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Delicacies from Around Neopia!

by starry_zafara


      Neopia is a place of diverse lands, from the stark cold of Terror Mountain to the blistering heat of the Lost Desert, and everything in between. With how different the places around Neopia are, their food items are also very different. With so many options from each land, it is a hard task to consider what to eat in Neopia. However, some food shines in ways that other food doesn't, and the time has come to find out what food is the best of each Neopian world.


      This long-lost land is still serving amazing delicacies that haven't changed in a thousand years, yet still appeal to modern tastes. They are so great, even the shop that sells them is known as Exquisite Ambrosia. Though some of its fare has lost what makes it unique in order to cater to guests at the famous Altador Cup (the Altador Dog and Yooyu Popcorn come to mind), authentic Altadorian cuisine is also popular. The mysterious Doric Soup is one of the best foods you can buy in Altador, especially when served with Ionic Bread. Figs are especially a favorite, served in wonderful food such as Fig Ice Cream and Stuffed Figs. One looking for something heartier can try the Well Decorated Meat, or bite into the meaty layers of Moussaka.


      The variety of fruit found in the kingdom of wisdom may not be as diverse as that of Mystery Island, but you are sure to find something unique that suits your tastes. For those who like taking chances, the Magenorb has three berries; one too sweet, one too sour, and one just right. If one wants something more reliable, they can try the Strypedillo, which goes well with vanilla ice cream, or the Gurrandrillge, which looks strange but combines the familiar tastes of carrot and plum. Especially odd is the Flaming Blooble Fruit, as though it is spicy, it has a refreshing taste to it also.


      Faerie food is both appealing to the eye and taste, and you would be hard-pressed to find a kind of faerie not represented by it. Sweetness is appreciated by faeries, who serve sugary, gooey Faerie Bubbles and themed Faerie Sundaes. Though it is unpopular due to its theme, the Dark Faerie Sundae is a true hidden gem, with grape sauce that blends perfectly into the vanilla flavor and edible chocolate wings. The favorite drink of the faeries is the one inspired by the Queen herself, Fyora Day Fizz. This light, sweet blend sparkles with the magic of fizzy bubbles. Also notable is the Soup Faerie Soup, with a recipe by the Soup Faerie that seems to combine all the soups you can get at the Soup Kitchen, and best of all, even rich Neopians can partake in it.

      Haunted Woods

      Okay, it's called Spooky Food for a reason. You may be scared to try something that looks like it came right out of Edna's cauldron! However, there is some good stuff (not The Stuff!) hidden in this haunted wood. Chilled Eyes with Clam Sauce stares at you, but if you close your own eyes, it will feel more like little berries when you eat it, and the clam sauce dampens the acquired taste of the eyes. Another option is the Ectoplasm Nachos, where if you can ignore the ghosts, the nachos will taste just like they have been dipped in a minty sauce. One of the few non-creepy things here is the Hot Apple Cider, great for a cold, spooky night. For dessert, you can't go wrong with a classic Pumpkin Pie, or an Apple Lantern, especially with chocolate ice cream.

      Kiko Lake

      This lake is known for its Rock Sticks, which can be purchased in whole or sliced. One of the best flavors for these candy treats is Choco Mint, with a sticky-sweet, cool-mint flavor. Another kind of Kiko sweet that everyone should try is the Kiko Candy Floss, especially the Sparkle Berry flavor. Sparkle Berries are so rare that this may be one of your only opportunities to get that unique taste. More savory tastes will enjoy the tangy Cheese Kiko Popcorn Ball, or the hearty Clam Chowder in a Bread Bowl.

      Krawk Island

      Arrr! The Golden Dubloon be the first restaurant in Neopia! However, it only be takin' Dubloons, so make sure ye have them, or avast! Out with ye! At the Dubloon, you get four courses. For the starter, the best option would be the Crusty Clam Surprise. The tender mashed clams, the marshmallow pearl on top, and the surprising sauce may seem like a bit of an odd combination, but the flavors do complement each other well! When you get to the main course, the Cap'n Threelegs Cutlass Crusade is surely tempting. The rare juiciness of this steak goes well with the jacket potato and asparagus, but it is expensive. For those who are saving up, the Baby Bloater presents a similar juicy flavor, though more fishy. For dessert, choose the Forbidden Plunder, a delight absolutely loaded with chocolate. Make sure to wash it all down with a fruity Man O War, made with fresh Kraku Berries, or for the richest Neopians, a full hearty Hogshead of grog! Your timbers will be rightfully shivered!


      Well, technically this isn't Neopia, but its moon. But it has a Yooyuball team, so why not include it? Most of the food here is made from Kreluberries, a unique fruit that is one of the only foods that grows on Kreludor. True to the Grundo alliance, it tastes similar to oranges and grapes. You can eat them by themselves, or have them made into something like a Swirly Kreludan Cake, which brings out the tangy sweetness of the Kreluberry. Another option is the Space Floss, with a flavor that is simply out of this world. You can almost feel the little stars popping in your mouth, even! When you're done, try the Fruity Star Juice, laden with gummy star shapes.

      Lost Desert

      Desert food does not sound that appetizing at first. However, remember that Sakhmet boasts one of the best royal dinners in Neopia. Desert fruits are surprisingly delicious, such as the Odorra Pod, which may be hard to open, but can be boiled for a royal delicacy. Or try the refreshing and unique Pyraberry, filled with water and sweet orbs. The famous Pyramibread is not to be ignored, as getting to the tomb of raspberry jam inside will leave you wanting more. And though it may look strange, there is really nothing like the Peppered Kersla Bug, with a hard shell but a delicious meaty inside. Over at Qasala, the unique Qando and Queela Fruits grow, which can be eaten together for a sweet and spicy combo.


