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Decorating your Neohome for the Holidays

by itsbah


      Decorating your Neohome for the Holidays

      Month of Celebrating! It is time to gather friends, share stories in front of the fireplace, have good cups of Borovan and enjoy the best time of year. In addition, why not stylishly receive your friends in your Neohome? For this, we selected 8 items that will help you to make your Neohome more festive, colorful and cozy for the holidays.

      #1 – Christmas Parade PosterAdd to your holiday decorations with this fancy poster.

      Price: Free (Advent Calendar in Y9) / 250 NP (Est. Shop Wizard Price)

      If you’re thinking about buying posters to decorate your Neohome, this is what we call a “must have”. This item was given out by the Advent Calendar in Y9 and you can place it on your bedroom, living room, or anywhere you want, especially if you have a Green Skeith, we’re pretty sure he’ll love to see himself on that poster wearing some Christmas clothes while he rides his sleigh sliding on the terror mountain! But if you’ve got a Pink Acara, we’re not that sure they’ll like their picture on the poster, unless they don’t care about just appearing backwards.


      #2 - Holiday Cut Out RaindorfThis adorable Raindorf will add a bit of sparkle to any Neohome.

      Price: Free (Given out for Neohome 2.0 owners at December, 2008) / 6,000 NP (Est. Shop Wizard Price)

      Have you ever thought about gifting your pet a Raindorf? But what if it doesn’t really want to swap his old buddy for a new one just for Christmas? Well, even though this one can’t be as active as a real petpet, we’ve brought to you a solution! You can get this item to place anywhere at your Neohome 2.0, it’ll shine like a diamond, and just a small detail you should notice: his nose is also pretty shiny!


      #3 - Elegant Christmas TreeAn elegant tree that will sparkle and shine.

      Price: 300 NC / Retired on 01/04/2009

      Its description pretty much says the most important thing about this item: It is a Christmas tree. Have you ever thought about a Christmas eve that there’s no tree? Nope, right? Yeah, we’ve never thought about a night like that too, so we choose this tree to recommend to you guys. If you’re an active trader at Neomall you’ll still be able to find some of this rare Tree that was only obtainable at the NC Mall during December/2009, which makes it one of the most wanted trees for this time of the year. It’s ready to receive Santa’s gifts for your pets!


      #4 - Elegant Holiday WreathAn elegant wreath to decorate a wall, door or floor.

      Price: 150 NC / Retired on 01/04/2009

      We’ve picket this wreath that was sold at the NC Mall for 150 NC during 5th December of 2008 until 4th January of 2009. We believe that everyone knows that a wreaths are always good items to decorate our homes for Christmas. This item is made of leaves, silver and red Christmas balls, some brilliant stunning stones and a yellow tie, which is the most used colours for Christmas and can fit every single place like your doors, walls or even your floor!

      Be aware that this item can only be used on the Neohome 2.0, so if you haven’t got one yet, it’s the perfect time to do so. :)


      #5 - Toy Train Bed- Woo woo! Here comes the train of dreamland.

      Price: Free (Advent Calendar in Y11) / 500 NP (Est. Shop Wizard Price)

      This is a bed, as it states at its own description, can take you to the dreamland. With fantasy colors and even a chimney, it is perfect choice at the Christmas eve night, after telling a tale, put your pets in the bed, kiss of good night, and at the Christmas morning he/she finds their ultimate dreams gifts underneath the Christmas Tree. However, this bed can only be used in Neohomes 2.0.


      #6 - Gigantic Decorated Christmas TreeThe most spectacular tree for your Neohome.

      Price: Free (Advent Calendar in Y7) / 1,525 NP (Est. Shop Wizard Price)

      Christmas is not Christmas with a gorgeous and full decorated Christmas Tree, and if you spent all yours NCs on the Stocking Stuffacular, you still can have a NP Christmas Tree. This item was exclusively released at the Advent Calendars in Y7. Despite being gigantic, I’m sure you will find a perfect spot to place it into you classic Neohome, and if you can not place it inside, you can place it outside. Isn’t it what they say? The neighbor’s Christmas tree is always greener. The tree is already partially decorated, but you can get together with your pets and decorate it more with yours favorites ornaments. It will be a beautiful family moment.


      #7 - Snowflake Bean BagThis pretty bean bag is always cool to the touch.

      Price: 5.500 NP (Est. Shop Wizard Price)

      This is an awesome item to place into your living room or your bedroom, so you can, after a whole day playing snow fight or just skiing on Mountain Terror, just sit, lay on and relax. The white matches with everything, and the snowflakes textures only make its more pretty. You can obtain this item from the Neopian Furniture Shop or in the Marketplace. And it can be used both in Neohome classic or 2.0.


      #8 - Festive Terror Mountain Wallpaper and Startling Red Terror Mountain Floor TilesYour Neohome will always look festive with this wallpaper and floor Tiles.

      Price: 1.000 NC (Terror Mountain Room in a Bag)

      Last but not least, if you’re really into decorations for this time of the year, you should check these items to star decorate you Neohome, you will need to do it fully, and by fully we’re including walls and floor, and surely you will be ready to receive your guests for the holidays. The items match with each other. This is one of the most beautiful wallpapers in Neopia, giving to your whole Neohome 2.0 a festive look, in the colors of Christmas with snow: red, white and blue. And this floor tiles finish the decoration with red snowflakes scattered on the floor. Red snowflakes are rare in Neopia. You can obtain these items exclusively from the Terror Mountain Room in a Bag, which give other exclusive items and is available in the NC Mall for 1.000 NC.


      Happy Holidays everyone!


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