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Terrific Treats: The Tastiest Wintery Foods

by _brainchild_


      During the winter season, many Neopians wonder what they should eat for their holiday dinner. Of course, the most important part of the meal is dessert. :P There is a myriad of choices which a Neopet has to deal with, and the options may seem overwhelming at times. To determine which foods were our favorites, my Baby Kacheek Walda and I tasted some wintery-themed desserts. We have listed our favorites below:


      Winter Snowflake Cake

      Me: Here you go, Walda. --serves cake--

      Walda: Christine! Vanilla is BOOORRRRINNNG! I want CHOCOLATE!

      --other customers stare--

      Me: Eat it anyway. It's better than nothing.

      Walda: --takes a bite-- It tastes like sugar.

      Me: --takes a bite-- The vanilla taste is very subtle, as if it was a ghost. The sugar's presence is much more noticeable. The crunchy white chocolate snowflakes are a nice touch.

      Walda: Did someone say CHOCOLATE?!

      Me: WHITE chocolate, which you don't like as much.


      Candy Cane Cupcake

      Walda: This isn't chocolate, either! --pouts--

      Me: It's probably just as good.

      Walda: How DARE you say that! NOTHING is better than chocolate!

      --more stares--

      Me: --takes a bite-- The icing is thick and sugary, with a hint of gingerbread. As expected, there are candy canes on top. The cake consists of chocolate---

      Walda: Did someone say CHOCOLATE?! --obnoxiously swipes cake and chows-- YOU LIAR!

      Me: You wouldn't have eaten it otherwise. --grins-- Did you like it?

      Walda: It was alright.

      Faellie Christmas Cookie

      Walda: Do you even know what chocolate is?! WAAAAHHH!!!

      --tantrum-- --even more stares--

      Me: If you try this, then we will go to the Chocolate Factory afterwards.

      Walda: --eyes light up-- YIPPEE! --bites the cookie-- This one is sweeter, at least.

      Me: --breaks off piece and eats-- As expected, this one tastes just like a sugar cookie. The icing is smooth and palatable. Furthermore, the cookie resembles a Faellie's face with the help of impeccable artwork.

          -----Chocolate Factory-----

      Milk Chocolate Snowbunny

      Walda: --dashes in excitedly-- Gimme some CHOCOLATE!!!

      --other customers stare and mutter--

      Shopkeeper: Where are your parents?

      Me: --catches up-- Walda, behave yourself.

      Walda: --grabs Milk Chocolate Snowbunnies off of counter-- YUM! --gobbles obnoxiously--

      --more stares--

      Me: --pays for candy-- Thank you very much. --eats Milk Chocolate Snowbunny-- The chocolate is smooth and rich. There is plenty of milk and a hint of caramel. Furthermore, the shape of the Snowbunny is adorable!


      Walda: --running around the store-- CHOCOLLLLLATTTTE! --knocks over chairs-- --bumps into a stranger--

      Shopkeeper: Ma'am, I'm sorry, but you and your pet have to leave now.

      Me: --burying my face in my hands-- Walda, let's go. --drags Walda out by her shirt collar--

          A few hours later...

      -----Kiko Lake Food Shop-----

      Kiko Christmas Hot Chocolate Mug

      Me: One Kiko Christmas Hot Chocolate Mug, please.

      Walda: Did someone say CHOCOLATE?! --grabs mug and starts to drink excitedly--

      --her eyes widen--


      Me: What did you expect? --grabs straw and tastes remaining hot chocolate-- The chocolate is darker than the Milk Chocolate Snowbunny we tasted. Nevertheless, sufficient sugar is still present. The whipped cream is rich and fluffy, and the striped mug, bearing a Kiko's face, is very cute.

      Walda: --whining-- My mouth hurts!

      Me: Time to go to the Snow Food Shop. What perfect timing!

          -----Snow Food Shop-----

      Chocolate Kyrii Ice Cream

      Me: Two Chocolate Kyrii Ice Creams, please.

      Walda: --grabs one of the cones out of my hand-- CHOCOLATE! --chows down, making a mess--

      --other customers stare--

      Me: Your mouth should feel better after eating that ice cream.

      Walda: --takes no notice--

      Me: --takes a bite-- The chocolate taste is satisfying, but not overwhelming. The ice cream is rich and flavorful. The minty green sprinkles add aesthetic appeal, and the Kyrii face, complete with mint candy eyes, is beautiful.

      Walda: --tosses the empty cone on the floor, disinterested-- MORE!

      Me: You've had enough chocolate for one day. --picks up the cone and throws it in the trash--

      Frozen Strawberries and Cream

      Walda: BOOORRRRINNNG! I want another chocolate ice cream!

      Me: This is tasty, too. If you eat too much chocolate, you'll get a headache.

      Walda: --not paying attention-- Chocolate, chocolate, CHOCOLATE!

      Me: --takes a bite-- Although the berries are frozen, their taste is still preserved. The vanilla cream is rich and flavorful, melting on the tongue. Furthermore, the dessert comes in a sparkling glass goblet, which we are free to keep.

      Walda: --tantrum-- I want---

      Me: Frozen Strawberries and Cream. Take it or leave it.

      Walda: --reluctantly takes a bite-- Tasty, but not as good as chocolate.

      Me: --sigh of relief--

      Purblare Rocketpop

      Me: One Purblare Rocketpop, please.

      --takes the treat and breaks it in half--

      Me: The fruit tastes like a fusion of grape and lemon. Fortunately, sugar has been added to offset the sour taste of the Purblare. Therefore, this dessert reminds me of sweet Lemonade.

      Walda: --grabs the other half out of my hand-- I guess I'll try it. --takes a bite-- It's alright.

      Me: I like it. --turns to Shopkeeper-- What else do you have?

      Shopkeeper: Sorry, but we just ran out of stock. Sorry for the inconvenience.

      Walda: --droops her head-- Bummer.

      Me: Don't worry. I know of another shop around here.

          -----Terror Mountain Ice Cream Cart-----

      Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream

      Walda: I'm freezing!

      Me: What did you expect? Put your coat on.

      Walda: --puts her arms in her coat-- What's next?

      Me: One Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream, please.

      --shopkeeper hands over food--

      Walda: Can we have Neopolitan instead?

      Me: --sees through her plot to get more chocolate-- Nice try. --takes a bite-- The colors are very pleasing to the eye, just as the flavors delight the tongue. With so many colors, there's something for everyone. Walda, would you like some?

      Walda: --groans-- Headache. You were right...

      Me: That means it's time to go home.


      Despite the difficulties of a misbehaving child, I enjoyed the treats that I tasted. Walda was thoroughly pleased as well, and I think her favorites were quite obvious. :P The next time you visit these shops, I encourage you to try one of these desserts. I think you'll be very happy with your purchase.

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