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Battle at Sea

by dragonshadez


     The dainty paws’ of the infamous pirate captain Rowan pats against the deck of the faded walnut color of the wooden deck, as she peeks through the clear crystal telescope that fits in her paw perfectly. In the distance a battleship that is much more advanced than her own is speeding towards them at an alarming rate. This situation brings even more misfortune that they have already had. Not even twenty four hours has past since they were last attacked. Therefore the other ship could easily tell that they were in no condition to fight. Freshly patched holes have were just a patch job till the deckhands had the time to fix them properly, because they were already repairing more pressing matters late into the night.

     With a soft hum, Rowan tilts her head side to side as she formulates a battle plan. It had to be a perfect plan as to not have anyone injured, and with a slight smirk upon her lips she turns towards the chief navigator, "Haylen! Hard right rudder! Full Speed!" Her voice held strength and is steady. No need to worry the crew more than they probably were. There was no reason for them to anyway. Rowan would bring them out of this alive.

     A few feet behind the bunny stood a dragon like creature, better known as a Shoyru, who responses in a squeak, "Right! Hard right rudder! Full Speed!" His claws spins the wheel all the way to the right. His facial features shows distress as sweat covers his scales. The rest of the neopets on the bridge could tell that he was afraid, he wasn’t one to hide his emotion. Better yet, someone who couldn’t hide his emotion. He dislike the side of himself that is a scaredy cat, but at a time like this he knew that he could not let this fear overcome him. Therefore instead of hiding like he wanted, he shook the bad thoughts out of his head to focus at the task at claw. All he need was to put his faith in his captain.

     Lily, the gorgeous Wocky, who happens to be the secretary shouting out vital information to the captain, "here is what I have found out thus far. We are moving at a constant speed of fifteen knots, and the enemy is moving about twenty five knots for now." Lily studies the information pad in her paws that displays the structure of the other ship before handing it to the captain.

     With the damaged ship fifteen knots is probably the fastest speed for the present time, so Rowan takes a second to glance around the bridge to see her crew waiting for orders. "Haylen, take evasive maneuvers. Make sure to use the fumes coming from our ship to keep us hidden. Steady as she goes."

     With a nod of his head the dragon echos the orders back to his captain, as he did his best to keep away from the beast of a ship. His eyes never once strayed away from the ocean view before him.

     The Captain turn directly to her right to address the Neopet beside her, "Artillery Officer Alistair, Torpedo Officer Morragain I want you both on standby. Be ready to commence an attack at a moment's notice."

     Alistair give the captain a sly grin as he pump a fist in the air, "Alright! You can count upon me!" He then walks over to the tube use to speak with the crew under his command, "Torpedo room one, torpedo room two be on standby! We might just have another fine battle in front of us!"

     Before another order could be given by Rowan the team from the engine room pipes up, "Captain what is going on up there! The engine is still damage from yesterday! Whatever you are doing is putting too much stress upon the engine."

     Rowan has her shoulders up straight as she responded to Chief Engineer, "There is a ship in coming our way. Please try to keep the engine running at full capacity as long as possible."

     The chief replies with a stressful voice, "It's not going to be longer than ten minutes, so do what you need to in that limit."

     The information broker put her paws onto her hips as she spoke with confidence, "we need to slow them down for our escape. We should Probably work on that soon, because of the last glances I got of the ship, is that they were getting ready to fire."

     The captain blow some of the fur from her eyes, "right. Alistair, get ready to fire a torpedo at a thirty degree angle at their stern side. Haylen get behind the ship, and get three-thousand miles closer to the target."

     "Aye, Captain" They reply simultaneously except for Lily.

     Miss Lily shook her head, "Captain, we might not be able to accomplish that. Between the speed of us and them, they might reach us and hit us with their main battery. We will not have the chance to attacked, and one attack from them will send us under!"

     The Captain throws a grin over her shoulder saying, "don’t worry! I have everything under control! I WILL NOT let harm come to any of OUR family members!" With eyes narrowed in determination, she uses the telescope to give her a closer view of the incoming ship. Several neopets could be seen upon the deck, who did not seem worry about them one bit. Rowan would be sure to make them regret that."Lily, what is the distance?"

     Said Wocky quickly did the math in her head before grinning at her captain, "close enough to proceed with whatever plan you have cooked up." Lilly followed the Cybunny with her eyes to watch her walk toward the horn, which lets her speak throughout the whole ship.

     "This is it everyone! Get ready in case this plan goes wrong!" Glancing at the pilot she spoke without skipping a beat, "face her head on! Increase speed as much as you can!"

     With worry in his eyes, Haylen echoed, "increasing speed!" Past the blood pounding in his ears, he heard Rowan tell Alistair and Morragain to fire at will. Hoping the bunny knew what she was doing, but the smirk upon her features made him feel a bit uneasy. Knowing the captain, he figured that this will have to be a miracle to accomplish. Though in the short time that he has come to know her, she has never once let the crew down. Surprised them? Yes, but he believes in her wholeheartedly.

     Believing in Rowan turned out to be the right plan of action, as later that night the cooks made a meal that should have been a cause in celebration in itself. Each of these friends and comrades talk and laugh at each other. Quickly reflecting a happy, big family. This family bond, stronger than any metal or gem, will never break, or even fade away. Forever sailing the seven sea, searching for unique treasure that they will not let fall into anyone's paw, expect for their own. Fighting battles that might have them at a disadvantage, but there determination seeing the way to victory. Nothing less than victory will be accepted, because their goals are too strong for them to give up on.

     The End.

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