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Flowers and Plants you can Grow to Welcome Spring.

by prada_prince


     Spring is here and what better way to welcome it than to start planting beautiful and fragrant foliage. It is the season where nature reawakens after a long icy cold winter. Let’s leave our cups of borovan behind and get out to enjoy the sunny and warm weather. Enjoy what nature has to offer; see plants and trees sprout new leaves and observe the new colours of blooming flowers.

     However, some of us may not be very sure of what plants and foliage we should plant in our very backyard. Here’s a list, separated by different difficulty levels, on what you should be planting this Spring 2018!

     A. For the Beginners


     Aurora Lily: This plant bears lovely orange-yellow flowers. Originally growing only in woodlands and grasslands of Brightvale and Meridell, the Aurora Lily plant today is able to thrive in most environments. The flowers now can adapt to their surroundings. They fully open when the sun is out and close their petals up in the dark or when it gets cold.

     To grow Aurora Lilies, plant the bulbs into a soil bed or pot that has a depth of at least 3 times the height of the bulb. For optimum growth rate, make sure the plant gets optimum sun as far as possible.


     Colour Changing Tulips: If you’re too fickle minded and can’t decide which coloured flower to plant, why not plant these? The Colour Changing Tulips are specially bred to be never the same colour two days in a row!

     Indigenous to mountainous areas of Altador and Shenkuu, they thrive better in climates that have cooler springs. So if you’re environment is really hot and sunny, make sure your tulips have some shade and that you water them often!


     Mighty Marigolds: If you want an easy plant with little maintenance, consider these. The Mighty Marigolds is a remarkable bush that just won’t stop blooming all year around. What’s even greater about this plant is that these marigolds can be used in your cooking! That’s right, the petals are edible and can give your food a vibrant yellow shade. Enjoy a burst of spring floral flavours in your soups and stew.

      B. Intermediate Level


     Lazydels: These large, blooming lilac coloured flowers are so heavy that their stems can never support them upright. Planting Lazydels require a fair amount of preparation and work. You will need sturdy rods and sticks to prop the plant up if you want them to bloom beautifully.

     If you’re looking to spiff up the décor of your garden, plant Lazydels in a bed of soil and place a cool wooden ladder above it. As the plant starts to grow, twirl and twine the stems along the ladder steps and watch the plant grow up and proper. That ladder will now look both functional and decorative in your backyard!


     Cineraria: The Cineraria plant blooms many small purple or blue flowers. If you prefer a plant with more flowers to leaves ratio, this is it! These plants require minimum requirements to germinate so the starting process would be very easy. You can just throw Cineraria seeds onto a soil bed and watch them start growing in no time.

     However, one down-side to this plant is that it’s seasonal and requires quite the constant effort in maintaining it as it grows. You should see full blooms in a brief time of just 3-4 weeks. But since this plant blooms a lot of flowers, you will see plenty of withered blooms over time. It is important to remove them as you see it!


     Star of Paradise Flower: This flower used to be a rare flower only found on Lutari Island, until recently when it has been propagated to be able to grow in most Neopian climates as long as there are sufficient sunlight and water. You will often see flocks of Pteris and Lennies enjoying the beauty of these beautiful flowers.

     The gorgeous flowers of these plant bloom alternating colours of blue and yellow. It’s truly remarkable for a flower to be able to have petals of completely assorted colours. It’s certainly a flower of paradise proportions.

      C. Leave these to the Experts


     Lily of the Valley: These flowers are extremely rare and mostly grow in the meadows of Meridell. The Royals of Meridell love this plant as it has a sweet scent that will simply make you smile.

     While you will often see these flowers used in Royal parades and events in Meridell, please know that if not handled properly, they are highly poisonous. Do take extra caution if you have a Wocky, Gelert or Lupe in your Neohome! If these Neopets ingest the flowers, severe clinical signs can be seen. So be sure to visit Kayla’s Potion Shop and ask Kayla for a potion in case a toxic mishap happens.


     Cyclamen: The Cyclamen plant blooms tiny flowers that are in the shape of beautiful faerie wings. Simply adored by many Neopians, the Cyclamen often bears purple flowers though variations of red and pink are also possible.

     It is, however, not an easy plant to grow. The cyclamen plan grows extremely fast and they need constant trimming. If you fail to watch over these plants, be warned that they can grow to cover your whole garden!


     Dunkydoos: Native to Mystery Island, Dunkydoos have amazing star-shaped blooms in Spring. However, be warned that these plants are not the most User/Neopet-friendly! The Dunkydoos plant grows extremely sharp leaves. The Techo Master has a garden full of Dunkydoos which he uses to make throwing weapons for the Mystery Island Training School. So perhaps you might want to consult with him first before you attempt to grow your own.

      D. Notable Mention


     Red Holly Bush: In case you’re not feeling like giving up on Christmas just yet, you can plant a Red Holly Bush! These Christmas-related plants grow well all year round so you will still get to enjoy the homely Christmas feeling if you’re not completely ready to give up on the festive cheers. :P

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