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Affordable NP-Only Customizations

by waterbird333


     We've all been there: you need a super cute, spooky, or seasonally-appropriate customization for your pet, but you don't have the cash for NC and, well, you don't really have the NP either. That's all about to change! Below is your comprehensive guide to super affordable NP-only customizations. We will address species-specific wearables, hard-to-customize pet colours, and seasonal themes. Though specific customizations are pictured, alternative items are also listed in the description for your convenience. Mixing and matching items, pet species, and pet colours will make your customization personal and unique. Let's get those creative juices flowing!


     Kau Farmer – 68,000 NP

     There are so many amazing, country-inspired customizations for Kaus, and they are super affordable. The example pictured is a Spotted Kau wearing Corn Field Background, Kau Farmer Boots, Kau Farmer Hat and Wig, Kau Farmer Shirt, Kau Farmer Overalls, and Kau Farmer Bucket of Corn. For a more feminine look, you could opt for the Country Kau Dress, Country Kau Shoes, Country Kau Wig, and Country Kau Flower Basket. Bonus—the Country Kau set is even less expensive, costing only about 41,000 NP + the price of your chosen background. There's also the Kauboy Trousers, Kauboy Vest, Kauboy Badge, Kauboy Boots, and and Kauboy hat if you are seeking a more adventurous look for your bovine pal! Alternative backgrounds include Kau Kau Farms Background, Field of Grass Background, Autumn Country Road Background (this one looks especially nice with the Country Kau set), and Altadorian Pasture Background, ranging from 2,000-4,000 NP each.




     Faerie Princess – 82,000 NP

     This is one of my all-time favorite customizations, and it contains only NP items. Though the pictured Uni is painted Plushie, the delicate colour palette of this look will work with a number of Uni colours. The items utilized for this customization are Pretty Spring Uni Dress, Pretty Spring Uni Shoes, Pretty Spring Uni Earrings, Pretty Spring Uni Gloves, Fyoras Eyeshadow, Fyoras Room Background, and Pretty Fyora Potted Flowers. If you are on a tight budget, you can exclude the Potted Flowers and save yourself about 28,000 NP. There is also a Pretty Spring Uni Wig available for those who prefer to customize their pet's hair. Don't have a Uni? Fret not! The Fancy Pink Gown (less than 200 NP!), Illusen Umbrella Cut Dress, and Punkish Short Dress are stylish alternatives that fit every species.


     Spooky Forest – 40,000 NP

     For those who crave a more spooky and mysterious NP customization, the Lenny Plague Doctor set is perfect for you. Featuring the Lenny Plague Doctor Hat, Lenny Plague Doctor Mask, Lenny Plague Doctor Robe, Lenny Plague Doctor Book, Lenny Plague Doctor Gloves, Lenny Plague Doctor Staff, Haunted Wood Foreground, and Spooky Forest Path Background, this look is sure to send shivers up and down your spine. The foreground and background in this look are stunning with Halloween, Shadow, and Mutant pets. Bonus—if you use your Halloween pet, you don't even need to worry about buying an outfit for them. They're already customized in their Halloween clothes!


     Candy & Chocolate Pets – 12,000 NP

     I am in love with the Candy colour for Neopets. However, I often find that Chocolate and Candy Neopets are the most difficult to customize, because their base colour is so beautiful and detailed, that adding anything on top of it is either too distracting and totally clashes or hides the true beauty of the painted pet. Therefore, I leave you with this—the uncustomized pet. Save yourself and your bank account some stress by sticking to a complimentary foreground and background and let your pet's true beauty shine. Pictured here are the Spring Path Background and Easter Cake. Alternatives for this customization include the Chocolate Neggs Foreground, Chocolate Frame, Hot Mug of Cocoa, and just about any background that fits your fancy.


     Winter Wonderland – 22,000 NP

     Winter-themed customizations are perhaps the variable, thanks to the plethora of holiday wearables supplied by the Advent Calendar every December. If you have an Ice or Christmas pet, or just love the look of snow-covered ground, then you’re in luck because these items tend to be extremely affordable as well! Picture here are the Winter Landscape Background, Snow Laden Foreground, Black and White Trendy Dress, and Flower of Remembrance. Some "cool" alternatives include the Delightful Holiday Sled, Candy Christmas Tree, Seasonal Designer Purse, and Holiday Shopping List…but really, the possibilities are endless!


     Altador Cup – 7,000 NP

     What better way to show support for your team than to fully customize your pet in Altador Cup wearables? Pictured here are the Altador Cup Background – Altador, Altador Cup Altador Frame, 2015 Altador Cup Jersey, and Altador Cup V Competition Torch. There are affordable backgrounds and frames for every team in the AC, as well as other AC-related items in a variety of price ranges such as Altador Cup Collectors Jacket, Altador Cup Display Cabinet, Altador Cup Flag Spear, and Altador Cup Teams Garland for if you can't settle on just one team and want to express your overall excitement for the AC. How much you are willing to spend on this customization is totally up to you!


     Baby, It's My Birthday! – 25,000 NP

     Let's round things out with a celebratory customization! Baby pets are super cute, but there a limit to what they can be customized with. Similarly to how we would treat Mutant or Candy and Chocolate pets, Baby pets are best displayed with a coordinating background, foreground, and trinket or two. This particular birthday set could be applied to any pet but is especially cute with a baby. Pictured are 8th Birthday Celebration Background and Pile of Confetti. Yup, that's it! Two items are all you need to complete this customization. Other items that might interest you are Fancy Wrapped Gifts, Celebration Cake, Birthday Streamers, Birthday in the Park Background, and Stack of Cupcakes Foreground.


     Are you feeling inspired yet? Regardless of what species or colour of pet that you own, there is an NP-only customization within your price range. Take advantage of your pet's species-specific clothing and mix and match similarly-themed backgrounds, foregrounds, and trinkets. But most importantly…have fun!!


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