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No Neopoints Left to Buy Gifts? Here Are 10 Tips!

by deblubbernoot


Short on Neopoints for the month Celebrating? Here are 10 helpful tips to help you!

The month of Celebrating has its traditions; Neopians being together, everyone is friendly towards each other, sending wonderful gifts to other players or your pets. But do you know the feeling that you're just short on some Neopoints to buy that marvelous gift for someone precious to you, that you love, or that you want to thank?

Say no more! Read my guide below to get you and your Neopets in shape to go shop all around Neopia and share your happiness with each other!

1. The easiest one: Playing games.

Visit the games room and let your pets play some games! It's a really easy and straightforward way to earn some sweet Neopoints. Go play some relaxing games and you'll also be rewarded some points in return for doing so! Or maybe you're in for some action, then this is the ideal place for you!

The next tip is for the hardcore gamers within our ranks!

2. Get in the trophy list of a certain game.

If you think you're capable of achieving a score high enough to be in the Highscore table for a certain game, give it a try! Payouts of the Highscore table works the following: Places 1-3 get 750 Neopoints, places 4-8 get 500 Neopoints and achieving place 9-17 awards you with 250 Neopoints every time you are in the Highscore table at 12 AM NST.

'I'm not that good at gaming'. No! Everyone has a certain talent and if your talent isn't gaming, you can become good at it with hard work and dedication!

This is in my opinion a very underrated way of earning Neopoints, as your good score will give you Neopoints for some days, maybe even a whole month if you are good enough in that particular game and just earns you points the time after it for doing nothing after that!

3. Clean out your Safety Deposit Box!

The month of collecting was 2 months ago and all those items are just sitting there, so it's maybe not a bad idea to follow this tip! Very rare items could wait for you to be discovered. You can sell these to earn some points, or you may even stumble upon an item that's worth gifting to someone!

Cleaning your Safety Deposit Box is an ideal activity this period with your pets!

4. Food Club.

If you live on Krawk Island or if you make a (holiday) trip to Krawk Island, you can visit the Food Club! Lots of strong Pirates and other Neopets are there battling each other to eat the most food! But how do we earn money by visiting that club you say?

Well! You can bet, or make a combination of bets, who you think is about to win the competition. As a reward for guessing it right, you can come by the day, or some days after, to collect your Neopoints you won!

5. The Battledome!

The Battledome has received a new look some time now, but some Neopians still do not know it's a place not only to battle, but also to earn some items and Neopoints! Items like codestones, Neocola tokens, food,... are handed over to those who win battles, so if you have a strong pet he or she can be victorious for you!

Also pets with no or not much experience should not be afraid to try it out, everyone can learn or train to become stronger!

6. Doing your Dailies.

There are so many (secret) places all around Neopia where you can do daily things: Fruit machine, The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity are examples of daily activities that can award you with some points! Who knows if your win a lucky, very rare prize ;)

It doesn't take you much time to do these and you and your pets can have a great time at these, so it's a win win situation!

7. The Stock Market.

Players who have some points already, can become Stock Owners. By buying stocks, the prices of these can rise or go down. You can buy 1000 shares everyday! It's a bit of being lucky, but if you wait enough, the course of your shares can become higher too! It's a way to earn Neopoints over a long time, but hey, a late gift is better then no gift, right?

8. Buy and Sell (restocking)

Another fun thing to do with your pets these days is selling your items! Spending countless hours in your shop to just earn these points is very refreshing! But let's hear this idea: What if you buy items around Neopian shops or shops from players at a very low price and sell it thereafter at a bigger price. Isn't that like sunshine and roses to you?

9. Try your luck and visit the Wishing Well!

The Wishing Well, located on the Neopian Plaza, allows pets to wish for an item they desire! 'I probably won't be lucky...' is the wrong thought here! You never know until you try! I'm sure your pets are excited to wish for something they want, so give it a try so they can have a precious gift for themselves already :D

10. Save up as much points as possible!

One of the hardest things to do, I know: not spending any of your well-earned Neopoints. Say no to those shiny, attracting items. Say no to the expensive hotels the Neolodge offers. But think of the person you are about to make happy with the gift you could buy with the money you did not spend! What you do for yourselve is not special, what you do for someone else is immortal!

Last but not least, gift do not have to be particularly expensive! Friends, family just like the fact you thought of them! Maybe your friend is happy with a pile of dung more than an expensive paint brush, who knows? :)

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