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Neoquest 2: Faerieland Sprint Through

by califorthehomeless



     Can you taste victory just yet? We’re back again with the last installment of Neoquest 2: Faerieland Sprint Through! We beat up some faeries and Esophagor in the last chapter and now we’re on to bigger fish to fry! You’re so close to the last two avatars and a trophy! Everything goes super-fast from now, so be prepared to hit the ground running!

     Starting up Chapter 5, there’s no town around. This is a bummer but refer to your maps and head towards the pink tower. The enemies are definitely strong in this chapter, my advice is to take out any faeries that attack before the other pets. Upon entering the tower, talk to the guards and then the captain. The guard in the southeast will offer you a place to rest and some weapons! For potions, you need to head upstairs and talk to the chef. Buy 20 of each damage, haste, and slowing potions.

Fallen Angel

     Once you’re stocked up, look at your maps and head out to find the Fallen Angel. You have to be careful because many of the turns are dead ends. When you’re level 50, you’re ready for this bad angel! Velm puts up his shields, Mipsy should cast her Group Haste, and Rohane and Talinia should hit her hard. Mipsy can then throw one of the 30-40% slowing potions and Velm should heal as usual. Don’t be afraid to use a healing potion if Velm isn’t fast enough! She will be cast out in no time and your path to the Underclouds are open!

     The rest of the game you can do on Normal unless you need to level up quickly! Once in the Underclouds you head east, then south, and find the faerie, Essit. She tells us where the entrance to Cumulonimbus is. We’re gonna head west, then east, and lastly head into the southeast corner. You’ll then enter Cumulonimbus and talk to Ceth. You’ll have to wind your way through the city to find the Devilpuss and exit. It’s a pain but I traded my way before through a map and ended up getting through without too much wandering!


     I would be level 52 before taking on this guy! Here is your second to last avatar, but first you have to stomp him! He can hit and he usually takes it out on Talinia. Watch your health closely! Shields up, get everyone sped up, and toss a 40% slowing potion at him! He’s damage resistant, so you can hit him with magic attacks or older damage potions. Don’t be afraid of using healing potions or using Rohane’s battle taunt!

     Something Has Happened! And now you’ve beaten him and have a shiny new avatar for your collection!

     Refer to your maps and head out to find Cirrus. As you get closer to Cirrus you get your second avatar! You’ll find bionic Cybunnies and you’ll get your avatar after you defeat your first one! Congrats! That’s all the avatars left and now we’re running for the trophy.

     Head into Cirrus. This is the last place to buy weapons! You’ll get weapons from boss battles but remember this is the last place to purchase. Buy weapons to Talinia and Rohane and make sure to upgrade everyone's armor! The price is steep so if you don’t have enough head back out to fight for some more gold. Buy 20 of each damage, slowing, and haste potion again. Stay at the inn in town! This is important, especially if you lose your battle. Refer to your maps to head out of the Underclouds, from there it should be a straight shot to faerie city.

     Now it’s time to get frustrated. Enter faerie city and talk to Lucina. She gives you directions to the faerie thief. She’s in the Inn, which is the first door to the north. Head to the northern corner and head down the stairs. When you’re downstairs she’s in the southwest corner. Use your maps! You’ll do a lot of winding.

     Faerie Thief (Times 3!)

     Make sure you are level 53 or don’t bother chasing her around yet! You’ll only reduce her hit points by 1/3 this time. Shields, group haste, slow her down with any older slowing potions from the lost desert chapter, and start chipping away at her hit points! Remember you have tons of healing potions and Battle Taunt from Rohane is a gift because he can take a hit! So you beat her and now you have to hike all the way back. Lucina will tell you which way she saw her go.

     Head west and then go into the first door you see. In the north part of this room, you’ll see stairs, go down. Head down the center aisle to the south and find yet another set of stairs. Head up and there she is! You should be level 54 by now. Use the same strategy as listed above!

     Now we need to find her again! This is the last time. Hike your way back to the entrance and then head straight north to the doors. She’ll be waiting for you one last time! Use the same strategy to pummel her!

     Enter into the palace and have a chat with the faerie Stenvela. All the staircases are blocked off of course so we’re back to the maze work. Head north to find the faerie Kroliya and have a chat with her. Still blocked, so head south through the garden over to Arthal. This part gets a little windy so refer to your maps and head to those stairs! Find and talk to Vitrini. He lets you rest for free. She does tell you about the Pant Devils though! It doesn’t matter which ones you do first. They’re in the northwest and northeast towers. There are two levels before you reach them, so if you aren’t level up, here is the place to do it.

     Pant Devils

     They’re literally the same, so I’ll say this once! Make sure you are level 57, have Velm put his shields up, Mipsy speed everyone up, and have one of the other team members throw a Coma potion at them. Battle away and don’t be afraid to heal up with potions! Between the battles, you can rest of Vitrini and return to her after you’ve defeated both to combine the key pieces! This gives you access to the southeast tower! So start your climb! With maps, it is very self-explanatory.

     King Terask - 1st Time

     Make sure you are level 58! To be safe level 59! He’s a big guy, but this first battle is much easier than the second. Velm should cast his shields, Mipsy keeps everyone sped up, and then lob Coma potions at him into he his slowed down. After reading several other guides, I preferred the Hurricane Potion lobbing way the most. Lob these potions until he casts Protection in Infinity. If he never casts it, keep lobbing until they’re gone. Then use normal attacks. Watch your elapsed time like a hawk! I was lobbing Coma potions every 16-18 seconds to be safe. Only use Coma or Hurricane during this battle! If he won’t slow down then just hit him as hard as you can and stay sped up! Once he’s defeated let’s look at what weapons he gave us!

     Look at what your final weapons are! As you can see they give great bonuses. This is why I suggest you save some skill points for later. Attach those weapons/armor and spend the skill points wisely! For Velm and Mipsy I recommend looking at earlier weapons, they sometimes have better bonus points.

     Now that you’ve spent all your skill points available, let’s go free Fyora! Use the teleport orb which takes you to Vitrini. She tells you to head to the southwest tower to clean everything else up! Head up until you reach the cloud path, chat with the faerie Lyra and stock up on some final potions! Buy 20 of everything!! This is the last place for potions!

     King Terask (2nd time and final battle!)

     You must be level 60!! Spend your skill points, equip your best weapons and let’s go! Make sure you set aside at least 40 minutes for this battle, it’s a doozy! Cast your shields, get sped up, and then throw Coma potions at him until one stick! Now it’s time for us all to throw damage potions until he casts his Protection of Infinity! After that have Rohane and Talinia attacking, Mipsy casting her magic and keeping us sped up, and Velm should be healing every round and keeping the shields up! Remember: shields need recasting about every 40 seconds, every 30 for group haste, and slowing potions only last 20.

     Keep everyone healthy! If King Terask is picking on one member, use Rohane’s Battle Taunt! He can take a hit. Don’t forget you have healing potions. They’re there to help you and this is your last battle anyway! If King Terask slows you down, use your speed potions to stay quick! Those plus Mipsy’s rampant acceleration should keep you fairly quick!

     As he gets lower in health, he starts casting Renew instead of hitting you! If his shields go down, start throwing damage potions again! Don’t forget to keep your health in check also.

     You’ll come out victorious and be awarded a bronze trophy for all your troubles! If you really are crazy, you can go back through and do evil, but I haven’t the guts to try yet! Good luck on your journey and congratulations on your win!


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