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The Six Signs of the Faerieland Zodiac

by scrappydont


     The citizens of Faerieland are well known for their talents in magic, extending from healing spells to the telling of fortunes. The latter part comes in a number of forms, but perhaps the most popular is Faerieland's zodiac. Divided into six different signs following the alignment of different faeries, it is believed that the zodiac can give insight into the personalities of Neopians depending on what time of year they were born. Many citizens of Faerieland and beyond put stock into the system with varying levels of seriousness. Others reject the idea of the zodiac completely, thinking it ridiculous to believe in something that seems so arbitrary.

     This article will explore the six different signs, touching upon both their positive and negative traits. Check the zodiac against your own birth month and see if you're a believer or a cynic!

     Light Signs

     Neopians born in the months of Sleeping and Awakening fall under the Light sign in Faerieland's zodiac. Light signs are known for their kindhearted nature, always seeing the best in others and being very emotionally receptive. They are charitable people, drawn to others less fortunate themselves with a will to help and comfort them any way they can. You will often find Light sign Neopians volunteering at the Soup Kitchen, Money Tree, or Second-Hand Shoppe, doing their part to make the world a better place. There is no better friend than a Light sign when it comes to matters of emotions- they are extremely empathetic, making great listeners and givers of advice.

     Their empathetic nature does have its downsides however, and Light signs can often become overemotional at the smallest provocation. Expect your Light sign friends to become teary eyed at the sight of a petpet shelter, and don't let them go in unless you're prepared to be taking home at least one new furry friend today. Their high emotions also lend themselves to naivety. Light signs are convinced that there is good in everybody, and will often ignore warning signs to the contrary- they make great targets for scammers and con artists who can tug at their heartstrings. Also, don't be surprised if your Light sign friend flakes out on the outings you've arranged. They are very forgetful people who often need extra reminders to keep on track!

     Air Signs

     If you were born during the months of Running or Eating, you fall under the Air sign. As their namesake months would suggest, Air signs are big on fitness and taking care of their bodies. Your typical Air sign is an early riser, eager to get the most out of their day (which almost always starts with a jog or visit to the gym). Air signs make great cheerleaders- they are quick to encourage those around them, giving motivation to their friends to work hard and play hard. The friends of Air signs will attest to their generosity- these Neopians love to share so don't be surprised if you find your inventory expanding the longer you're around them.

     Belongings aren't the only things Air signs like to share however, and you might find yourself bamboozled by their overbearing tendencies. Air signs love to tell you about every dream they had, pet they encountered, and meal they had that day- and will beg you to do the same. Time seems to move faster for Air signs, and as a result they can quickly become impatient in a very vocal way. The exception to this rule is when an Air sign finds themselves in front of a mirror. Their enthusiasm for fitness and motivational speeches means they can often be found staring into their reflection giving themselves pep talks or admiring their physiques.

     Dark Signs

     The reputation of those born in the months of Hunting and Relaxing unfortunately precede them. Many Neopians make unflattering assumptions about those born under the Dark sign, but give them a chance and you might end up pleasantly surprised! Dark signs are very intelligent people, often being found with their noses buried in books or completing crosswords. Their smarts lend well to their creativity- many Dark signs are artists of some sort, creating thought provoking pieces and designs that dazzle and amaze those around them. Patience is needed when befriending a Dark sign Neopian, as they tend to be quite introverted and can tire of interacting with others quite easily.

     That introversion does mean that Dark signs can be rather self-absorbed, tending to put their own wants and needs first while being oblivious to the feelings of others. If you're going on a shopping trip, you might want to think twice about inviting your Dark sign friend. They are picky to the extreme, and aren't afraid to speak their minds on conflicting matters of taste. Spare your ego and take an Air sign friend with you when you're looking to update your wardrobe. However, if it's gossip you're looking for, your Dark sign friend will almost certainly be able to supply it- their judgmental streak means they love to keep on top of the latest drama.

     Water Signs

     Being born in the months of Swimming and Hiding mean that you are a Water sign. A Water sign can be the life of the party, with their great conversational skills and musical tendencies. With a Water sign around, conversation flows like a fresh forest stream. They can cover any number of topics without losing your interest, and always seem to have something new to say in a group discussion. They are naturally independent people, making them reliable when you need something done- just make sure to give them their space when they need it. Water signs are often very talented singers, or play at least one instrument. Flutes, harps and cellos seem to be popular with Water signs.

     Water signs are definitely social butterflies, but sometimes they decide to flutter off unannounced. Their indecisive nature means that they often end up 'ghosting' people, dropping off contact and disappearing without a trace. They mean no harm by it, but it's a habit that can make them infuriating to talk to. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Water signs easily get possessive and jealous, and can become overly clingy with their friends. Open communication is the key to solving this issue- let your Water friend know they have nothing to worry about!

     Earth Signs

     Born in the months of Gathering and Collecting, the homebodies of the Faerieland zodiac love nothing more than staying at home crafting, cooking, and relaxing. If you're in need of interior decorating advice, Earth signs are always more than happy to help picking out rugs and throw pillows to create the perfect sense of home. An intensely romantic bunch, Earth signs have a tendency to swoon, and it's not unlikely for them to break into tears while reading a romance novel or watching a sappy movie. Earth signs are self-sacrificing, often willing to do something they don't want to in order to help their close friends. Friends of earth signs are lucky to have them, even if it means watching more romcoms than they'd like!

     The simple nature of Earth signs means they can be more on the gullible side. These Neopians would rather go with their hearts than their heads, and as a result can sometimes forget to fact-check the things they've been told before becoming passionate about them. Though they are self-sacrificing, Earth signs also have a bad habit of being self-pitying; instead of talking it out they tend to let their feelings stew away until you find out months later they weren't as happy to do that favour for you as you thought. Of all the signs, Earth signs are the most stubborn. Don't expect them to change their mind once they've settled on something, no matter how insignificant it seems.

     Fire Signs

     Often stereotyped as being loud and rambunctious, Fire signs are those Neopians born within the months of Storing and Celebrating. To say that Fire signs are passionate is an understatement, as they tackle even the simplest of endeavours with burning enthusiasm and verve. It takes a lot to wear out a fire sign, as their energetic disposition means they never seem to need to take a break. The ambition of Fire signs goes unmatched by any other. They are experts in the following of dreams, always forging ahead to make sure they can achieve everything they desire.

     With the tendency to be rash, the actions of fire signs can often seem careless. Daredevils at heart, Fire signs often engage in reckless activities without first thinking of the consequences. Though a Fire sign's thoughts may make sense to themselves, their actions often seem esoteric to outsiders, and they can often act in irrational ways. Fire signs seem to lack a filter, and as a result can cause upsets in conversations with others. Although they do not mean to be, their habit of speaking without thinking often lends to fire signs coming across as callous.


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