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One day Dr. Sloth found a Neocola Token...

by callmeindestruction

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Thoughts on Faerieland’s Wraith Resurgence
Given the latest incident where Kaia was discovered to allegedly be the Darkest Faerie incarnate, our regular Faerieland correspondents decided to weigh in with their thoughts.

by black_skull725


Contrast: Manual Labor
Haha! Get it? Because they're DUDES!

by jojomoonless


Eat Your Greens to Grow Big and Strong
Maybe there's something to it...

by snoopydog152


8 Trees that you must have in your garden
Throughout the years, a lot of new trees’ species appeared around Neopia. Some of them caught gardeners attention, some others were forgotten, but there are 8 of them that, if you are a gardener that cares about decoration, and bringing some stories to your guests, you must plant in your garden...

Also by gwcj

by itsbah

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