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Ten Things You Need if you Love Faerieland

by indebtedness


     Ten Things You Need if you Love Faerieland


     Faerieland lovers rejoice! In this week’s article, Sean and I have compiled a list of ten things you need if you love Faerieland! These items were carefully picked by yours truly. All of these items are practical, and meant to be kept in your Neohome or gallery with the exception of the books.

     Faerieland is one of our favorite worlds in Neopia. It is bright, cheery and home to all of Neopia’s unique faeries. Queen Fyora herself resides in the city and the evil faerie, Jhudora, resides on the outskirts of Faerieland in her own bluff. Faerieland is home to the Healing Springs and the elusive Rainbow Fountain as well.

     Some items on this list are only for the rich, but there are also budget friendly items under the price of 99,999NP!

     Bottle of Faerieland Sand (~10,000NP):


     This bottle of sand contains sand exclusively from your favorite land; Faerieland! The bottle has only sand in it, and it depicts the elusive Rainbow Fountain along with the Faerie City castle behind it. The bottle is perfect for Faerieland lovers, because it has the two main focal points of the world itself.

     Faerie Queen Doll (2,000,000NP):


     Queen Fyora rules over Faerieland, and she has her own doll. Imagine having YOUR own doll?! Fyora is an icon and what better way than showcasing her doll? It is, again, pricey, but no Faerieland collector can call themselves one without having this doll in their collection. The doll doesn’t just look pretty, but it also gives a secret avatar if you let your pet play with it! So save up those Neopoints and head over to the Hidden Tower to buy your very own Doll!

      Faerieland Salt and Pepper Shakers (~200NP):


     What better way to show your love of Faerieland than with a pair of salt and pepper shakers? Many families have unique shakers to show something they’re interested in or something that is quirky and “them”! Having these adorable shakers will tell your dinner guests that you love what Faerieland has to offer! The base of the shaker sports a cloud and the stem of the shaker has a tower on it.


     Faerieland Building Blocks (~50NP):


     A trip to Faerieland is exciting and memorable, and it is often depressing to return home after a visit. But what if you could take Faerieland home with you? Get yourself a set of the Faerieland Building Blocks and build your very own city in the clouds! Build it up and showcase it to all of your Neohome visitors!

     Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water (1,900,000NP):


     A trip to Faerieland without a souvenir from the Rainbow Fountain? Never! This flask is pricey, but it allows you to take a little piece of the fountain home with you. If you give the water to your Neopet they will change into a random color offered from Naia’s fountain. You only have access to use the fountain like normal if Naia has approached you with a quest; mind you, they are rare!

     Faerie Birdhouse (720,000NP):


     If you are a nature lover like us, you need to have a birdhouse. Putting this birdhouse in your NeoGarden will instantly brighten and liven it up! It is bright pink with purple faerie wings etched into it for an added pop so it wouldn’t be bland. Pairing this birdhouse with other flowers, bushes, and trees will compliment it well. You will see animals of all sorts (especially birds!) in your garden, all fighting over this birdhouse! Our gardens have not been happier since adding this exquisite birdhouse!

     Faerie Notepad (~300,000NP):


     A pink spiral bound notebook complete with a crown etched in the cover AND wings… what more could you possibly ask for? We carry this notebook with us on a daily basis because it is extremely convenient to pull it out and write a quick note down. The pages in the book are pink and there is a crown watermark along the page. When school is in session we each make sure we have a spare because all of our notes end up in this stylish notebook. Queen Fyora herself was even spotted using it!

      Faerie Tracing Book (~1,200):


     Leaving Faerieland is a difficult task for all visitors. In order to commemorate your visit, it is only right to buy a souvenir or two. Before you head home, make sure to pick up this Faerie Tracing Book and bring all your favorite residents of Faerieland to life! Hang them on your walls, or pin them on your refrigerator - you’ll always remember your visit to Faerieland with these drawings.

     Faerieland: A History (~2,500NP):


     This book is always in stock at the Faerieland library. This is their best seller! When it was first published they could not keep it on the shelves! Everyone wanted to know everything about Faerieland, so that is why it was such a hot seller. Since then the book has become more common, which is good for you. A good price AND you get to learn about the complete history of Faerieland. You probably know everything there is to know about Faerieland, but you would be surprised about some of the bizarre facts that are in here! You think you know all there is to know? Put your knowledge to the test and surprise your friends with everything there is to know about Faerieland.

     Faerie Vase (~999,000):


     Spice up your Neohome with the perfect addition to any room. This Faerie Vase envelops the epitome of Faerieland: bright, pink, and wingy! Pick some flowers from Faerieland and spice up the vase, all while maintaining the lovely aroma of the city in the clouds.

      Out of every item that dedicated to faeries, Faerieland, etc, Sean and I hand-picked these ten items because we think they are important to any collector. Faerieland is an important community to Neopia, so it’s only right for one to showcase these artifacts in their own Neohome or themed gallery. We understand some items in this list cost a pretty Neopoint, but saving up your precious point could give you a collection only few can obtain. Be the envy of your Neofriends!

     We hope you enjoyed out article this week! Keep an eye out for our next one! Thanks for reading!


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