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Which Faerie Bubble Are You?

by homestead58


     I’d be hard pressed to find a Neopian who doesn’t love the game Faerie Bubbles. With its no-nonsense, fairly simple gameplay, even the newest of Neopets owners can take part and relish in the bubble popping pleasure. It’s a classic. It’s a staple. It’s… time for a personality quiz!

     The set-up for this quiz is rather simple, although I do recommend you keep a piece of paper or another form of writing/typing utensil handy to keep track of your answers.

     Each question is numbered. Don’t pay too much attention to that. Instead, you want to focus on the letters written at the beginning of each answer. As you read through the quiz, make note of how many of each letter you select. Once you’ve read through all five questions, tally your letter totals and select the one that pops (pun intended!) up most frequently. Then, find that letter at the bottom of the quiz to discover the Faerie Bubble with which your personality most aligns. Have fun!

     1. How do you spend the majority of your time while in the world of Neopia?

     a. Customizing my Neopets so their personalities can really shine!

     b. Hunting for avatars. Must. Get. Every. Single. One.

     c. Playing games! I can’t be beat! Watch me get ALL the high scores!

     d. Buying and selling stock. How else do you think I became this rich?!

     e. Chatting on the boards. My fellow Neopians are the best

     f. BATTLEDOME!!!!!!!

     g. I like to do my dailies, check my Neomails, and then just nonchalantly play.

     2. How would your Neofriends describe you?

     a. I am a dedicated guild member.

     b. I am ALWAYS online.

     c. I’m the most enthusiastic person they’ve ever met ever!

     d. I make them nervous because my userlookup says “Last Spotted: Stealth!”

     e. I’m a crazy Kadoatie lady because it’s my goal in life to make sure no Kad goes unfed.

     f. They know not to mess with me.

     g. I exclusively use the Grey Wocky - *sigh* avatar.

     3. What’s your opinion of Dr. Sloth?

     a. I’ve never even met the guy!

     b. Sit down and buckle up because this explanation is going to take A WHILE.

     c. He’s misunderstood!

     d. I aspire to be his level of evil genius.

     e. I’ll like anyone until they give me a reason not to like them!

     f. He’s a worthy adversary.


     4. Currently, my gallery is…

     a. A work in progress.

     b. VERY, VERY FULL.

     c. My next big project!

     d. Stocked to the brim with rare, valuable items.

     e. Really pretty!

     f. Better than yours.

     g. Empty :(

     5. If I was a Gross Food, I would be…

     a. Buttered Watermelon. YUM!

     b. Cinnamon Tuna and Guacamole. Hands down.

     c. My favorite – Cheesy Potato Stuffed Donut!

     d. Pound Cake and Frosting Sandwich. What?! Not what you were expecting?!

     e. Ew! None of them! Do I have to pick?!

     f. Rancid Old Meat.

     g. Dung Taco…or maybe Dung Cream Sandwich…something with dung.

      Alright, got all that? Have you been keeping track of your answers? Read on, if so! If no, go back and do it all again! Isn’t this fun?! (See below, too, if you receive a tie between one or more letters!)

     Mostly A – Fire Bubble. With what is arguably the best/most valuable combo in the game, the Fire Bubble removes any bubbles that touch it. Water Bubbles, though, are immune! Likewise, you are helpful and well-liked among your Neofriends. You are a joy to chat with and a dedicated Neopet owner. You probably always have your pets stay at the Neolodge because you need to be 100% sure that they are always taken care of.

     Mostly B – Earth Bubble. You are a dedicated, respected force to be reckoned with. In game, a combo of Earth bubbles creates a new row of bubbles at the very top of the game screen. Although it is often an advantage when this happens, it can sometimes produce bubbles that are less than desirable. Similarly, you are a long-time, experienced Neopian. You are unlike the bubble in that you certainly don’t have any disadvantageous qualities, but like the Earth Bubble because you always like to keep things exciting and interesting. You are a risk taker!

     Mostly C – Nova Bubble. People are always excited to see you! While playing Faerie Bubbles, the Nova Bubble pops and drops all other bubbles – no matter the color – within two bubble spaces of where it lands. It often saves poor Neopians when they are in a Faerie Bubbles bind because the Nova Bubble can clear pesky combos or rogue bubbles quickly. You, too, are very well liked! You have an infectious, bubbly (pun intended, again) personality and your pets absolutely adore you because you’re never at a loss for fun things to do with them.

     Mostly D – Air Bubble. In game, a combo of Air Bubbles fills in any and all bubble-less spaces, no matter how many rows deep you might be. There’s something about the Air Bubble that just screams “get ready to work hard!,” and that’s exactly the kind of Neopian you are. You are never one to back away from a challenge and you always have a new goal in mind. You are probably one of those super successful Neopians that has billions of Neopoints, wins a new trophy every day and has a near complete avatar count. People aspire to be like you!

     Mostly E – Light Bubble. Ignoring what the Light Bubble actually does for a second, make note that the Light Faerie is arguably the sweetest, most peppy of the whole bunch. A combo of her bubble, similarly, can produce a wonderful result – it transforms any bubbles touching the combo into a random color. It seems that, sometimes, this is a fantastic combo because it can often work to your advantage. However, there is a chance where it’ll produce bubbles of a color that you *don’t* want. Let’s ignore that, though! Why focus on the negative? When a Light Bubble combo is activated, each bubble shines, and that’s exactly what you do. You make the best out of tough situations and stay positive through even the worst of times – like when the Plant Devil steals your stuff!

     Mostly F – Dark Bubble. A Dark Bubble combo often makes gameplay incredibly hectic because it turns every bubble within the combo into a random color one. Really though, everyone knows that the Dark Faerie is the coolest faerie, so don’t pay much attention to bubbles. You, too, are way too cool. You have confidence for days and know that, no matter how difficult of a Neo-situation you might be in, you can persevere with your head held high. You are also independent and rarely ever falter when making decisions. You’ll probably take over the world one day. Dr. Sloth, watch out.

     Mostly G – Water Bubble. Everyone’s favorite bubble! Out of all the rest, the Water Bubble is by far the most helpful and successful in getting rid of large numbers of bubbles quickly. A combo pops all other Water Bubbles in the game, which is particularly awesome when other color bubbles are below them because they fall, too! You are a fun, kind Neopian who enjoys the quirkier things in life. You probably run your own Neopet adoption agency and make sure to visit the Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity every day because you couldn’t bear the fact that he might be lonely. You good soul, you.

     A Tie Between Two or More Letters – Rainbow Bubble. You are the perfect blend of bubbles! Much like the Rainbow Bubble itself that takes the color of any bubble it touches, you can easily adapt to any situation. Your Neofriends always look forward to chatting with you, and your pets respect and love you because they know you don’t play favorites. You bring out the best in people!

      And there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed the quiz. If you didn’t, though, don’t blame me. For who’s to say that I haven’t been controlled by Meepits this whole time…?


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