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2017 Games Master Challenge

by ashgann11


     Well folks, it's all finally over. We've played our hearts out and given our all until our fingers were sore. We've ranted, we've raved, we've gotten stuck a couple times but we have finally reached the end. Team Living and Team Dead were the teams competing for this years Games Master Challenge.

     Teams for Magax (Living) and Hubrid Nox (Dead) battled it out to see who would win the November 2017 Games Master Challenge. It was a close battle in the beginning with Team Dead leading 51 to 49, on the last day it was tied 50-50 but only one team could be the true winners of the Challenge. Team Living came out on top with 51 over Team Dead’s 49. Good job to everyone who competed and a special congratulations to those on Team Living for pulling it out in the very end to take home the win. Twenty-two challenges were given and your prizes depended on how many of those challenges you completed.

     The challenges ranged from simple to difficult, add qualifying games to your favorites, receive a certain score or higher for the chosen game, send scores in so many qualifying games of a certain type, send scores for so many games from a certain land, and send a qualifying score for 50 yes, you read that right, 50 qualifying games from a list of 130. Did you have a certain game or challenge or day of challenges you liked the most or that you found more difficult than others? How many times a day did you check the progress page to see how you were doing? How long did it take you to finish each challenge? Prizes were given, don't worry Team Dead, we didn't forget to give you something too. We received prizes for each challenge we completed specifically designed to match that challenge, how did you do? Did you beat all the challenges and get all the prizes? From novelty items, to Petpets, all the prizes were great and well worth the challenges. How about that stamp though? Only those who worked very hard and gave it their all got that stamp, gold checks on each challenge by completing each challenge the day it came out, so if you're that person, well done. Did you get all gold checks? Those trophies are pretty shiny too, something new for us to add to our lookups to say,

     "Hey, I put a lot of work and pain into this thing so look at my trophy!" I expect to start seeing everyone’s pets decorated in Games Master Challenge attire. Those backgrounds are something, and that cake? Wow, that thing is tall. The winning team received a very large cake to customize their pet with while the losing team walked away with crumbs. We got a nice book to read to our pets to make them smarter, a maggot salad to feed them when they’re hungry because who doesn’t love maggot salad? The skull plant holder is very chic, I will definitely be customizing my pets soon so they can wear all the lovely wearables I received. The shield looks to be a force to be reckoned with. Those who were awarded the shield should have a fun time in the Battledome coming for them. For those of you who didn’t compete, you missed out and you need to make sure you catch it next time.

     Between the challenge each day posed and the prizes in the eventual end, it was definitely something worth participating in. Now we can breathe, hopefully you earned yourself quite a bit of NPs during these challenges. Saving up for something special? Not only did this challenge give us something to do every day and a good spirit of competition but it helped us further the NPs we needed in what we’re all saving up for. I know my bank account looks pretty after all the challenges I completed. I look forward to the next Games Master Challenge and I hope you do to, remember, if you didn’t compete this time, you missed out and you should definitely catch it the next time around. So many rare prizes and you get a wearable just for joining a team. Those Magax and Hubrid Nox plushie wearables are super cute and I can’t wait to see what the teams and prizes will be for next year. Choose wisely though because once you choose, you can’t change your choice. I loved seeing people come together and work together to try to beat the challenges each day brought. I know I had to ask for tips a few times but there was always great people willing to lend a hand and let me in on the secrets they know for beating the really hard games. It appeared most challenges were easier to complete if you had a mouse rather than a touchpad on a laptop, that was a very popular tip for those completing the challenges that you had to use your mouse rather than your keyboard.

     A big shoutout to those who helped others and game them tips and tricks rather than saying "We’re on different teams so I’m not helping you beat us." Those who helped and lent a hand where needed are the true winners of the Games Master Challenge. Without the help of others, I know I would probably still be stuck on the game for the very first day. I love events that pull people together and help everyone get along so we can all be united for a change in this cruel world we live in today. Everyone showed true Neopian nobility during these challenges and helped out instead of hindering and that’s what Neopets is about.

     Thanks to everyone who helped me and who competed. Keep an eye out for next year's Games Master Challenge and make sure you compete again, remember, you get a challenge and a way to stock up on NPs for those things that we’re all saving for and super cool prizes.

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