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10 Best ways to gamble your Neopoints in Neopia

by maryannyks


     10th place: Neopian Lottery. Cost: 2000 NP. You go there every day, buy your twenty tickets and what do you have to show for it? The elusive lottery avatar is only awarded to the first Neopian on the winning list, if you win at all. Yes, the Neopoint award is quite promising, depends on how many Neopians have bought tickets, the average prize being from 10,000 np to 500-600,000 np. You could get lucky, you could not. You don't know for sure until the lottery announces the winners, which is 8 pm NST. If you are okay with spending 2k every day with slim chances to win, then this is for you!

     9th place: Coconut Shy. Cost: ~2000 NP. Also a place you should visit every day, in hopes of knocking down a coconut and winning your very own collectable coconut. It doesn't always cost you 2000 np, since you get a little bit back if you hit a coconut. If you just poke the coconut with your throw, the Quiggle gives you back 50 NP and if you "almost" knock it down, he rewards you 300 NP. Greedy little Quiggle, isn't he? And he has that annoying laugh, to make fun of you. Either way, it's worth it, if you manage to knock one coconut entirely down, as he is forced to award you 10,000 NP and your very own personal coconut, that you can place in your album (if you are a collector) or sell for a respectable profit.

     8th place: Treasure of the Black Pawkeet (or Buried Treasure for short). Cost: 300 NP every 3 hours. (2400 NP for 24 hours, if you want to play this every 3 hours during a 24 hour period). This also has a chance of awarding you with an avatar, which is random when you win. And you don't win that often, do you? There are better chances of winning if you see a winning link posted somewhere on the boards, but that doesn't guarantee a win. You can win 500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 5000 or 20,000 NP. You could also win a doubloon or the jackpot! Or a booby prize, which is better than nothing. This is worth the gamble, in my opinion, because I still need that avatar.

     7th place: Bagatelle. Cost: ~5000 NP. You have your 20 tries per day, like in the Coconut Shy. And just as Coconut Shy, this game is rigged! The Lupe has tipped the board with some books, so you don't land on anything good. Also that Mootix always looks kind of sad, being used like that. But the prizes are still worth it, kind of. You can win from nothing to jackpot, which is a very broad spectrum. There are also special Bagatelle-themed items you could win. The Neopoint prizes range from 5 NP to 20,000 NP or the jackpot if you are very lucky. If you are bored and want to see a Mootix fly, then this game is for you!

     6th place: Stock Market. Cost: 15,000 NP up to 1,000,000 NP and above. Now some Neopians like to buy their 15,000 NP worth of shares a day, hoping one day those stocks will be worth 30,000 NP to sell for a profit, but others who want the stock market avatar, can buy more expensive stocks and spend up to 1,000,000 NP a day. You can only buy 1000 stocks per day, may those be expensive or not. The cheapest stocks you can buy cost 15 NP per stock (if you use a boon, you can get them for cheaper). While the most expensive stock is usually VPTS, with 1300+ NP per stock. It all depends on the day, though. If you want to ease into gambling, then stock market is a place to start!

     5th place: Aboard The Coincidence. Cost: 0 NP up to 30,000 NP and above. This is great for gambling, because it usually just gives you nothing. But sometimes it can be very generous. It usually asks for a total of 6 items or so, two or three of each kind. Depends on the day, really. If you have all these items in your Safety Deposit Box, then the quest costs you nothing. But if you don't have ANY of the items, then you'll have to buy them, which can get costly as some of the items (Dried Apricots and Semolina for example) cost over 8000 np and he asks for two or three of them. On an average day you get nothing for it. On a good day you'll get a stat point increased by one or more. On a bad day he takes your items and stats. On a really good day he'll give you a Petpetpet, though. Which can be either attached to your Petpet or sold for up to millions. You can also get robot Petpets and TCG cards. Worth it, if you want to train your pet or gamble away your hard earned Neopoints.

