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Neopia's '20 under 20' list for Y20!

by ohsounicornly


      Year 19 was a huge year for sport, fashion, business, food... you name it, Y19 provided it! But what might Year 20 have in store? We've brought you a list of the up-and-coming Neopians who are set to make a big splash in Y20. These are the ones to watch - you heard it here first!

      1. Rasala the Bright

      Having recently graduated from an apprenticeship under Alshemar, Rasala is a powerful young wizard who is head of the Order of the Red Erisim. It is said her magic is powered by crystals found only on Terror Mountain - so long as these caves remain safe, her power is only set to grow stronger! Rasala has led the Order into many successful fights - well, skirmishes - for the battleground of the Obelisk. Although the Sway has often gained the upper hand in the past, this year may bring even greater success for the Order under Rasala's guidance!

      2. Dr. Sloth

      He threatened to disintegrate me if I didn't put him on this list, so here he is: Neopia's greatest supervillain, Dr. Sloth! He claims his newest plan to take over Neopia will be his most nefarious and successful one yet. Sloth advises that we all prepare ourselves for evil, malice, revenge, etc. etc... You all know the drill by now. This year, he'll finally win and take over the world... probably (not).

      3. Coco Metrone

      It would be a crime not to include at least one Altador Cup player on this list, and Metrone is the obvious choice. She has already had several strong years on the pitch, seeing through Kreludor's Y14 win despite being injured during training earlier that year. Some question her decision to move to Krawk Island just two years later, while others suggest the move was tactical. Three years on, she and the team are melding well, and commentators suggest that this year may be her best yet.

      4. Noda

      Node is an ambitious young Cybunny chef, and his shop "Noda's Fortune Cookies" was one of the more recent additions to the Neocash Mall. Everyone loves a good story about a family recipe, passed down through the generations and finally shared with the world- but a pinch of magic doesn't hurt either! With everything from faerie-attracting fortunes to cookies that help your pets train faster, Noda's secret recipe is helping him dominate the Mall in Year 20!

      5. Abigail Avinroo

      While her older brother AAA has always had the edge over Abigail's games scores in the past, this young Blumaroo is still a force to be reckoned with. Given her vast experience from such a young age, and the constant fierce competition with AAA, Abigail is still one of Neopia's finest gamers. Now slightly older and more experienced, could this year be her chance to finally outshine her brother and take the title of 'gaming champion'?

      6. Vandebart Biggsby

      Known fondly (by some) as 'Apple Bobbing Bart', Biggsby is a savvy entrepreneur who decided to invest what little money he had in an apple bobbing cart. This soon brought big rewards, as his charming personality drew plenty of punters to keep his small business afloat. Bart denies claims that his stall is rigged (and has even turned on his fellow stallholders, claiming that his is the only fairground business in the Haunted Woods that isn't rigged) - according to Bart, pure skill is all that's needed to guarantee you a prize at his cart. His CFO says his profits are through the roof, and he has confidence that Bart's stocks will make it into the Neodaq this year.

      7. Nigel

      Speaking of the Neodaq, our next entry is for Nigel the Chia, Neopia's most famous commodities broker. Suspicions have been raised in the past about whether Nigel's frequently-offered financial advice is a ruse to manipulate market prices (as he often urges Neopians to invest in particular stocks), but a recent investigation cleared him of all charges. With his integrity restored, Nigel says this year he plans to finally buy the top-of-the-range sports car he's always dreamed of!

      8. The Snowager

      Despite his fearsome appearance, the Snowager was once a normal Snowickle - a simple Petpet, like many others. Nowadays he hides in his lair, guarding a hoard of treasure. He has been known to hibernate in the winter months, and a number of thieves seem to prey upon him and take his treasures for their own - no wonder he's so grumpy when he wakes up! Despite the robberies, the Snowager's hoard continues to grow, and there are rumours that he's the favourite to win this year's annual Neopian Hoarding Contest. Good luck, Snowy!

      9. The Chocolate Factory Owner

      This cheerful Kiko is known to some as 'Bob', and known to all as 'the keeper of the chocolates'. Throughout the years his business has never faltered. Is this due to the half-bag of sugar contained in each of his candies? Or perhaps it is the elusive avatar promised to those who buy his rarest products? One thing's for certain - his profits are set to soar this year!

      10. Spartan

      Spartan is an Electric Alabriss who is one of the main competitors in Altador's Chariot Races. He has previously proven that he is 'better than you' at the popular game 'Chariot Chase', but he also has his eye on the annual Chariot Racing cup! This sport is often overshadowed by the more popular Yooyuball, but the finals are sure to draw a crowd nonetheless, and Spartan is this year's favourite to win!

