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The Perfect Gift

by extreme_butterfly


     It was finally the month of December, only twenty five days until Christmas and Calli the Ixi was starting to get excited. As she sat on her bed with a pen and paper in hand, she began thinking of what to put on her Christmas list.

     She knew one gift that she wanted was a brand new fluffy coat. It was the softest,warmest looking coat that she had ever felt. Calli discovered it while her and her mother was Christmas shopping at the Neopia mall. She remembered placing her face and hands against the window and looking inside at it's display.

     It was beautiful. The coat was purple and was made out of faux fur. It was sure to keep her warm this winter!

     Calli finished her list and ran downstairs and handed it to her mother.

     "Oh! You finished your list! Let's see what we have here. A coloring book,wooden toys,a baby doll, fluffy coat....oh Calli" Her mother said with a sad expression on her face.

     "Calli, honey, that fluffy coat is really expensive and I'm not sure we can afford it. I'm so sorry honey."

     "I know Momma. I just thought I'd add it to the list. You know, just in case." Calli said as she gave her mother a hug.

     "I'm so sorry Calli. With my time being cut at the cafe, and your dad not able to work,this Christmas paycheck is going to be small."

     "No worries, the other items on my list aren't that expensive! I'd love to have those just as much Momma! I have lot's of coats, so I really don't need that one anyway. Can I have my list so I can mark that out so Santa doesn't see it? I don't want him getting me it and making you feel bad."

     Her mother handed her the list and watched as Calli put a line through the words Fluffly Coat on her list before handing it back to her.

     "Ok sweetheart. Run upstairs and get ready, I have to drop you off at MiMis so I can go to work."

     Soon, it was Christmas day. Calli got up out of bed yelling for everyone to get up as she ran down the stairs. After all her siblings and her parents were gathered around the tree, they began opening the gifts.

     Her brothers received a few cars and her sister received a doll. Calli hoped she got one similar to her sisters because it was really pretty!

     Santa brought each of them their favorite candy that was only available at Christmas time, and some toy blocks and coloring books.

     "Here Calli, it's your turn to open your gift from your brothers and sister." Callis mom smiled as she handed her the gift.

     Her siblings watched her in excitement as she ripped open the gift to reveal a doll just like her sisters, except in a different color. Calli hugged the doll tightly as she smiled.

     "There's one more here for Calli, it's from all of us." Callis dad said as he handed her the gift.

     Calli opened the gift to reveal her purple fluffy coat she had on her list. The fluffy coat she had saw at the mall. She looked up at her parents with a smile and a tear on her cheek.

     "Momma,Poppa, I thought we couldn't afford this coat this year?"

     "I put in a few extra hours at the cafe, and your dad managed to find some odd jobs and even your siblings helped out by cleaning and mowing MiMis yard. I made sure to contact Santa to let him know not to get it for you."

     "I LOVE IT!" Calli screamed with excitement as she stood up to put it on. It felt as she thought it would when she put it on. The faux fur was so soft and the inside was lined with silk. Calli never expected to receive this gift on Christmas.

     "Ok kids, everyone go get dressed so we can go to MiMis. She's waiting on us to come over to open gifts and to eat dinner!"

     Everyone obeyed and after they were dressed, they were soon walking toward their MiMis house.

     While there Calli showed off her coat to everyone around. She made sure to place it on a hanger so she wouldn't spill any gravy on it at dinner time!

     She was extra careful the entire time she was at her MiMis. Some of the other kids even wanted to try it on. Calli was hesitant, but allowed them each to wear it for a few seconds,but only away from anything that would spill and only under her strict supervision!

     On their way back from MiMis where Calli had received money as her gift, she was prancing along with her beautiful new fluffy coat when she spotted someone beside sitting on the sidewalk holding a sign.

     It had snowed and was really cold, so it made no sense as to why someone would be sitting outside.

     As they got closer, Calli noticed they wasn't wearing a jacket and their shoes had holes in them and the sign read

     "Looking for Work."

     "Oh, goodness, how sad." Her momma said.

     Calli felt really bad as she looked and saw the Mynci who was holding the sign shivering.

     She looked down at her new coat and felt the money inside the pocket, then looked back at the Mynci.

     "Momma,Poppa, would you be mad if I gave her my coat and my money? She looks cold and since she's looking for work, she's probably hungry, and look at her shoes, they have holes in them so I bet her feet are cold."

     "Honey, are you sure?

     "You really wanted that coat and I'm not sure if we could get another one." Her dad explained.

     "I'm sure. Will it be ok? I don't want you to be mad."

     Her parents nodded.

     "If it's really what you want sweetheart, we won't be mad at all."

     Callie approached the Mynci and handed them her Christmas money MiMi had given her. She took off her coat and wrapped it around the Mynci.

     "Oh, I can't accept this! It's way to fancy and expensive! I just can't!" The Mynci said.

     "Yes you can, it's my gift to you. Merry Christmas!" Calli said as she joined her parents and they began to walk home.

     "Thank you so much!" The Mynci yelled at Calli as she snuggled in her new coat.

     "We're so proud of you Calli! You just set a wonderful example for your siblings. For you to have given up the one gift you wanted the most was so thoughtful of you. You have such a big heart."

     "I know how much I wanted that fluffy coat. I've wanted it since the first time I saw it on display at the Neopia mall. I know how it made me feel when I first put it on. It was the perfect gift to me, but I also know much that Mynci needed that money and the coat. I wanted to provide her with the feeling I had when I opened the coat and put it on for the first time, i wanted to provide her with the perfect gift."

     The End.

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