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Guild Games R Us!

by remidica


     We all love our guilds in Neopets. We love the bonds, friendships and heart-warming feeling we get when we connect with others over our love for Zomutts, Korbats or finding new loves; ones we didn’t know we liked until friends encourage us to get into! Sometimes though, those friendships aren’t enough to keep us in a stale guild, with no fun activities or the same repetitive ones over and over. I’m here to help you take that stale feeling and add some POW and KICK back to your guild activities! New, creative or spicy takes on old favorites can be found here! Feel free to change these however you need to do so, to fit your guild needs!


     These are a great way to kick start guild members into something they haven’t done before, or haven’t done in a long time. You can do small (7 days) or large (30 days) challenges. They can be as simple as customizing your Neopet, feeding a gourmet, reading a book, fishing, restocking your shop, buying Stocks, playing Food Club, building your Neodeck, saving Neopoints ( no spending - including dailies that cost Neopoints to play), changing your avatar or going after an avatar! Writers and Beauty Contest applicants can do the same (with the daily limit being their deadline).

     Gourmet Menus!

     Each month, your guild picks a theme for the next month to make a gourmet menu for the whole guild to feed their Neopet! For example, next month could be “Outdoor BBQ Time!”. Your guild members can send in a list of 3 items that would go great with this menu. This could include burgers, salads, veggies, fruits and drinks that are listed into the Gourmet Food Club. You can list all submissions on a page to allow members to pick and choose into their price ranges, include only the top 5 (repetitive) submissions, or have council choose their favorites! Themes can include: gross foods, foods that should be thrown out and not eaten, fresh foods, healthy foods, candies and sugary snacks, party time, outdoor bbq, cold foods, holiday themes, etc.

     Board Game Spin Offs!

     Love a certain board games? Find a way to incorporate it into your guild activity! It could be a fun “who done it?” game complete with Battledome weapons, Neopian villains and lands of Neopia! Want a bigger challenge? Seek out all species of Neopets in Battledome challengers, books, food, Neodeck cards, etc. Don’t stop until you have collected them all! (One of each would do, for instance, to collect an Aisha, you’d eat an Aisha Spring Roll.) BINGO is also a popular one; where each card has certain items to be completed to BINGO! You can do full card, straight lines, four corners, circles, etc! You could also invent your own Candy Neopian Land complete with Jelly Blumaroos and Candy Kougras!

     Do It Yourself!

     There are a lot of DIY things you can do in Neopets! You can design your own paintbrushes with associated Neopets and what they would look like! Is there a lacking of clothes for a certain type of Neopet color? Design them! Think that Draik only piece of clothing would look good on a Grundo? Draw it on there! (Art Gallery ideas!)

     Neopet Character Additions!

     Challenge your guild mates to come up with a character design for their Neopets. Is your White Korbat a Guardian to the Gates of Light? Does she protect all Neopians from the darkness that lurks in the woods? Create a custom (or two), character design, backstory and all that goes with it! Design foods, Neodeck cards, Neopian lands, clothes, etc to go along with it.

     Design Updates!

     Challenge your guild mates to update all their designs: userlookup, gallery, shop, Neopet descriptions or pet pages! Encourage them to make their own, edit a premade design or help another member with theirs. When members are happy with new designs, they want to show them off; this is when you learn about your members: they always update these with items of spotlights - you never know - you might find another member with a love of Zomutts or Korbats!

     Think Outside the Box!

     All creative guild activities are the ones that have never been done before. Imagine if a building in Neopets was demolished by Dr. Sloth and you’d have to build it from scratch. What would Neopians have to do to get it ready again? Train to fight in the Battledome? Create beautiful works of art for the building Art Gallery? Admit their Neopets to the Beauty Contest for advertisement of the new building plans? Read books on how to train or cook for the workers? What about trying special Gourmets to know what to feed said workers?

     Create Something New!

     Challenge your guild mates to design a land newly discovered in Neopia, a brand new Faerie in Faerieland, a new paintbrush design and corresponding Neopets, a new Petpet or Petpetpet. What if their favorite daily was discontinued; what would they replace it with? They are in charge of a new Neopets game! What is it called and what are the rules? Is there a shiny new Nerkmid out? What does it look like? Oh no: a new Battledome Challenger has appeared! Who are they and what are their abilities?

     Guild Member Centered Games!

     Create games centered around getting to know your guild members! It could be a “Who Did the Crime?” type game. For example, who would break into Hubert’s Hotdogs and take all to the Kadoatery to feed all those poor Kads? Who would bust into NQ to use the computer to restock? Who would side with Dr. Sloth if an invasion would occur just to spoil his plan by replacing all the Evil Fuzzles with rainbow pom-poms with googly eyes? Who would steal all the borovan during Advent to help the Soup Faerie feed those poor Neopets in the Pound?

     Create Silly Quizzes!

     Everyone loves those silly, “What Character Would You Be In… ?” Quizzes. Why not make your own for your guild members. There are lots of things they could be: paintbrush, faerie, Neopet, Petpet, Petpetpet, book, gourmet food, Food Club participant or color of Usuki doll! I’d probably be a Transparent Paint Brush, Grey Faerie, Aisha, Zomutt… hmm. Let me think about the others. Do you have a quiz for me to take?

     Neopian Wars!

     If a Mallow Grundo and an Orange Chia battled, who would win? Have your guild vote and list why! The champion Neopet would then battle another random color! Keep track of who has won in the past or how long that Neopet has lasted in the “Battleground of Colors!” Same can be done with Petpets and avatars! You could also turn it into a versus type of war: Who would win in a battle of the brains versus brawns? Each book read or item won from the Battledome is points. Gourmet food wars such as tea versus borovan or even avatars work as well! Which side would win? Can’t participate? Bet on the side you think will win for bragging rights!

     Coloring Activities!

     Let’s face it: who doesn’t love to color? I know I do! You do too? That’s great! Let’s find a Neopets Coloring Page and color it. You can then gather all your member’s submissions on a page and show it off! You never know who is hiding some artistic talent.

     Pick A Item!

     This game is GREAT for holidays! Each item is given a number (such as presents, chocolate boxes, Petpets, etcetera) and each day a member picks a number to Neomail to the host. Each number can have something special behind it. These can be action such as “feed a gourmet item”, “Max out in the Battledome today”, “create a new high score in THIS game”, “place Food Club bets”, “feed a kad”, etc. You can even Kads (behind it is a gourmet food item), Battledome Weapons (behind it is Challenger), etc. The possibilities are endless!

     Tyrannian Concert Hall!

     All these great bands… have you ever heard any of their lyrics? Come up with your own lyrics and songs for popular Neopets bands such as Jazzmosis, Yes Boy Ice-Cream or Twisted Roses! (Be sure to link me those, I wanna read them! ) Design posters, album covers, customizations for each band member! You can also come up with your own band named after your guild and create your own band members, lyrics and more!


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