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A Celebration of Ogrins

by butterflybandage


      December is coming to an end, and although most of us are ready for the Month of Celebrating to go out with a bang, there’s still some celebrating left before Year 19 bids us farewell—and that’s Ogrin Day, my friends!

      The 28th Day of Celebrating is dedicated to our favorite quadruped, and possibly the most unique Neopet to ever be discovered! With a thick mane, cute paws, and a lovable grin, they’re irresistible! The only thing is they don’t seem to be very, well … popular. Ranking a shocking 40th place in Neopet popularity, the few Neopians who do own Ogrins are extremely loyal (meaning chances are if you own one Ogrin, you own ten). I find it a great disservice to Neopia and am here to set the record straight on why you—and all your friends and their friends—should adopt an Ogrin today!

      A Brief History

      Ogrins were discovered Year 7, making them one of the newest species to be discovered—fourth, actually, preceding Gnorbus, Lutaris, and Vandagyres! Not much is known about where these furry Neopets came from, other than they are comfortable in any climate and prefer “brains over brawn” when it comes to fighting (which they aren’t very keen about). They adore nature and discussing the polarizing viewpoints many authors have about the natural world, but would pass up an opportunity to go camping—hey, just because they like talking about nature doesn’t mean they want to sleep in the dirt!

      Of course, every Neopet is an individual and have their own unique quirks that make them one of a kind! However, Ogrins are known for their curiosity and will undoubtedly get themselves into a pickle or two (or three … depending on how intent they are on getting answers). They’re also famously shy, preferring the comforts of home (or where/whatever they call home) to a large social event.

      Famous Ogrins

      You’d be surprised by how many famous Ogrin you know! Despite their seeming absence from most notable Neopian events, Ogrins had a strong presence in many plots, site events, and games—you’ve just gotta look for them!

      Captain Jethro Rourke. Rourke is the legendary captain of the SS Primella, the ship that brought him and his passengers to the Lost Isle, confirming its existence as detailed in the diary of Mad Tongue Murphy. Without Rourke’s expertise, professionalism, and rugged good looks (okay, I’m not sure how much that helped), the expedition would’ve ended very differently. He’s truly a hero and deserves more attention than he’s gotten—haven’t you heard the stories? Some say he fought Dr. Sloth, and lived to tell the tale …

      Corbin. A monster hunter with enviable hair, this Ogrin helped uncover the real identity of a monster-in-hiding and brought to light the reality of monsters in Neopia. There isn’t a lot of information about him, perhaps because of how secretive his line of work is, but we know for sure his father and his brother were monster hunters as well; you know, saving Neopets, hunting monsters, the usual business.

      Coco Metrone. The hardworking, dedicated Coco is known for her sportsmanship and intense plays on the Yooyuball field. She played for Team Kreludor Year 10 through Year 15, despite suffering a minor injury—she bounced back before the AC started, which is a feat all in its own! She transferred to Krawk Island Year 16 and has stayed on with them through this year. Who knows what the future holds for such a bright athlete?

      The Advent Calendar Ogrin. You might be thinking, “Wait, he doesn’t have a name?!” and the answer to that silly question is, of course he does! We just don’t know what it is. It might be hard for you to believe that you’ve known this Ogrin the entirety of your Neopet experience! He’s been a large player in our Advent Calendar entertainment since Year 12. He seems to have the worst luck possible, and has encountered more troubles than anyone should: failing at selling ornaments; getting zapped by Boochi; living on the streets as a baby and being so sad he turned Blue; wanting to switch up his look and getting painted by spray paint, only to get hit by falling snow and washing it away; crashing his sled and landing under mistletoe, right in front of an all too eager Mutant Gnorbu; digging a hole to the opposite side of Neopia to get away from said Gnorbu, only to get kidnapped by cannibalistic natives; and then, finally, getting free only to call attention to himself and getting trapped in the Deserted Tomb. This poor guy seems to have seen it all, and Fyora only knows what troubles this next Ogrin Day will bring him (oh, did I mention? This stuff only happens ON OGRIN DAY).

