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Kauvara: The Untold Story

by klutzygirl1


     Kauvara’s Magic Shop is probably one of the most visited shops in Neopia Central, averaging well over 500 visitors daily. Neopians come from far and wide for the chance to purchase one of her potions. Kauvara is one of the most well respected potion masters in all of Neopia, which isn’t really surprising considering her skill in producing such amazing handmade potions. However, even with as many visitors as she gets a day, how many Neopians truly know Neopia’s most famous Kau?

     Early Life

      Kauvara grew up in Neopia Central with her father and her younger sister Allita. They moved into a small home behind the magic shop when Kauvara was still quite young. Her father had inherited the magic shop which had been passed down through his family for generations. Due to helping her father in the store, Kauvara fell in love with all things magic and soon began to dream of being a famous potioneer one day. With her father working long hours running the magic shop Kauvara spent most of her time looking after Allita. She used this time to work on her magic, often using her skills to entertain her younger sister. Kauvara’s father wasn’t as pleased as one may think with his daughter’s dream. He had his own dream of passing down the magic shop to her one day. Kauvara, however, was quite stubborn and not willing to give up on her dream easily. She kept working on her magic and eventually talked her father into letting her pursue her dreams of being a potioneer.

     Tower of the Light Faerie

      As soon as Kauvara was old enough, she began applying to study magical brewing at the Tower of the Light Faerie. By this time, Kauvara had been working in her father’s shop for a few years to save up the cost of the lessons she would need to further promote her dream. It didn’t take long for the light faerie to accept Kauvara into her class after seen some of the sample potions Kauvara had brewed on her own.

      So at the age of eighteen Kauvara set off on the long trek to Faerieland to begin her dream of studying with the light faerie. It was while she was on this long journey that she first discovered the rare arbiter berries growing along the coast of Roo Island. Having never seeing these berries before she gathered some to take with her to Faerieland to see if maybe she could find a use for them in her potion making.

      Once reaching Faerieland it didn’t take Kauvara long at all to rise to the top of her magical brewing class. She paid careful attention to everything the faeries taught her, and quickly became a skilled potion master. However Kauvara’s stardom in Faerieland didn’t last as long as she had hoped it would.

     Trouble at Home

      When Kauvara left Neopia Central for her new life among the faeries her father was forced to hire some extra help looking after the magic shop. It wasn’t long after that her father became ill and was forced to rely on his new apprentice more and more, often leaving him in the shop alone for days at a time. One day when he was feeling a bit better, Kauvara’s father returned to the shop to check up on his apprentice. The moment he opened the door he could tell there was something wrong. The shop, which was always busy, was completely empty. His apprentice was nowhere to be found, but you could tell there had been a struggle of some sort. The shop was in complete disarray.

      Tables with flipped, Potions bottles were broken, and potions were spilled all over the floor. Unsure of what to do, Kauvara’s father was forced to write his daughter and tell her what had happened. Knowing that he would be unable to restore the shop himself, he asked Kauvara to return home to assist him. Unable to turn her back on tradition, Kauvara quickly packed up her belongings and made the long journey back to Neopia Central, her family, and her old life.

     The Return Home

      Upon her return to Neopia Central, Kauvara took over the responsibility of running the magic shop full time. She managed to sort out the mess the last shopkeeper made and soon the shop was busy as could be again. As happy as this made Kauvara, she still wasn’t fully satisfied just running the shop. She knew in her heart that she was meant for something more.

      During the slow moments at the shop, usually late at night or early in the morning, Kauvara continued working on perfecting her potion making. She began to experiment with different ingredients and soon found herself creating potions that had never been seen before. These potions, morphing potions as she began calling them, had the ability to turn the pet who ingested it into a different species. Her father was so impressed with what she had created he encouraged Kauvara to sell them in the magic shop. As soon as these potions hit the shelf they became the fastest selling item in all of Neopia. Even to this day Kauvara has a hard time keeping them stocked.

     Kauvara’s Potion

      As her success in the magic shop grew and grew, Kauvara’s personal life began to slide down hill. Her father’s illness began to take a turn for the worst. Unable to face the possible loss of her father, Kauvara turned her attention from creating morphing potions to trying to find a cure for his illness. She tried potion after potion to no avail. Some of them seemed to slow down the symptoms, but none of them removed them completely.

      Growing more and more concerned Kauvara contacted her friends at The Tower of the Light Faerie to see if they could give her any advice. Although no one could offer her a specific answer, there was one earth faerie who mentioned there was a special berry that grew on Roo Island that was said to have special curative properties. Remembering the Arbiter berries she had gathered on her way to Faerieland, Kauvara quickly sent Allita to go and gather a basketful to use in a new round of potions.

      While Allita was away gathering the berries Kauvara worked on deconstructing the potions that seemed to affect her father’s illness the most. She then used those components, along with the Arbiter berries, to make one super potion. Knowing this was probably her last chance. She hurried to her father’s side and administered the potion to him. The effects were instantaneous and incredible. Her father was completely healed, and not only that, he said he had never felt stronger in his life. Word quickly spread about this remarkable potion, and soon Neopians were once again lining up in Kauvara’s shop for the chance to purchase what they dubbed “Kauvara’s Potion”

     Kauvara has accomplished so much more than she had ever imagined. This is probably most evident in all the items that have been dedicated to this shy Kau throughout the years. Young potions makers can dress like there idol, collect a plushie in her likeness, and pay her homage on the Neoboards by using her avatar. No matter how they choose to do it, this quiet Kau deserves all of the recognition she gets even though she doesn’t really like to be in the lime light.


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