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The Month of Celebrating: The Coffee Cave Top 10

by princess__neo277


     The month of celebrating - the last month before Neopia celebrates a new year! As all Neopians are aware, the temperature has started to plummet across Neopia and on the 20th day of celebrating, Neopia celebrates Borovan Day to help warm everyone up. It's this time of year that Neopians travel from far and wide to the Coffee Cave in Roo Island. You can take your order to go, or you can sit by the roaring fire place to discuss the current goings on in Mystery Island, however how is one to know the best beverage to order when you can choose anything from Thornberry Slorg Slime to a regular Purplum Mocha? Well wonder no more, as we have compiled the top 10 hot winter beverages from the Coffee Cave!

     #10. Spicy Mystery Island Coffee

     Estimate Price: 500 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: Medium

     This spicy and tangy coffee is popular among the natives of Mystery Island, including Jhuidah herself! This delectable drink even has a palm tree shaped stirrer, and you can reuse the conspicuous mug to spice up your Neohome! The aromatic brew contains Flatfruit for a hint of sweetness and Draikfruit for its infamous spice and tang, perfect for keeping you warm this time of year.

     Our rating: 7.5 / 10

     #9. Candy Pumpkin Latte

     Estimate Price: 4,800 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: Low

     Usually this sweet and seasoned latte is at its most popular during the Month of Collecting, however the Coffee Cave stocks the flavourful refreshment all year round and the taste is actually at its best in the Month of Celebrating due the Organic Korbat Pumpkins being unusually sweet this time of year, making this latte even more toothsome that normal! We recommend pairing this latte with some Pumpkin Bread from Neopian Fresh Foods.

     Our Rating: 7.5 / 10

     #8. Dairy Free Latte

     Estimate Price: 1,225 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: Medium

     Possibly the only dairy free latte available throughout Neopia whilst maintaining its creamy texture, making this a sure choice for all Neopians. This luscious latte contains Kau Kau Farm Soy Milk, freshly available from Kau Kau Farm. As this latte contains no additional flavours or whipped cream, it's the perfect simplistic choice to pour into your Illusen Flask to take on your day trip to The Winter Starlight Celebration without ruining the flavour or texture - perfect!

     Our Rating: 8 / 10

     #7. Cocolatte Slorg Slime

     Estimate Price: 730 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: Medium

     Yummy... a savoury chocolate infused mug of Slorg Slime. Whilst this sweet, tempting latte is of a cooler temperature, it's the perfect beverage to sit next to a roaring fire with, especially if your Neopet is particularly furry or refuses to take off that trendy Warm Winter Scarf. Slorg Slime is known for its many health benefits, being used as a healing item in the Battledome - so you're also in for a heavy health boost.

     Our Rating: 8 / 10

     #6. Banana Cream Coffee

     Estimate Price: 990 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: High

     Go bananas for this choice creamy coffee, made with whole Organic Bananas from Neopian Fresh Foods and delicious cream this coffee is incredibly sweet and smooth so there's no need to add any additional sugar. This delightful drink has a similar taste to Banana Achyfi, and would be the perfect replacement during the colder months and would be the perfect drink to have with a Banana Mince Pie on Christmas Eve.

     Our Rating: 8 / 10

     #5. Orange and Mango Coffee

     Estimate Price: 2,050 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: Medium / High

     Instead of Kau Kau Milk, a blend of mango and freshly squeezed orange juice have been used in this coffee for those Neopians who prefer or would like to try something more eleganct and deluxe. Even the mug has a trendy and unusual shape, and the flavour is most seasonal making this a perfect thirst quencher for the Month of Celebrating and a Neopian favourite for Christmas Eve.

     Our Rating: 8.5 / 10

     #4. Negg Latte

     Estimate Price: 15 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: High

     This latte has been poured into the most charming Negg mug, and is made with a blend of Frozen, Happy, Icy and Maple Syrup Neggs to give it the perfectly sweet, wintery flavour and high caffeine boost. This dainty drink has a unique syrupy, honey like taste similar to an Iced Caramel Coffee without the ice! However, make sure to drink this hot stuff whilst it's hot - as it will cool down frozen due to the unique blend of Frozen and Icy Neggs.

     Our Rating: 9 / 10

     #3. Minty Moach Mocha

     Estimate Price: 1,675 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: Low / Medium

     Rest assured, the decorative legs are purely decorative and made from delicious heated candy! This mouthwatering mocha is made from a blend of Zobamints, giving it its incredibly strong and rich minty taste and leaves a delightful aroma on your breath for hours after, perfect for those Neopets who suffer with bad breath! This is a perfect hot drink for snacking on Mint Chocolate Chip Smores or for enjoying a hearty slice of Minty Snowflake Cake with!

     Our Rating: 9.5 / 10

     #2. Rainbow Coffee

     Estimate Price: 2,500 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: Very High

     This bright, flashy and multicolured coffee is highly caffinated and is infused with Rainbow Neggnog fresh from the Neggery, which makes for a perfect wintery treat and is sure to make your day from the very first sip - most likely due to the caffeine content and Happy Neggs. This coffee is smooth and delectable, goes down effortlessly and feels syrupy.

     Our Rating: 9.5 / 10

     #1. Molten Hot Chocolate

     Estimate Price: 1,700 NPS

     Caffeine Rating: Low

     The only hot chocolate beverage to make the list, we've determined is the best Coffee Cave hot beverage for the Month of Celebrating! This honeyed, hot chocolate is incredibly hot - but not spicy and is mixed with magma from Moltara to make for the hottest hot chocolate in Neopia, perfect for travels to Terror Mountain or freezing cold winter walks throughout the Haunted Woods. You simply cannot be chilly after taking a sip, and this drink tastes incredibly sweet and candied, despite what you might think at first glance - what more could you ask for?

     Our Rating: 10 / 10

     Notable Mentions

     Authentic Tyrannian Coffee

     This rugged and earthy coffee is perfect for those Neopians who enjoy a more bitter brew, but sugar and cream can be added for those with a sweeter tooth. What does it contain? All we know is that there is a large quanity of Coffee Beans crammed into this coffee, the rest is anyone's guess.

     Candy Apple Latte

     This latte is best served during the Month of Collecting, and becomes slightly more bitter during the Month of Celebrating and contains a hefty amount of caramel and cinnamon. We can safely say that this is a Haunted Woods favourite, without being undeniably gross, definitely a rarity!

     Caramel Latte

     A regular piping hot latte with a sugary boost and a lattice pattern of caramel - delicious, but too simple to have made it into the top 10. This Caramel Latte is one of the most commonly sold items available from the Coffee Cave, a wintery Neopian staple.

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