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What type of Negg are YOU?

by tawnihart1739


     Ah, Neggs. Wonderful, wonderful Neggs. Neopia has a large selection of delightful fruits you can feed your pet. Seriously, I could go on all day naming all of them and the different varieties that exist. We have the Bagguss fruit, the Tchea fruit, the Ummagine fruit. The Doughnutfruit. The Flatfruit. The Tigerfruit. We even have the sweet, sweet Acnefruit (Yum!) However, nothing will ever come close to the pure greatness of the glorious Negg - every Neopian’s favorite fruit!

     Neggs not only provide us with delicious egg-shaped delicacies, but some can even have positive effects on our pets! Some increase your strength, some make you happier, some make you smarter… A lot of these can be bought at the Neggery, run by Neopia's one and only Negg Faerie, Kari.

     Have you ever wondered which of these Neggs you are? Take this personality quiz I made for you and discover your inner Negg spirit! As you go along, tally how many of each letter you have chosen. You'll have your results by the end!

     1. What is your favorite part of school?

     A) Everything! I love school and everything about it!

     B) Getting to show off my awesome fashion to my classmates.

     C) I like meeting new Neopians and helping them out!

     D) I enjoy getting in fights with my classmates.

     E) I’d rather be all alone at home..

     F) I love learning and discovering new things in my classes.

     2. Where is your favorite place to go to in Neopia?

     A) Neopia Central - there’s so many things to do and Neopians to see!

     B) Mystery Island - I get to kick back and give myself some well-deserved relaxation time!

     C) Faerieland - Faeries, games, Poogles.. what more could you want?

     D) Haunted Woods - I always loved exploring the scary Haunted House!

     E) Kreludor - Peace and quiet! It’s also in space, and that’s awesome!

     F) Brightvale - I always amaze the Wise Old King with my knowledge!

     3. You're going on a quick trip to the Marketplace. What are you expecting to purchase there?

     A) Cute Petpets - I just want to take every single one of them home and hug them!

     B) Grooming items - I have to keep my pets looking their best for the Spotlight!

     C) Plushies - There's so many of them.. I want to collect them all!

     D) Battledome weapons - There's all sorts of weaponry to choose from! I never lose a battle!

     E) Neohome furniture - My Neohome always looks its best! Come check out my living room!

     F) Books and scrolls - My pets love nothing better than a good story!

     4. Which of these is the best paint brush?

     A) Candy Paint Brush - It makes every pet look absolutely delicious!

     B) Royal Paint Brush - I treat my pets like kings and queens, so they might as well look like royalty as well!

     C) Baby Paint Brush - The baby pets are the most adorable ones!

     D) Wraith Paint Brush - Wraith pets look so cool!

     E) Stealth Paint Brush - I love embracing my inner ninja!

     F) Dimensional Paint Brush - Anyone would agree that inter-dimensional pets look awesome!

     5. What’s your favorite game?

     A) Meerca Chase - The more Neggs I catch, the happier I am!

     B) Fashion Fever - I love styling and dressing up a character!

     C) Hasee Bounce - The Hasees are so adorable!

     D) Carnival of Terror - I love honing my shooting skills on the robotic Clown Chias!

     E) Hannah and the Kreludor Caves - It’s fun exploring the caves and avoiding the hazards!

     F) Spellseeker - Finding words and sequences in the tiles is always fun!

     6. Interesting, interesting.. Now, what’s your favorite color?

     A) Yellow - associated with sunshine, joy, and happiness

     B) Purple - associated with luxury, extravagance, and creativity

     C) White - associated with goodness, innocence, and purity

     D) Red - associated with fire, energy, and power

     E) Black - associated with mystery, formality, and the unknown

     F) Blue - associated with stability, wisdom, and intelligence

     7. What's your favorite Cheeseroller cheese?

     A) Honey Cheese

     B) Fragrant Ummagcheese

     C) Angelpuss Cheese

     D) Mutated Cheese

     E) Brick Cheese

     F) Space Cheese

     8. Which is your favorite wheel?

     A) I like all of them!

     B) Wheel of Extravagance

     C) Wheel of Excitement

     D) Wheel of Misfortune

     E) Wheel of Monotony

     F) Wheel of Knowledge

     9. and last but not least, you just won the Neopian Lottery! You're now in possession of more Neopoints than you ever thought you'd lay eyes on. What will you decide to do with your prize?

     A) Splurge everything on my pets! Concert tickets, mystery island tours.. the works!

     B) Buy that expensive dream outfit I could never afford!

     C) Donate it all to Neopians in need! Help people get the items they wanted and things like that!

     D) Use it to exceed my pets' powers to never-before-seen heights!

     E) Put it all in the National Neopian Bank for later!

     F) the Stock Market I go!

     Thank you for taking my Negg personality test!

     Now, let’s see… Drumroll please!

          If you chose mostly As, you are…

     ...a Happy Negg!

     You’re cheerful and you are always look on the bright side of things!

     If you chose mostly Bs, you are…

     ...a Glamour Negg!

     You’re beautiful, and you never leave the Neohome without looking your best!

     If you chose mostly Cs, you are…

     ...a Negg of Purity!

     You’re, well, pure! You have a childlike innocence to you and you see the good in everyone! Everyone except for the Wicked Negg, that is...

     If you chose mostly Ds, you are…

     ...a Wicked Negg!

     You’re strong, and you have a bit of a dark side to you, but that’s okay!

     If you chose mostly Es, you are… Armoured Negg!

     You’re well-protected from things and people that can hurt you - and though you may be a bit secluded from Neopians you’re not quite comfortable with yet, you like it that way!

     If you chose mostly Fs, you are…

     ...a Genius Negg!

     You’re intelligent, and you always love learning new and interesting things about the world!

     Did you get the Negg you were hoping for?

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