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Cross-Painting, or Next Level Neopet Customization

by tkprtyrhd


     Customization, the 8th wonder of Neopia, future articles coming on the other seven when I figure out what they are. Countless hours have been spent tooling around with different outfits and accessories, window shopping in the NC Mall and trying to navigate NC Trading boards. No more I say! Today I address an underappreciated but wonderful customization tool, cross-painting.

      For those unfamiliar with the concept, cross-painting a pet involves double, triple, or even quadruple dipping in the Rainbow Pool for unique pet specific clothing and an awesome basecoat to compliment them. That’s right folks, for once it is totally acceptable to double dip! Today I take all the guess work out of getting dressed in the morning and unveil the Top Five best cross paint combinations giving brand new meaning to "mix and match" and breathing new life into the same old paint brush clothes.

      But first a friendly warning that I share from heartbreaking experience, whatever base coat you decide on, make sure to paint your pet first with the clothing you want and second with the basecoat. You can add the clothing back from your closet but you cannot undo a fresh coat of paint. Just because I had to buy the same multi-million-Neopoint paintbrush it does not mean you have to as well. In fact, I don’t recommend it.

     5. Magma and Tyrannian Paint Brush - So Down to Earth

      This look can be somewhat difficult or at least takes patience because it requires users to find their Magma Pool time, or the time when the Tonu guard is asleep on the job and not watching a bubbling pit of molten hot magma, allowing your pet to go for a swim and come out amazingly unharmed but shinning an alarming, glowing red and black. I personally still have not found mine but with a little work you will be well on your way to this textbook classic look.

     Who better to wear highly flammable rods and reeds than a pet dipped in scorching, flaming rock? Not much compliments magma rocks from the depths of Neopia’s core quite like some highly flammable twigs and leaves. Bring your pet’s earth tones to life with a vibrant, fiery glow! A fierce fall classic, this look has it all!

     4. Zombie Paint Brush and Alien Body Suits - An outta this word combination!

      Possibly the hardest look to execute due to Robot clothing only being available through the lab ray but for the lucky few this look screams out of this world! Or, "Look out Neopia! Zombie Alien invasion afoot!"

      A beautiful blend of underground and outer space no two colors could be further apart from each other and blend so well together. Pay homage to Evil Fuzzles from Outer Space or create your own classic B-Movie horror film with this terrifying blend! All your friend’s may run away terrified of impending doom but you sure do look good scaring everybody.

     3. Disco Fever and Dimensional Paint Brush – Stand Out on the Dance Floor

      Tired of not being the center of attention? Annoyed that nobody notices you? Well, gone are the days of getting dolled up and still feeling unseen. Are bright wigs and shiny medallions not enough to get you noticed? Maybe your dance moves are a little rusty? Fear not!

     Consider spicing up your look with a very loud, very noticeable fluorescent glow. No more waiting around and feeling invisible for you. No, not you, you fabulous one Neopet light display! The dimensional color definitely adds some incredibly unnecessary pizazz to the disco paintbrush clothing but hey, shine on you dancing machine!

     2. Ghost and Lost Desert Paint Brush – The Mummy Comes Alive

      A combination of bad history and worse horror movies this look is a call back to days long gone. No longer is Coltzan the only historic ghost in Neopia.

     A nice ghost coat paired with some flashy gold accessories means your pet can also be a revered relic of the past. I personally love the fierce red eyes and think they really make the outfits pop. But beware, with great power comes great responsibility and possible some potential grave robbers. Just because we have not seen the Meerca Bro Henchmen in a few years it does not mean they are out of business. Do not blame me if all the citizens of Neopia start knocking on your door at midnight looking for one million Neopoints, there is a price to pay for looking so darn good!

     1. Get off My Lawn and Wraith Paint Brush – A thrilling combination

      This look is what nightmares are made of. This combination also happens to be my personal favorite, hey TNT, a Wraith Xweetok anytime now please?

     Straight from the Haunted Woods nothing screams, "Get off my lawn!" quite like a possessed old lady/man Neopet with hollow black eyes. Fool every one into a false sense of security with your innocent cup of tea and beautiful knit shawl and then let them know you do not take kindly to trespassers with a terrifying ball of purple fire. If there is a more terrifying look out there I sure have not find it.

      Whatever combination strikes your fancy cross-painting is very attainable, incredibly satisfying, and usually easier than slogging through Neocash trading. I personally love the mix and matching potential and the possibilities are endless and you do not have to sit around on Neoboards, hoarding gift box capsules to get the clothes you want. Just sit around and play Kass Basher every day or some rounds of Food Club.

      But wait; there is more - the best part? If you’re done with a base coat just switch it out, you’ll never lose the clothes and you can even mix and match those!

     Cross-painting is an awesome way to expand your closet without shrinking your wallet, or gift box stash, and there are always exciting new basecoats and combinations coming out so keep your eyes peeled and let inspiration hit you!


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