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The Challenge of the Neoboards

by motherofpugs


     If you’ve ever stepped foot into the NeoBoards, you already know it is a daunting place with cliques galore, It’s like walking into high school in the second year, everybody already knows each other and every has their friend group and you feel too weird to even try because what if everyone just disregards your messages? So you hastily exit the Neoboards and run off to play feed Florg by yourself.

     I’m here to tell you that this game is more fun with friends and good news is that everyone on the Neoboards is human! hooray! This means you can crack them and become friends with them. It takes guts and persistence and the know how of how a certain board works, so let’s get you acquainted with the boards.

     Which board do you have an interest in? For the avid NC traders there’s the NC mall chat where you can go to to trade all those NC items collecting dust in your inventory and maybe even nab that Charming Baby Nursery Background you’ve been eyeing for your baby Blumaroo.

     For people looking to trade or RS (restock the Neopian shops), there’s the Trading / Auctions board, this board can be daunting as there’s lots of older players selling and buying very expensive items but don’t worry they can help you get into RS’ing and then you too will have expensive items to sell.

     For the avid avatar collector in you, there’s the Avatars/NeoSignatures , where people will lend you the avatar items and pets, even warning you if any avatar giving pets are in the pound, come to this board to cheered on when going for that elusive game avatar or when seeking a lend for that MSPP avatar, this board is one of the friendliest boards I have come across and people are very willing to give lend you a hand, pop in and say hello but remember to read the rules for each lending board and you will get a warm welcoming.

     One of the most daunting of the boards is the Neopian Pound board, often nicknamed the PC (pound chat), People are furiously trying to trade their pets for their dream pets but in this board UC(unconverted) pets are king, so for people without UC pet’s, it can feel hopeless and they feel unwelcome. A good idea is to start on a pet with good battle stats and trade up. good luck!


          The Site Events board is there for those patiently waiting for the new plot or to talk about any other event going on on the sit, where you can chat about whether that yellow Kougra will have any part in the plot and what part. Whether you will be able to choose sides and what prizes you would love to see, lots of exciting prophecies and hopes are being shared here, very fun to join in on, go get in on the theories and stories.

     The Newbies board; do not be fooled by the name, this board is all about older players chatting about various topics, it is not only for newbies, so if you feel like telling people about random things happening in your life, even just talking about how faerie Yurbles are the most beautiful Neopet, Telling them about the time you tried to toast your sock in the toaster, this is the place, one word describes this board; random.

     The Game board is a great place to learn about the games on Neopets and how to get a high score in that game you’re battling with, you can also join in on the "Kad feeding board" which will help you feed Kadoaties at the Kadoatery and you can finally get that pretty pink avatar.

     The Official Neopets Team Message Board, this board is helpful as it is where TNT communicates directly with the players on important issues and questions. Keep an eye on it for any news for the plot, etc.

     If you too aspire to be published in the NT then the board you need to get onto is the Neopian Writers board. You can throw ideas around, get criticism and advice and even gloat when you get published and show off your trophy and possibly even your new avatar, definitely head back to the Avatars/NeoSignatures board to show off your new avatar.

     Now if you have opened a Faerie Quest Fortune Cookie then you will wonder how to get fast help with your daily quest, that’s why the Quests board was made, people will super shop wiz the item for you and this makes your daily quest easier and cheaper!

     Now when I heard the plot was coming, I felt overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start with buying battledore items and how to train but I found the Battledome board and haven’t looked back, A lot of very experienced and learned people in the ways of the Battledore are there to help you and share their knowledge, this saved me a lot of time and trial and error.

     For premium member, there are the premium boards, these are a good way to feel your way around having premium and chat to others about Jetsam Ace and how best to defeat him.


          Now that you know a little about the busiest boards in Neopia, there are a few general rules and tips to getting involved in the chatter.


          1. Always, always be friendly, you’ll attract more bee’s with honey.

     2. Throw out an interesting topic of conversation which will draw people into commenting.

     3. Join in on the conversation with some interesting comments on the current topic.

     4. Aways read the first post to see if there are any rules and please follow them.

     5. Always come back, the more people see you around, the more they’ll welcome you.

     6. Use proper grammar and spelling, people do understand however if English is not your first language.

     7. Once you get to know everyone, greet them and breed familiarity amongst them.


          The boards can be intimidating but the more you join in on the conversations, the more you will get accepted. There will always be some people who will think they are better and are not welcoming to new people but eventually you can get them to warm up to you but even if you don’t, it doesn’t matter, there are friendly people aplenty and once you find the people who you feel at home with you won’t look back, you’ll wonder why you didn’t join in sooner, the Neoboards are a great way to learn more about the game we all love and make new friends to enjoy it with.


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