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55 Signs You're a Veteran Neopets Player

by carrieantonia


     You know you're a veteran Neopets player when...

     1. Your first Neopet is old enough to at least be in primary school now, if not secondary school... or college.

     2. Speaking of which, you remember feeling absolutely certain that TnT was going to launch NeoSchool soon, and stocking up on school supplies for your pets just in case.

     3. At least one of your favorite games now resides in the Games Graveyard.

     4. You alternate between deeply regretting converting your pets... then visiting the NC Mall and being glad you did.

     5. You have strong feelings about the Darigan vs. Meridell rivalry. You can't just like both of them, pick a side!!

     6. Now that you think of it, you have strong feelings about every plot you've participated in.

     7. You remember the feeling of awe you had when the back half of the Neopian globe was first revealed.

     8. You remember Neopets Magazine.

     9. You remember Neopets Happy Meal toys.

     10. You were heartbroken when the Random Contest went on hiatus... and ecstatic when it came back! Now's your second chance at that avatar, folks!

     11. You have a passable (but outdated) knowledge of basic HTML and CSS that you will never use in your daily life. Thanks, Neopets HTML Guide!

     12. Your family members have caught you mumbling "nty, glt" in your sleep.

          13. You remember being shocked when you learned that Draik Eggs were more than just toys.

     14. You remember NeoCircles.

     15. You remember the old Battledome, and the days when codestones and Dubloons cost an absolute fortune.

     16. Before you were able to have a gallery, you put items in your shop for 99,999 NP just to show them off. Secretly though, you wouldn't have been angry if someone had actually paid for them.

     17. You've sported one or more of the following NeoBoard fonts: glowing, drop shadow, or "invisible" (which was just white text that had to be highlighted to become legible). Alternately, you absolutely hated these font effects and made your distaste known whenever possible.

     18. You remember Key Quest.

     19. You remember Habitarium, and always keeping it open in a separate window while you did other things.

     20. You spent days painstakingly designing the layout of your old NeoHome, one room at a time.

     21. You've tried to start your own successful guild at least once.

     22. You remember the days before pet trading, when trades were done quickly and dangerously through the Pound. The thought of losing a pet to a random pound surfer haunted was your worst nightmare.

     23. When the Neopian Adventure Generator was at the height of its popularity, you spent hours doing user-made personality quizzes. Which type of faerie are you?

     24. You've had at least one heated argument on the boards about the fact that JELLY WORLD IS NOT REAL.

     25. If you were under 13 when you started playing, you actually had your parents or guardians fax a permission form to TnT to allow you to have such riveting conversations on the boards.

     26. Speaking of boards, you remember the weirdness that was General Chat.

     27. You remember the old Neopian Times layout.

     28. And the OLD Old Neopian Times Layout, too.

     29. You remember feeling like frequent Neopian Times authors were celebrities.

     30. Same goes for the users who frequently held top spots in the high score tables for various games.

     31. You had a Space Discount Card.

     32. You paid more than you'd like to admit for the Forgotten Shore Map when it was first released, before the price dropped dramatically.

     33. You've convinced all your friends and family members to try Neopets, whether they wanted to or not.

     34. You remember the brief time when absolutely everyone had an Ice Bori.

     35. You know your Magma Pool time, even if you don't have any Magma pets and don't actually want any.

     36. You remember when Lutari Island first appeared, and you either have ALL or NONE of the beads on your Lutari Talisman.

     37. You remember Coco Roll. Bonus points if you actually have the (now-retired) Coco Roller avatar.

     38. Actually, bonus points if you have ANY retired avatars!

     39. You participated in the Premium free trial.

     40. You consider the Advent Calendar a venerated December tradition. You need to step away from family gatherings for at least a few minutes during the holidays to quickly grab your daily prize!

     41. Your oldest Neopet is older now than you were when you started playing.

     42. You remember a time before Yurbles, Rukis, Boris, Hissis, Lutaris, Xweetoks, Ogrins, Gnorbus, or Vandagyres.

     43. You remember when Bruces were Bruce Forsyths and they were ... not penguins.

     44. You remember when Buzzes were Fleyes.

     45. You remember Tatsu and Cerpulls before Eyries came along.

     46. You remember Macy Gray. Seriously, what was up with having humans as Neopets species?

     47. You're no longer phased by TnT's annual April Fool's Day shenanigans, but at least one of their pranks has turned your world upside down in the past. Most likely on your first year on the site.

     48. You've watched your user lookup shield evolve over the course of years. You can recall a time when TnT's artists could barely keep up with the need for new shields.

     49. Speaking of user lookups, you used to decorate yours with backgrounds, "adoptables", view counters, gifs, fake random events, and even music.

     50. You didn't get a Starter Paintbrush when you signed up, because they didn't exist yet.

     51. You remember thinking that a million Neopoints was a LOT of money.

     52. You remember the NeoCam.

     53. If you were young when you started playing, you dreamed of working for TnT when you grew up. Maybe you even ended up in web design or development as a result.

     54. You still sometimes think "Borovan" when you see asparagus in real life.

     55. You'll never forget Adam and Donna, and this wonderful site they created will always hold a special place in your heart -no tags here-3

     Can you relate to this list? If so, you just might be a NeoAddict, a veteran player, a Neopian through and through.

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