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A Guide to the Faerieland Employment Agency

by califorthehomeless


     A Guide to the Faerieland Employment Agency

     Is your pet bored? Saying there’s nothing to do this summer? Feeling like he or she has no purpose in the family? Feeling sorry for spending all your Neopoints and never bringing any home?

     Introducing the Faerieland Job Agency! While this agency has been around for a long time, people tend to forget about it. It used to be you couldn’t get a job ever, but these days it’s easy to get a job, increase your pet's statistics, and make some money while doing so! Jobs are posted every ten minutes and come in large quantities. It is important to pay attention which job you pick, as you wouldn’t wanna lose money!

     To obtain a job, just head over to Faerieland. and the agency is located in Faerie City. You can see listings under Basic Jobs or Super Jobs. The idea is that you accept a job, get however many items the job asks of you, and report back to earn your profit! There is a time constraint, but we will touch on that later.

     The first page explains job coupons but if you look towards the top there is a guide bar. There are two links that take you to the jobs: basic jobs and super jobs. Status takes you to your pets current jobs. Then Ranking lists the hardest workers in all of Neopia!

     There are two kinds of jobs: basic and super.

     A basic job, anyone can get. It requires no money spent to obtain the job. These jobs tend to go fast, especially the jobs that make a profit! Usually, the payout is lower for a basic job.

     Then there are super jobs! These jobs require a job coupon to be able to qualify for the job. These jobs have higher rewards but job coupons can get expensive! You have to make sure and count the price of the coupon as you calculate if you’ll make a profit or not. The cheapest job coupons are the Green Job Coupon and the Blue Job Coupon. They’re around 4,000 to 8,000.



     The most expensive are the Silver Brightvale Job Coupon and the Gold Brightvale Job Coupon, both ranging from 400,000 to 500,000.



     The trick of these coupons is that once you use it, goes down a level. Let’s say you start with a Silver Job Coupon. Once you use it once, it turns into a Red Coupon, and so on and so forth until it becomes a Green Coupon. Once you use the Green Coupon it disappears!

     Heres the progression: Gold Brightvale Job Coupon --no tags here- Silver Brightvale Job Coupon --no tags here- Bronze Brightvale Job Coupon --no tags here- Green Brightvale Job Coupon --no tags here- Pink Job Coupon --no tags here- Purple Job Coupon --no tags here- Gold Job Coupon --no tags here- Silver Job Coupon --no tags here- Red Job Coupon --no tags here- Blue Job Coupon --no tags here- Green Job Coupon

     One last thing about job coupons is if you accept a job with one and then quit, your coupon still gets downgraded! So be careful!

     Now you’re probably wondering how to get one of these coveted job coupons! Well, these days they can only be won by the Wheel of Knowledge for Brightvale coupons, Wheel of Excitement for normal job coupons, and Wheel of Extravagance for both types. You can also obtain them from user shops, trades, or auctions.

     Now that you’ve picked your type of job, let’s talk about profiting! Jobs can ask for two items or six! They can be a variety of things like toys, collectible cards, stamps, and grooming supplies! I would start by looking around the basic jobs and figuring out the prices of items they are asking! Rewards can stem from not even a hundred Neopoints to a few thousand! Say you need 5 of a toy, but the asking price is only 800 Neopoints. If each toy costs 1,000 Neopoints, that’s no profit! I tend to look for jobs with a small number of items and a large reward. The faster you do a job, the more money you have potential to earn!

     Each job is timed. You can get between 3 minutes and an hour to perform a job. Like mentioned before, you can earn extra for being very quick! Here are a few tips to being quick: refresh on the 10th minutes (: 10,: 20,: 30), have money out of the bank and ready for a purchase, have a second window open with the shop wizard or super shop wizard, and pay attention! Usually, there are jobs left over from the previous tenth minute, but they aren’t always profitable. As soon as I’m ready to look for jobs I go to one of the last pages. People tend to look at the front page first so everyone can see it. When you go farther back there may be jobs that no one has stumbled across yet.

     You can earn extra from completing the job in less than 25% of the time allotted. If you completed the job in zero seconds, you’d get the full 25%, but as time goes on the reward grows smaller. The maximum payout is 100,000 Neopoints, even with bonuses. Speed is your friend in this game! If you pick a 5,000 Neopoint game and get your items within 25% of the allotted time, you’d get an extra 1,250 Neopoints. With five jobs that really can add up for you.

     If you chose a job that isn’t profitable or you don’t want to complete it, you can cancel a job for a fine of 200 Neopoints. I try to never do this because it shows up on your pet’s statistics. It’s your choice though!

     You can do 5 jobs a day. 3 can be done back to back, then you’ll get a message that you’ve taken to many jobs! Come back in 30 minutes to complete the next one, and then I always wait awhile longer for my 5th.

     Faerieland Jobs is an easy way to make money and improve your pet's statistics! Your pet can reach different rankings and even climb a high scores list! You’ll feel accomplished as your pet moves up from Intern to Worker and you might even find yourself becoming an Arch Master! Sadly there is no trophy for your pet as they move up. Happy job hunting!

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