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My findings on Alien Aishas

by asparagushead


     One of my favorite things to do in Neopia is spend some time playing Assignment 53. When I gather up a bag full of NP my pet and I will head down to the arcade and spend hours trying to get the high score. (were still working on it). It got me to thinking who were these characters in the game? Were they real Neopians? I decided to do some research on these Aliens and I am going to share with you some of my findings.

          • Alien Aishas are either a relative of or a mutation of the Aishas of Neopia due to the Lab Ray.

     • Unlike the Aishas of Neopia, Alien Aishas have six ears instead of four.

     • Their foods of choice are gross foods .

     • Some Alien Aishas have special markings on their foreheads. It may be a ranking of some sort, still unknown.

     • The leader of these Aliens is supreme commander Arlhox VII

     • They are obsessed with Vending Machines and placing them all over the universe.

     • Their currency is the Nerkmid

     • They are from a distant unknown planet but may have colonized on Kreludor.

     I have gathered some information about some of the more well-known Alien Aishas of Neopia. Here is what I have found so far:

     • Arlhox VII:

     Supreme commander of the Alien Aishas.

     Highest ranking among the Aliens and overseer of all. If a decision ever needs to be made Arlhox VII is the one to go to. He currently resides somewhere in space and does not make himself very apparent to Neopia, but he can be found in Assignment 53 handing out assignments to Moxi and Eddix.

     • Farlax V:

     A highly trained Alien Aisha Elite, sometimes described as a villain, that can often be found carrying out important assignments to place Vending Machines all over the universe. His weapon of choice is a magma blaster, and upon discovery of Neopia, and it's four eared Aishas, he is known for frequently saying "six ears are better than four". He can often be found around Tyrannia importing and exporting goods to supply the vending machines of Neopia.

     • Captain Xelqued:

          Captain Xelqued is obsessed with artifacts and will do anything to get his paws on them. In fact, it is recorded in the history books that Captain Xelqued may have been one of the first to uncover the secret location of the Hidden Tower in faerie land by crashing into it. Upon doing so he came face to face with Fyora the Faerie Queen. After being denied an artifact, the captain used a special invention of his own to copy the artifacts and create the Aisha Myriad. When Fyora found out she seized all the Aisha Myriads so they can never be sold again. If you do come across this item, it is extremely rare.

     • Beerlap III:

     This Alien Aisha is one of many in the galaxy in search for new planets and places to set up vending machines. Beerlap is a fearless explorer ready for anything. Possibly the very first Alien Aisha to set foot on Neopia.

     • Farvin III:

     Farvin is unique amongst the other Alien Aishas. He likes to spend the majority of his time living in Neopia. Farvin has also become famous among the Gormball community as he has ranked 2nd four times in the Gormball championship and won the title in year 9 and in year 19.

     • Sophix II:


     Sophix is an agent of Dr. Sloth and was recognized in 2008 with the Return of Dr. Sloth plot. After that not much was heard from Sophix, until 2013 when she resurfaced in Neopia for a Better Than You challenge with this quote: "Before I worked for old slimeball, I had a pretty nice gig with the folks back home. New sights, big guns, plenty of fresh air... granted, most of the time the air was poisonous. Still, I loved the work. It's too bad there's a price on my head now." It is believed that she lives on Kreludor or the Virtupets Space Station. It's expected that her next return to Neopia may have something to do with Dr. Sloth.

          • Eddix:

     Eddix can be found in the game Assignment 53 where he receives Assignments from supreme commander Arlhox VII to find and rescue the missing scientists around the galaxy. He also works alongside his less popular companion Moxi in these assignments. A pink Alien Aisha you can also play as in Assignment 53. Together they travel among several worlds and even the Kreludor moon.


     • Vending Machines wouldn't exist if it were not for Alien Aishas. Their entire world revolves around placing them around the galaxy, Importing and exporting goods to place in them, and of course using Nerkmids to run them. They are stocked with all kinds of amazing prizes such as other Nerkmids, paint brushes, Neopoints, and of course because Alien Aishas LOVE gross foods, you can also win those as well. Because of the association I’ve decided to add some information about them as well.

     A few types of Vending Machines have been spotted throughout the years.

     • Vending Machine:

     This vending machine is named after the famous programmer Gruno, Zyrolon. Who spent years fixing and stocking the machine on the Virtupets space station, after retiring from his programming days with Neopet V2.

     • Supervender:

     This machine was once where our vending machine is now. It was removed in 2001 to be replaced with the Nosh-o-Matic.

     • Nosh-o-Matic:

     The Nosh-o-Matic is the current vending machine available for use in Neopia. You can find it in the Neopian Plaza. To use it you must have one of the following Nerkmids as it does not take any other currency


     There are many ways to get a Nerkmid.

          • Through a random event. If you happen to cross paths with an Alien Aisha, it may just reward you with a random Nerkmid.

     • If you battle and beat any opponent in the Cosmic Dome you have the chance of receiving a random Nerkmid as a prize.

          • If you land on the Nerkmid symbol while playing the Wheel of Extravagance you will win a random Nerkmid, but you have to spend 100,000 NP to spin the wheel.

          If you have further information about Alien Aishas, please let me know. This is all I have for now.


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