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The Best Books for Every Genre

by k3l26


     There are many books around Neopia that can be read to your Neopets (as long as they don’t find them boring!) to increase their intelligence. If your pet reads enough books, they can reach the top level of intelligence, ultimate genius! Additionally, extremely well-read Neopets can be considered for the Neopian Book Award and the Booktastic Book Award.

     There are eight Neopian shops that carry books, and they all differ from one another. Some are themed according to their location, others have different mediums for carrying the text, and no two bookstores offer any of the same books. Here is a list of all bookshops in Neopia, their locations, and a little bit about them.

     Magical Bookshop: The main and original bookstore is located in Neopia Central. This bookstore is known for carrying the largest selection of books! They sell almost two thousand unique books of every genre, topic, you name it!

     Faerieland Bookshop: Located in Faerie City, the Faerieland Bookshop carries faerie themed books. Naturally.

     Sutek’s Scrolls: One of the stalls in Sakhmet City is their bookstore, which sells both books and scrolls! Their material is focused around the desert.

     Words of Antiquity: On the other side of the Lost Desert, this Qasalan store mainly sells tablets and scrolls. Most of the tablets are worn down and hard to read.

     Brightvale Books: Brightvale is known as the most intelligent land, so naturally they would have their own bookstore. Books here are mostly about Brightvale and how to gain more wisdom.

     Neovian Printing Press: Not a traditional bookshop, this store sells newspapers, guides, and brochures to help you navigate Neopia with ease.

     Booktastic Books: All the way up in Kreludor is the Booktastic Bookshop, which boasts its own trophy. They sell a variety of books, many are space or Grundo-themed.

     Moltaran Books: The newest bookstore is located down in Moltara, and the main topics it carries are fire, gears, and iron.

      And what about the books themselves? Every book has a unique story or purpose. Whether they are written for entertainment or education, or even simply just for fun, every book is worth the read. Here are the best books for each genre, listed with their descriptions.


     Marshmallow Invasion – "A terrifying story of Marshmallows that came to life and tried to take over the space station."

     This is a fictional story of… wait, this IS fictional, right??


     Uni in Wonderland – "A fantasy tale of one little Uni who got quite lost and ended up in a land where dreams really came true!"

     Read this and get lost with the Uni in a beautiful dream world!


     Flotsam Fables – "Three funny stories featuring Flotsams from all over Neopia."

     Three for the price of one, these stories will keep you laughing for a long time.


     The Case of the Missing Grey Faerie – "A detective gets more than he bargained for when he tries to uncover the mystery of the missing grey faerie."

     This mystery book will keep you on your toes until the very end.


     Ancient Tales of Horror – "Read only if you dare!"

     If these stories have been passed down for this long… they must be good. Best read in the dark with a flashlight.


     Meercas In Love – "Meerlie glanced across the bakery and the loud stranger. Their eyes met and she knew that this was the Meerca she wanted to spend the rest of her life with…"

     How will Meerlie win this stranger’s heart? Read to find out!

     Short Story

     Neopian Calendar Stories – "Stories from all year round are covered in this wonderful book."

     Read stories about all the holidays all over Neopia in this anthology.


     Gripping Tales of Volcanic Ash – "This is the most exciting book of the year."

     Think volcanic ash sounds boring? You’ll rethink that after reading this book.

     Faerie Tale

     Faerie Fables – ".. And thats how the Hidden Tower came to be the queens abode. Now, how about the story of the Battle Faerie?"

     A collection of stories revolving around the faeries of Faerieland!


     Poems of Brightvale – "This is a lovely collection of short and long poems all set in Brightvale."

     Compiled by the citizens of Brightvale, these poems are bound (pun intended!) to all be very written.


     Worlds Outside Neopia – "What really lies out there? Are there other forms of life? Perhaps this book can answer few questions."

     Is there life outside the world of Neopia? Probably not. But read up on what evidence Grundo scientists have found.


     Snowager Saga – "A dramatic description of one Neopets encounter with the beast of the Ice Caves."

     Read all about an adventurer’s visit to the powerful Snowager den, and then go there yourself to try to steal some treasure!


     A History of the Lost Desert – "You will not believe what went on while this desert was lost!"

     Lost Desert is the oldest land of Neopia and, therefore, has the most history.

     Crime Fiction

     The Missing Koi – "A murder mystery with a spectacular twist at the end!"

     Can you figure out who the perpetrator is before the book ends? Let’s find out!


     King Hagans Biography – "King Hagans heritage, why he values knowledge so much and what caused his dispute with his brother Skarl."

     To learn everything about the man who knows everything, read this biography!


     The Happy Valley Report – "Find out all about the sports events and the happenings of Happy Valley. (Published by the Neovian Printing Press.)"

     Happy Valley always has a lot going on, so this newspaper is always chock full of news.


     Flotsam Wok Recipes – "Delicous recipes written by the world famous Flotsam Chef of Mystery Island."

     Ever wonder what happens to your ingredients after you give them to the Flotsam Chef? You can finally find out and even do it yourself in this recipe book.


     Grundos Guide to Brain Washing – "You know, for purely educational purposes."

     What the description says… only for educational purposes please!

     Travel Guide

     Krawk Island Travel Brochure – "You may want to come equipped with your best weapons when you visit this island; otherwise the pirates may take you away! Not that this is a bad thing... Arr!"

     Learn how to navigate the renovated Krawk Island with this handy guide.

     Game Guide

     Ice Cream Machine Game Guide – "All the best hints, tips and strategies that will get you that high score in no time."

     This book will help you guide Adee the Chia right into the high score boards and right out of the clutches of killer ice cream.

     Comic Book

     Super Roo - the Comic – "Follow the adventures of the zany superhero - Super Roo!"

     Super Roo is lifting the whole world of Neopia on the cover, what crazy heroic things will he get up to in the book?!

     Game Book

     Kreludan Crosswords – "Mind boggling puzzles from the planet of Kreludor."

     Expect a lot of Orange Grundo related answers.

      No matter what genre you prefer, there are always Neopian books for you. Enjoy reading!

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