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Advanced Stock Market Strategy for the Neopian Millionaire

by prince_genkaku_han


     There are many ways to becoming a Neopian multi-millionaire. Some manufacture plushies by the hundred of thousands. Others restock in the shops. A friend of mine was strolling along the long shores of Mystery Island with her Gelert, and tripped over a Golden Shell buried in the sand; another friend visits Krawk Island every day to bet on some food eating contest organised by pirates. Like I said, there are many ways to becoming a Neopian Millionaire. Today, I want to share with you, good readers of the Neopian times, how I made my millions of Neopoints on the Neopian Exchange, and how you might follow my footsteps in making the same millions for yourself!

     Now, regular investors in the stocks will know the age-old saying of the Neopian Exchange--buy low, sell high. And many of us veterans of the Exchange have probably followed the time-tested strategy of buying our stocks at 15 Neopoints apiece, to resell them when they are valued at about 70-80 Neopoints apiece. This investment strategy is all fine and dandy, of course, and returns very respectable profits.

     But if you have ever wondered how you might turn a greater profit with the Neopian Stock Market, then this is the Neopian Times article you want to read. I am going to let you in on a trick to greater wealth with the Stock Market--a trick that Nigel the Chia, veteran investor that he is, is all too familiar with, but won’t be telling you any time soon! A trick that will multiply the returns to your investment many times over. So listen up, if becoming a stock market tycoon is your dream: long-time students of the stock market such as myself have realised that there is always that one stock that’s worth over 1000 Neopoint per share, and it is this stock that will propel you to multi-millionaire status. In this Neopian Times article, I will reveal to you how you might capitalise on the thousand-Neopoint-per-share stock on your way to becoming the next Neopian multi-millionaire!

     Here is the basic idea: start by buying low, as usual, but hold off selling those stocks when they rise to the price you would normally sell them off. Let me repeat myself: resist that temptation to sell for the regular profit, no matter how badly you want to. We are going big this time! Hold on to those stocks and one of them will eventually hit a thousand Neopoint per share--which, I promise you, is just a matter of time. When that stock finally hits the thousand Neopoint mark, then it’s time to sell, sell, sell!!

     Now, you might say, “Hey, this is exactly what everyone has been doing all along. In fact, Nigel has been telling this to us for years: buy low, sell high!” To which I reply, yes, yes, this is a variation of the usual investment method, but it can be tricky part is pulling this off efficiently. You need three things to achieve this:

      1. The most important part to this strategy is patience. A long, unwavering, incredible patience. More patience than planting flowers. Those tall cloud spirals you see in Faerieland were not built in a single day, and no stock is going to turn a huge profit overnight. To have this investment strategy work, you will have to hold on to your stocks, through many fluctuations in price, for many months, if not years. It will mean resisting the temptation to sell when the stock hits 400 or 600 Neopoint per share.

      2. Have a regular income greater than 15000 Neopoints a day before you commence on this strategy. As this is a very long-term strategy, it can be draining on your Neopian bank account if your daily expenditure on the Neopian Exchange exceeds your income over a long period of time.

     3. Invest daily. The volume of share you hold is crucial to the success of this strategy. The more shares you hold when the stock turns 1000 Neopoints, the greater your profit.

     As you are beginning to see, pulling this strategy off is not quite as easy as it looks. It requires a good deal of financial discipline and effort. Certainly not a strategy for the weak-willed!

     Now, if you follow the suggestions I have laid out above, this is how your future earnings should work out. Imagine, if you purchased 1000 units of a stock at 15 Neopoints apiece, and that stock eventually becomes worth 1000 Neopoints apiece:

     If you hold 1000 units of the stock, your profit will be 985000 Neopoints.

     If you have 5000 units of the stock, your profit will be 4925000 Neopoints.

     If you have been a paragon of patience, you have built up a large portfolio of 20000 units of the stock over time, and you have resisted selling them at the ripe price of 80 Neopoints apiece, why, you will be rewarded with a profit in the tens of millions Neopoints. A tidy sum, surely--almost enough to buy the things you’ve always wanted but could not quite afford: that Super Attack Pea for your battle set, that copy of Batagelle Joke Book for your pet’s education, or that Skarl Collectable Charm for your album.

     Oh, here is one last thing, before I forget. For this to work, you will want to build a diverse stock portfolio. Do not bank all your hopes on the stock of The Neopian Auction House (TNAH) or Hubert Hot Dogs’ (HUW) becoming suddenly high-priced (indeed, the fact that a modest hot dog stand is listed on the stock exchange amazes me). The fortunes of the stock market is unpredictable. As the ancient saying goes, put your Neggs in as many baskets as you can. Doing so will significantly increase the likelihood of you hitting the Stock Market windfall.

     Now that you are armed with these tips, what are you waiting for? Today is the day you become a stock market tycoon. Perhaps I will write becoming a plushie tycoon in the next issue of the Neopian Times, but for now, take your Neopoints over to the Stock Market and start investing!


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