      Creative Colors

      If the cool history and famous faces don’t quite convince you to adopt an Ogrin, why not check out some of the awesome varieties these Neopets come in? Whether you’re a fan of bright, explosive colors, or more reserved tones, you’re bound to find a hue that calls to you! I’ve picked my three favorite to show off, but Ogrins are currently available in 48 colors so there’s plenty to choose from!



      Robot Ogrins are quite possibly the coolest Robot Neopet out there—the casing, blue lights, and stern gaze give them an awesome futuristic look perfect for any techno-based character idea you’ve been sitting on. While these are, unfortunately, Lab Only, Ogrin Morphing Potions are extremely inexpensive and therefore you can zap to your heart’s content!



      I’ll be the first to admit that Disco isn’t the most popular color to paint your Neopet (who doesn’t love flashy colors and big hair?!), but the Disco Ogrin is on a different level than other Disco pets—it’s pattern isn’t too gaudy over over-the-top, and the green and pink colors look divine paired together. Instead of giving off “Funky Chicken” vibes, it gives off summertime vibes, and I think we can all appreciate that.



      Unlike Disco, Wraith is a popular color, and there’s a reason for that—just LOOK at this Ogrin. Black and purple never looked better, and the harsh, angular lines on the mane, tail, and legs is almost too perfect. You can’t go wrong with Wraith—the morphing potion alone should convince you to get one.


      Ogrins have an impressive variety of species-specific clothes, making them easy to customize. You can find everything you’re looking for at Uni’s Clothing Shop—or, of course, the Shop Wizard would love to help you out! Here are just a few of my favorite outfits; I know you’ll find one that calls to you!

      Casual. The Casual Ogrin set comes with boots, hat and wig, scarf, and a comfy sweater. The boots also comes with leggings, making this a complete outfit perfect for a young Ogrin who enjoys the simpler things in life, like getting a nice warm cup of Borovan.

      Fabulous. The Fabulous Ogrin set works well on every color, but especially a solid color like Pink, Purple, or White. Purple earrings, red glasses, amazing patterned leggings, cute shirt, and a ponytail wig create an adorable look that’s, well … fabulous!

      Lab Assistant. Wanting to create an Ogrin that’s passionate about science? The Lab Assistant set is perfect for you—complete with gear that adheres to safety standards, you’ll find everything needed for your newest scientist. A lab coat, glasses, gloves, shirt, shoes, and trousers are all included; all you need to do is buy the chemistry set!

      Poet. You’re guaranteed a spot in the Poetry Competition with an Ogrin dressed to the nines. This set comes with a beard (for stroking in moments of contemplation), hat, quill and parchment, shirt, shoes, and trousers—all you need to write the next greatest poem!

      Rebellious. Perhaps my favorite of the Ogrin clothing, the Rebellious Ogrin set gives you all the necessary clothing to question how in Fyora’s good name your Neopet got to be so, er … rebellious. A slicked-back wig, jeans, shoes, shirt with sunglasses, cool jacket, and fingerless gloves will have your Ogrin ruling the streets in no time. If you’re interested in a scarier look, the Punk set will have the neighborhood kids crying in no time!

      Final Sentiments

     If you’re still unsure about adopting an Ogrin, the best thing to do is visit the Pound Chat and see if any there catch your eye. You should never adopt a pet for the sake of adopting a pet, but instead you should make an unbreakable bond that only you and your Neopet understand!

      If anything, I hope you got to see this species with a fresh set of eyes—with so many different species running around Neopia, it’s hard to give each of them the proper amount of attention. This Ogrin Day, please take the time to wish all the Ogrins and Ogrin fans in your life a very happy day, and don’t forget to check out the Advent Calendar to see what that poor Ogrin is up to.

      Of course, in closing, thank you for reading and HAPPY OGRIN DAY!!

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