     4th place: The Witch's Tower. Cost: 0 NP up to 30,000 NP and above. Now this cost depends on what and how many items Edna asks you to bring her. If your Safety Deposit Box is filled with all kinds of items, then you're lucky and probably won't have to spend as much. If you don't however... The items she asks for aren't usually expensive, they cost up to 5k or so. Some are even below 10 NP if you get lucky. But if she asks for 3 items each time (you can do up to 10 of her quests a day) and each item is at least 2,000 NP every time, that's 60,000 NP you're not getting back. Neopians usually do her quests to get that elusive avatar that she so rarely and randomly gives out. Rumor is, that you need a 3 item quest for the avatar. Well, I don't have it yet and I've done so many of her quests, so maybe it really is just a rumor. As for other prizes, she gives you a handful of Neopoints; up to 200 NP or so and a spooky food item each time you finish the quest. It's worth it, if you like spending Neopoints and not getting any back in chance of getting an avatar.

     3rd place: Wheel of Extravagance. Cost: 100,000 NP. Well, that wheel is self-explanatory. You spend 100,000 NP a day for a spin. The only real prize to get from this wheel is either Battledome stats for your pet or the avatar. If you are having a rather good day you can also win a random Paint Brush or a r100 item. It also gives out job coupons, nerkmids and Secret Laboratory Map pieces. If you are having even the tiniest bit of luck, then you'll get back some of your Neopoints, either 25,000, 50,000 or 100,001 NP. But if you have no luck at all, you'll win nothing! Wheel of Extravagance is worth it, if you don't have the avatar, but once you get it, the wheel no longer has a higher purpose. Unless you want to gamble your Neopoints for a chance to win a r100 item (which can be worthless just the same).

     2nd place: Black Pawkeet Slots. Cost: 1 NP - 112,500 NP. You have 250 turns to play this game. The minimum bet being one single Neopoint and the maximum bet being 450 NP. Now this is a great game to pass the time (and gamble). You just pick how many lines you want the machine to count and how much you want to bet and then you're all set. Pull the lever away, until you're either broke or your 250 turns have ended. If you're lucky, then this game can earn you Neopoints, it being random and all. You can also win two kinds of trophies with Black Pawkeet Slots. The biggest loser (if you spent the most Neopoints per month) and a regular winner trophy, if you manage to actually win big.

     Runner up: Nerkmids. Cost: up to 100,000 NP per Nerkmid. You can either win them from the Cosmic Dome or buy them from user shops for about 87,000 NP. If you're really lucky you might get a random event that gives you one. You can use Nerkmids in the Aisha Alien Vending machine to try out your luck. You can spend as many nerkmids as you can afford to buy in a day. They usually just give you some Neopoints and gross foods. But if you're in the 5% of the lucky ones, you get a "Paint Brush" item. This doesn't guarantee you a paint brush though, it can give you Blue Paint Brush (TCG) for example. You can also win Fading Bottled Faeries and if you go there for the first time, you also get a shiny avatar! Worth the gamble if you're a millionaire with no better things to do with your Neopoints.

     And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, the first place! 1st place goes out to Food Club. Cost: 1 np - 130,000 NP (depending on your account age). Food Club is essentially a food contest in which you bet for those pirates you think will win. They have five different arenas, with four pirates competing in each arena. The odds are shown and all you need to do is decide who will win and make your bets accordingly. Or if you're not into all that thinking, you can just copy someone else's bets, there are quite a few good guides out there to follow. The winnings can reach up to 1 million NP per bet. You can't make the same bet twice, though. It can be used to earn Neopoints fast to gamble away even faster. Not every bet is a winner, though. On some days you don't win anything. Sometimes for a week straight, even. The gamble is definitely worth it, though. Doesn't matter if you put in 50,000 NP or 100,000 NP, the payout is just too good to not bet. Even when you don't win anything for days, there will be good days again and then you'll have even more Neopoints to gamble away!

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