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The Cooking Pot: A New Discovery

by m0nster_rancher


     Hey there avid article readers! Last week I was casually searching the Trading Chat Neoboards as usual and came across a board from a user that awakened my adoration for the Cooking Pot and its recipes. This board revealed quite a milestone and the fact of the matter was that a new recipe had been discovered in 2018! ‘Peabone’ is the name of the item that was discovered and you can make it for roughly 40,000 Neopoints at the Cooking Pot by mixing Odorra Pod and Tyrannian Goulash. Now when you search the archives of the recipes available to cook at the cooking pot and you see the scary Peabone you’d immediately think it would be one of those strange recipes that are impossible. Obviously this isn’t so!

     It would take a lot of hard work and dedication but someone eventually mixed the correct two ingredients together and found the recipe. On Jellyneo’s history I see the first one advertised on the TP was on June 22 2017 which means it’s been almost a year since the discovery, incredible! To some gourmet collectors a couple of gourmets can make the difference between a trophy or not, and of course to competitive members this means that they will actively be searching out any gourmet they can find. Before the recent discovery, I’d say Peabone could fetch anywhere in the realms of 10 to 20 million but now it’s deflating and deflating as time goes on. Personally I think it is an interesting move from the person who discovered the recipe because they have obviously leaked it to the public. Probably a better idea would be to keep the knowledge to themselves and sell them very slowly at high prices to collectors.. from a monetary perspective. However I don’t think it’s a very nice thing to do when the ingredients are dirt cheap. Better get the word out and don’t over charge collectors.

     Now how did they do it?! Jellyneo has a very helpful tool that allows you to see the release date of an item (especially Cooking Pot Items which were generally released on the news features) and the Peabone in question was released on January 8 2003. I’d say the successful cook would have cataloged every item released before that date of a reasonable affordable rarity and tested the items together individually. They would probably have as much passion about the Cooking Pot recipes as me to have that much patience.. and of course if found the correct recipe they would be very rich indeed! Luckily if you mix a recipe together in the cooking pot you get your items back or this wouldn’t be a feasible method at all. Probably the biggest problem to face Cooking Pot experimenters is that any rarity can be mixed together in the cooking pot! Evidence of this is if you mix r180 Bread and r180 MechaBerries you will get r101 MechaBread, or a more intimidating concept is if you mix r101 MechaBread with r180 Veggie Sausage you will get r105 Mecha Veg Toast. Now THAT stuff is pretty mind blowing as to the sheer number of possibilities that are available.

     So that comes to the big question. How much could you potentially earn if you became a Cooking Pot pioneer? Well well! There are exactly 197 known Cooking Pot recipes, about 90% of which have been discovered when Neopets was more active years ago. However there are still extremely profitable recipes that are unknown to the general public. The most expensive two that come to my mind are the Usuki Head Stew and the famous Spoppy II. The Usuki Head Stew is rarer but I’d say the Spoppy II has a higher general price due to it’s folklore. I’ve seen it sell for over 250 million. As for the Usuki Head Stew, I’ve seen someone pay 200 million for an Usukicon Year 8 Snowglobe that you can only get from the Usukicon Year 7 Goodie bag, so Usuki collectors indeed do pay high. For something that comes from an unknown cooking pot recipe however, I wouldn’t be too sure. The demand is certainly there though. Aside from these two, some worthy mentions are the Spoc Spoc II (I know I would pay highly for him) and the Foul Smelling Swamp. All of these items I have mentioned have NEVER been seen on the site by the way, except for Spoppy II making them one of a kind rarities. The remaining items that are undiscovered as of 2018 are entirely gourmet foods ranging in all categories from baked to tropical foods (for example the Fabulous Chocolate Cookies). These are also unseen on the site, and would fetch you anywhere between 10 million to 50 million from collectors. Can you see now why these recipes would make someone so rich if they discovered them?

     Additionally, my pledge to TNT is to release some more Cooking Pot recipes, and give us decisive hints about the old ones so we can make some fun items active! I’m sure the answers would still be there in the code somewhere and Scrappy the editorial lady could be all over it. Either that or if you want to get rich, stop reading this article and go and get those juices flowing for new recipes yourself, Cooking Pot fans will adore you even for supporting the cause, gallery collectors will thank you profusely and so will your Neopian bank manager when you discover the recipe for Star Shaped Sand and deposit a nice big sum of 20 mill into that cobweb collected bank vault. It’s not going to be easy though, I’m warning you!

     Now before I end the article, I want to give you the reader the ‘Cooking Pot Challenge’. The last recipe released in the cooking pot of any significant value is ‘Foul Smelling Swap’ and it was released on August 10 2004. Using Jellyneo’s tool, you can search for all possible items and sort them by release date. Then go to page 268 or 269 and every item released before that is a possibility to combine together to get a winning Cooking Pot recipe. That’s roughly 13,000 items of various rarities to get through, so you better get cracking. Your choice at the end of the day, though! Oh yes and if you’re the marvelous person who discovered the Peabone recipe please give me a mail!



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