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Notorious: 5 Random Avatars! (Part 1)

by rowdy420


Notorious: 5 Random Avatars! (Part 1)

Hey lovely Neopian Times Readers! Is there an avatar you want but you can never seem to have? Well, me too. I believe most of us Neopians who identify as avatars collectors have that one avatar that endlessly eludes us. Lately, my whole neolife has been consumed by these pesky avatars, so let's talk about some of the most notorious ones out there!

Before we dive in, I just want to say that there are some random avatars that exist, but will not be mentioned as they are currently inactive…. *cough* Bilge Dice Avatars *cough* (Come back!)

Anyway, let's begin with the avatar that has been giving me the most trouble…

(Picture of Edna - Cackle Avatar)

1. Edna - Cackle!

The Edna avatar has been giving Neopians a hard time for over a decade. This avatar is randomly awarded when completing one of Edna's Quests, which can be given out by paying a visit to Edna's home, The Witch's Tower, in the Haunted Woods.

Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! This delightfully evil avatar is one of the most mysterious and elusive avatars on the entire site. Rumors swarm around this avatar more than a group of Scarabugs swarm around a fresh pizza from Pizzaroo. A lot of Neopians believe that the quests that mention the word "Rainbow" in it are the luckiest ones to complete for the avatar. For example, a quest to help her with a "Rainbow Wand of Jubjub Charming" is supposedly luckier than a quest to help her with a "Glowing Scroll of Kacheek Stretching". Some even take it as far as refreshing The Witch's Tower page until she uses the word "Rainbow" in her spell before agreeing to help her out. Additionally, rumor has it that this avatar is only awarded when completing a three-item quest; specifically, a quest in which Edna asks for three items to complete her latest spell. Oh, and one more thing - legend has it that you have an even better chance of obtaining this avatar during the month of Collecting (October). But again, these are just rumors and speculation!

The bottom-line is this: You can be lucky and obtain this avatar the very first time you complete a quest (I've met someone who said this happened to them), or you can do hundreds of quests and still have never obtained the avatar (like me and many others). My advice: Try! If you want this avatar, make it a daily and do all 10 quests available to you each day - even if you only want to do the "Rainbow" ones.

    (Picture of Buzzin Avatar)

2. Buzzin

Ok, after all of the speculation and mystery around the Edna avatar, we'll get into different avatar that is very straightforward. The Buzzin avatar is an avatar that is awarded when you complete a quest for Naia, the Fountain Faerie, gain access to her Rainbow Fountain (located in Faerieland), and use the magic of the fountain to paint a Buzz any colour of your choosing! So what's random about this avatar then? It seems simple enough. Well, just getting a quest from the Fountain Faerie is a feat of its own. There are many users (including myself) that have never - ever - gotten asked to complete a quest for Naia. This is where the randomness comes in; not only do you have to be lucky enough to get a faerie quest, but you have to be lucky enough to get one from possibly the most evasive faerie ever, the Fountain Faerie.

Luckily for us Neopians, TNT has provided us with a couple ways to increase our chances of getting into contact with Naia. The first is the very magical, Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie which can be purchased at the NC Mall for 100 NC. After opening this cookie, a user is guaranteed a faerie quest each day for 9 days given that they are able to accept one (i.e. not on quest already, remember to accept one, etc.). For more information, visit the NC Mall and related FAQs. The second is the Refreshed Quest Request boon given out if you are on the victorious side of the winning skirmish at the Battleground of the Obelisk. I won't go too into detail on this, but Jellyneo has a great guide! Long strong short, this boon (reward) allows the user to swap any quest they've been given. This refresh can only be used once per quest. This helps us out bigtime because if we get a less *cough* desirable quest, say, an Air Faerie Quest, then we can refresh the quest in hopes of it turning into a Fountain Faerie Quest! Yay!

(Picture of Snowager - Rawr! Avatar)

3. Snowager - Rawr!

After the lengthy explanation of the Buzzin avatar, I'll keep this one on the shorter side. The Snowager - Rawr avatar is another avatar that is notorious for being near impossible! To obtain this avatar, you have to visit the Snowager deep in the Ice Caves of Terror Mountain while it's sleeping and attempt to steal some of his treasure. Oh, but that's not all; if you want this avatar you have to (i)hope(/i) that he blasts you and you Neopet with his ferocious icy power! Can you believe that?! Only after being attacked by an overgrown Snowickle can you hope to receive the avatar. But keep in mind, this avatar is (b)random(/b)! Yup, that means you and your beloved Neopet can be blasted hundreds of times by the Snowager before achieving the avatar. What a heavy price to pay!

If you're ready to assume the risks of obtaining this avatar, then I'll let you in on the Snowager's favorite sleep times! He can be found snoozing away during following times (NST): 6:00am - 7:00am, 2:00pm - 3:00pm, and 10:00pm - 11:00pm. Good luck!

Pro-Tip: Many users frequent the Healing Springs in Faerieland after their being blasted by the Snowager.

    (Picture of Grundo - Discarded Plushie Avatar)

4. Grundo - Discarded Plushie

After being blasted by the Snowager and taking a dip in the Healing Springs, you should have a stay in Faerieland and mosey on over to visit the plushie with a mouthful of a name; The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity (TDMBGPOP).

The Grundo - Discarded Plushie avatar is another one of those avatars that looooves to evade people. There's nothing extra special to obtaining this avatar except to visit TDMBGPOP. This avatar is awarded randomly when talking to the lonely plushie, so you just have to be really lucky. Stopping by on a daily basis shouldn't a tedious and unsatisfying task, however. In fact, most Neopians enjoying having a chat with him! He is known to sometimes give Neopoints, heal your Neopet, giveaway plushies, as well as other things that I don't want to spoil (including doing absolutely nothing).

    (Picture of Evil Coconut Avatar)

5. Evil Coconut

We go from a generous, yet sad, plushie in Faerieland to a crooked, yet handsome, Quiggle in the Haunted Woods' Deserted Fairground.

Leeroy the Quiggle presides over the Coconut Shy, a game he created in which the user attempts to knock down a coconut from his (not rigged) poles. So where does the avatar come in? Well, in order to obtain the avatar, you must pay Leeroy 100 Neopoints (per shot) and knock down one of the coconuts from the poles. Not only will you get the Evil Coconut avatar for knocking down the coconut, you will also receive an Evil Coconut which can be placed in the Evil Coconuts page of your stamp album… oh, and you also get TEN THOUSAND NEOPOINTS! So, if you're going for this avatar, keep in mind that you have to have great aim and be extra lucky to beat the (rigged) odds of this game!

Alright, to wrap up this article, I want to wish everyone very good luck in obtaining all of these avatars. Even if you're not an avid avatar collector, you may still obtain some of these avatars just from doing your daily activities, and that's great! Feel free to show them off and taunt the rest of us! Speaking for myself, the more people I see with the Edna avatar, the more hope I have of obtaining it one day. *fingers crossed*

Also, don't fret if I didn't mention the random avatar that is currently eluding you… Stay tuned for my Part 2 of this article where I discuss another 5 random avatars that drive us crazy!

ONE last thing: I want to say a huge "Thank You" to Jellyneo for providing me with a lot of information found in this article. It definitely would not have been made possible without their awesome staff!

Thanks again, good bye now! *waves*

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