      11. Archie

      You may have heard of the new hit game Pakiko, but have you heard of Archie? This ingenious young Kiko is the inventor who came up with the idea for the game, when he was hired for a think tank owned by Glass-Bottomed Boat Tours. The company was losing profits after tourists complained that bubbles in the lake blocked their view. When hiring workers to pop the bubbles proved to be too expensive, Archie found a way to turn the endeavour into a game, earning him a reputation for great ideas. The question is, what will Year 20 hold for this plucky inventor?

      12. Eivin

      Another entrepreneur who's helping Kiko Lake's tourist business to thrive is Eivin, the creator of 'Kiko Pop'. The game is simple: throw a dart, hit a balloon, and win a prize! While most of the prizes are the same cheap toys and candy that fairground contests are known for, the occasional rare prize keeps punters coming back for more. Eivin has also put his own unique Kiko 'spin' on the concept, adding adorable Kiko bandages onto the balloons - aww! Between Eivin and Archie, this year is sure to be a big one for all the businesses in Kiko Lake.

      13. Lampwyck

      Owner of Lampwyck's Lights Fantastic, this Buzz is aglow with enthusiasm for his unique range of powered lamps. Electric lights are low on his list of priorities, with a preference for lava or steam-powered lamps. In an exclusive interview, Lampwyck said this: "People come back here every day to see my lamps! It's big business, you know, and only getting bigger in the year to come. Hmm, what's that? No, of course I've got nothing to do with those worms that keep appearing across Moltara and disappearing overnight. Well, yes, I suppose it helps my shop- what are you suggesting? I think you'd better leave..." Ahem - unfortunately, that's all we had time for!

      14. Katsuo

      While the exact requirements for becoming a Shenkuu Palace Guard are unknown, Katsuo the Kougra is one of the few trainees who has shared his apprenticeship story with the world, through the game 'Top Chop'. After years of training, the Ogrin Master has hinted that Katsuo might finally have developed the skills needed to graduate and become a full member of the Palace Guard this year!

      15. Lulu

      Lulu is one of Neopia's greatest collectors, and she boasts a keyring hoard that rivals even the Snowager's. Although not as much of a gamer as her cousins AAA and Abigail, she has managed to capitalise on their gaming success by setting up her own shop of gaming-themed items. Inspired by her own collecting habit, Lulu's main selling point is the uniqueness of her merchandise. Each item is limited edition, only available for a short time - and that natural business sense has made her one of this year's 'ones to watch'!

      16. Meepit Overlord

      Meep! Look out! The Meepit Overlord heard that Dr. Sloth would be featuring on this list, and he wanted to get in on the action. While taking over the world does also feature in his plans for this year, his first order of business is squashing the spirit of those pesky Feepits, and combing his moustache.

      17. Aethia

      Known as the 'Battle Faerie', Aethia is the General of Faerieland's armies and is currently leading the war against the wraiths. Less well-known is what she does in her downtime - Aethia is an accomplished author. She penned the book 'When All Else Fails', and its sequel 'After the Battle'. There are rumours that this year she will be releasing another book as part of the collection, which could see her soaring into the top spot for Neopia's bestsellers list!

      18. Elbin Kroe

      Kroe is a Yooyuballer who holds an impressive record of roster changes, having played on three of the major league teams, in two different positions. Now settling into his place as Faerieland's forward, commentators are wondering whether the team can manage a repeat of their (relative) Y18 success, or even beat their all-time record of 4th place. They may be the underdogs, but can non-Faerielander Kroe help them set aside their concerns about the recent wraith attacks and lead them to victory?

      19. Loic

      It's a nice surprise to see an alchemist making this list, and Loic has certainly earned his spot. This technicolour Tonu is the brilliant mind behind the Hue Brew Potion formula, and he's keeping the secret close to his chest! His shop, Dyeworks, is in a prime spot at the Neocash Mall, allowing him to display his creations where all can see. A lot of customers pass by with the intention of window shopping, but leave with full bags and an empty purse! Regulars at the mall are excited to see what Loic will come up with this year.

      20. Kaia

      One of Faerieland's recent heroes, Kaia has already saved Faerieland Academy's library from a fiery fate, and has managed to set aside her shy tendencies to help lead the charge against the wraith resurgence. Her unprecedented powers have incited jealousy among some of the faeries, leading to unfounded rumors about her real background - but one thing is certain: Kaia has already made a splash as we roll into Year 20, and she'll continue to do so for a long time to come!

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