she wasn’t always as strong as is now and this story chronicles not only the struggles that she had to overcome, but also the book contains her intense training regimen and tips for any Neopian who wish to get stronger. I gave it a try and it is exhausting! I can’t believe she gets up before dawn and does all of them before breakfast.

     Price: Cheap!

     Due to the high demand for any of the books that Aethia writes Faerieland bookstores thankfully for seen this and printed quite a few copies. It may take a few days to get a copy ( It was on the best-selling lists for over two months) but its possible.

     My Rating: 4

     The Flight of the Battle Faerie is story of over-coming limitations and adversity, which would uplift any reader on a blue day. This book is easily among my favorites and I cannot wait for her next book.

     A word of caution for Grey pets, after reading this story you might find you may not be Grey anymore.

      1001 Roguish Insults

     What are you lookin’ at you yella’ bellied skitch-bitten Bogie!?

     He He….

     One look at the cover and my owner refused to read this book to me…. Saying the real reason I wasn’t allowed to read it was because it was expensive.

     Well, after a long…. Long afternoon at the game arcade (ugh, I never want to see another scoop of ice cream or a Fish Negg ever again) I managed to get my claws on one of the few copies in Neopia because I really wanted to learn how hurl insults just like the Hero, Hanso.

     Most of the insults in this book are zingers you can say as you evade capture with an arm-load of treasure under your arms, but I have found that when you are creative you can slot these just about anywhere. Sure, many of them are childish, but they are so much fun.

     You make cereal go soggy!

     Price: Expensive.

     There was a limited print exclusive to those who participated in The Faeries’ Ruin and fended off Xandra’s attack on the Faeries. It may be expensive, but it certainly worth the price tag for the wannabe insult slinger.

     My Rating: 4.5/5

     Note: I would have given this a perfect score, but after I was caught saying some of the insults when I burnt breakfast and was subsequently grounded.

     ……Atlachuck dung.

      If there are any books you want an honest review on please Neomail my owner and I’ll include them into my next article, I’ll even include your name if you want. Until next time!


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