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Getting What You Want for the Holidays

by navygreengolf


‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it?! As the holidays approach here in Neopia, many fond memories return to me of past Months of Celebrating. Most of them involving me, Janet, getting all the presents I’ve ever wanted from my owner, Hayley!

Now, I know it’s hard to imagine: some random Neopet you’ve never met is going to give you tips on how to get everything you’ve dreamed about all year from an owner that she doesn’t even know. But if you follow my advice, you are bound to charm your way to a brand new MME4-B1: Sparkling Snow Background or that new morphing potion you’ve been hoping to drink. Make sure you do exactly as I say. These 5 simple, easy tips will get you where you need to be!

#1. Act cute!

You are a cuddly, happy Neopet, after all! Your owner couldn’t possibly resist dressing you up in the most fashionable clothing or watching you play with that brand new plushie- you’re so cute! So, make sure you brush your hair and teeth in the morning, put on a bright and smiling face (no one likes a Neo-pouter!) every day, and don’t forget- the power of the puppy dog eyes is not to be underestimated! My owner loves it when I fly around my lookup box chasing my Miamouse, Zane. He’s super quick, but I’ve caught him a few times. It’s a win-win situation; Zane and I get to have fun playing around, and my owner goes gaga over it!

#2. Drop hints!

The Neopets Team lets us talk to our owners while we’re active for a reason. Make sure that you drop a hint every once in a while; your owner is not a mind reader! Owners can have funny taste in wearables sometimes- they might make you wear something ridiculous like an Adorable Yellow Mallard Float Ring (really!?) or a Christmas Draik Hat (*stuffs in the back of the closet*). So, every once in a while, instead of asking your owner if she’s seen any good concerts lately, use that opportunity to tell them what you think you’d look good in! It’s also a good idea to ask your siblings what they might be interested in for the holidays when you’re active. I know that when it’s time for a battle plot, I never get to be the active pet, so Makzene has to talk for all of us! Sharing is caring, and since you and your siblings are sharing a closet all the time, why not ask for their opinion too? Maybe they’ve seen a really awesome item that you haven’t!

#3. Don’t get in to trouble!

Following the rules on Neopets is so easy- I don’t understand why my siblings are always causing trouble! Sometimes we like to pretend we’re older than we really are, since Neopets age differently than humans do, but honestly, we’re still young! There’s no need for foul language ever, or for teasing your siblings. When your owner is on the Neoboards, always be polite to your board mates and their pets. Small talk is always a good way to show how nice you are. I know how frustrating it can be when someone spells something wrong or is not being nice, but it always feels good to be the bigger Neopet. Besides, breaking the rules can get you in trouble not just with your owner, but TNT as well! The less trouble you get into, the less of a chance you have of being banned by TNT.

#4. Help out around your account!

Your owner will occasionally leave you to partake in their jobs or schooling in the “real world.” So, while they’re gone, take some time to spruce up the account without having to be asked! Clean your room, organize the closet, stock your owner’s shop with the codestones they won from the Battledome yesterday... the possibilities are endless here! One time, my owner was restocking and forgot to place everything in her safety deposit box. Her inventory was ATROCIOUS! I mean, everything was all over the place! So, my siblings and I organized everything for her- we put stuff in her safety deposit box, we put morphing potions up on the trading post, and medicine into her shop. When she logged on the next day, she was so happy and proud of us that she bought us the new collectible from the NC Mall AND each of us got to spend the night at the Neolodge. Did you know they have Jacuzzis there!?

#5. Try not to be too needy!

I know, I know. This last one is very hard, considering we spend a lot of time in our lookup boxes, waiting for our owners to sign in and play with us, feed us, dress us up… but if you don’t give them time to shop and trade with other users, when are they ever going to find the time to get us presents!? You already know your owner loves you (they did create you or trade for you, after all!), and that they will always come back. But if you pester your owner every minute to open that new goodie bag you just got through a random event, they’ll never have that time for trading and buying. So don’t forget- it’s okay to ask for attention, but don’t forget to give your owner some space too!

So, there you have it. A foolproof guide on how to get your owner to buy you all the presents you could want for the holidays. I’ve been following these five simple rules since I was created in the last purge, and since then, I’ve been morphed into a Draik, painted fire, and I have all the clothing I could ask for! So, when the holiday shop opens in the NC Mall this season, you know exactly what you need to do! I wish you great luck, and of course…


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