      If you don't have Dubloons and still want the experience of a restaurant, go to Kelp, and order one of the fanciest meals in the entirety of Neopia. For the drink, select the Seaweed Surprise, and taste its tangy, leafy flavor. It is perfect to go with the best option to start a meal off, the Maraquan Cream Broth. It's as rich as you have to be to go to Kelp every day, and is loaded with cream and spice. As for the main course? You're in Maraqua, order the Fish Special! The freshest fish you can order goes well with the meadow of Faerie hair pasta surrounding it. Finish your meal off with a Honeyed Horn of Plenty, made of chocolate ice cream, Maraquan berries, and honey. Even the horn is edible, and has seaweed growing from it! Outside of Kelp, you may be lucky enough to find rare delicacies from Old Maraqua, such as the sumptuous Stuffed Sea Cucumber, or even the ultra-rare Boiled Sea Serpent, which tastes of blackcurrant.


      One may write off Meridellian food as just fit for a peasant. However, if you look closely, you may find something that will delight even King Skarl. For example, the Curried Mussels are a luxurious item smothered in coconut gravy. Medieval meat is extremely hearty, and many dishes of Meridell involve it, but one of the best is the Mutton Stew, with the mutton in it being juicy and tender. However, some of the best food of Meridell is the food that you play games with. The Marrow, known for a guessing game involving its weight, also goes into delightful dishes, such as the surprisingly sweet Marrow Cream Pie. Cheese may be fun for rolling, but it's also for eating! Among the unique flavors, you will find the sweet, sticky Honey Cheese, which is just as cheesy as normal cheese on the inside. Finally, Picking Your Own may yield wonderful results, such as the chewy, tangy Purple Felberry.


      If you can't take the heat, don't eat anything from Moltara. But if you can withstand burning your mouth a little (or happen to be made of Magma), then Molten Morsels are right for you! The best thing about Moltaran food is that it never gets cold. Try the hearty Molten Lasagne, layered with noodles, potatoes, tomatoes, and of course, fresh Moltaran magma. Since Moltara is under the surface, the most popular vegetables are root vegetables. Roots especially go well in a Molten Root Casserole, which looks odd but combines different kinds of roots with magma to create a hot taste sensation. Moltara took a cue from baklava, a popular dessert in Altador, to create its own pun-filled Moltaran Bak Lava. Caked with hardened and liquid lava, this dessert leaves Moltarans burning with delight.

      Mystery Island

      We all know about Gadgadsbogen, the Mystery Island festival of fruit. With so many fruity options among the island's bounty, it can be hard to choose, so why not start off with a Juppie? Golden Juppies are undoubtedly the best, bringing happiness to all who eat them. The Teal Juppie is not as joyful, but Jhuidah knows how to combine it with the already delicious Kraku Berries to create a rare Muntando Fruit! Also popular are the rosy Roseatte, the tangy Tigersquash, and the energetic ErgyFruit. A tasty fruit that isn't very well-known is the Moonfruit, which tastes oddly like cheese. If you want something a little less sweet, the flaming hot Koyle and obviously named Sourmelon will delight. If you can find one, the Starberry is not to be missed, with its odd sweetness and stellar appearance, but it has retired!


      This mystical world is full of many strange delights. Sushi is a favorite of many Shenkuuvians, and one kind that should absolutely be tried is the Rainbow Roll, layered with four different kinds of fish to create a rainbow of color and flavor. Many types of dumplings also exist in Shenkuu, the best being the Koi Dumplings And Chokato. The soft dumplings even have bits of that chocolaty tomato taste in them! One of the best Shenkuu dishes that may be overlooked by some Neopians is the Seaweed Tentacle Kimchee. Though it looks odd, its salty, juicy flavor is sure to please once you bite into it.

      Terror Mountain

      Appropriately, Terror Mountain is known for its icy sweets, especially the Brucicles. These cute Bruce-shaped delights are just as great to eat as they are to see. The Banango Brucicle is a nice variation from the usual mild flavor, with a tangy combination of banana and mango. Also recommended is the Starberry Shaved Ice, a cheaper way to get that special Starberry flavor, but in the delicious form of tiny bits of ice. For a lighter taste, you can try one of the Ice Caves' range of snow food items, such as the Snow Grapes, which taste just like frozen grapes, but colder, and are surprisingly refreshing.


      The ancient delights of Tyrannia include more than just Omelettes. Many odd plants grow only in Tyrannia, such as the extremely sweet Honey Blossom, and the Citrusquash Fruit, with a tangy taste that is truly a delight. Also notable is Tyrannian meat, from creatures that you simply won't find anywhere else in Neopia. No reports of living Ransaurus exist, but their Ransaurus Steak, which is readily available, is chunky, meaty, and amazing. Similarly, the Phtlygon Wing is a unusual-looking piece of meat, but it is sure to delight even non-Tyrannians with its tangy flavor and chewy texture.


      The Space Station has its own kind of food, with some weird-looking delights that are truly out of this world. The Roast Gargapple, a secret recipe by Chef Gargarox, has the sweet taste of a sugary apple, and a mysterious ring around it that tastes even better. Nova Fruit is also popular among the stars, and the Dark Nova Fruit, with its bittersweet taste, is especially recommended. The Galactic Space Punch is definitely unique, sparkling with fizz and able to be consumed in completely separate layers of flavor. Finally, the Cosmic Ring Cereal is literally made from planetary rings, creating a satisfying icy crunch and a luscious flavor that simply cannot be replicated on the planet Neopia.

      There is more to Neopian food than what can be found in Neopia Central, so the next time your Neopet is hungry, why not take a trip to a Neopian land and let it have a taste of that world?

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