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Beautiful Minds of Neopia: The Brain Tree Edition

by hectic_haley


      The beautiful minds of Neopia: a look into the brightest individuals of Neopia. This week we will be venturing into the depths of Haunted Woods to educate ourselves about one of the most beautiful minds of Neopia. You might be asking yourself, what makes the Brain Tree have a beautiful mind? Sure he may have a smart mind, but is it truly beautiful? After reading this article, I think you’ll agree that the brilliant tree’s mind is so much more than brilliant. He is truly extraordinary and embodies what it means to have a beautiful mind.

      As most people who dare to venture in the Haunted Woods know, The Brain tree is most famous for his quests. His thirst for knowledge is only quenched by visitors, for the tree cannot travel Neopia himself. It is a testament to how persuasive he is, that he can be so knowledgeable despite spending his existence rooted in the grounds of the Haunted Woods. While some may call it bribery, his reward for knowledge should be seen as a token of appreciation. His quests require a trip to the Esophagor, probably the only living creature who has the knowledge the Tree is looking for. While the Brain Tree is far more knowledgeable, Esophagor essentially fills the gaps in the tree’s knowledge at this point. Who would have thought the most brilliant minds of Neopia both reside in the depths of the Haunted Woods.

      His desire to continue his education and expand his mind by picking the Esophagor’s brain is the first reason why he is more than just a brilliant mind. He isn’t ashamed that he does not know all. He has a beautiful mind, but he is not omnipotent. He understands that there is more to learn about Neopia’s past and present. He wants to continue to play a vital role in Neopia’s affairs, especially after the Tale of Woe. The Brain tree seeks to put his mind to good use, rather than hoard his knowledge for his own good. That’s the sign of a considerate mind, which is vital to having a beautiful mind. Afterall, what’s the fun in learning if you have no one to share your knowledge with?

      Though he is wise, he is not afraid to ask for help from even the most simple of minds. He is willing to provide a quest to any Neopian brave enough to enter his depths of the woods. His thirst for knowledge outweighs any arrogance he may have. His knowledge does not give him a superiority complex. While it may come across as rude when he withholds information, it is for the greater good of Neopia, for somethings are best left unknown. What information could possibly be better if left unknown? Why that’s a simple answer, my friend. Do not ask him where and what is the beast that lurks behind the tree. Now you might be thinking, what beast behind the tree? I have never heard about a beast behind the tree. Consider yourself fortunate, for the beast behind the tree is a foul creature.

      Perhaps the biggest reason the tree is not just brilliant mind, but a beautiful mind too is the pain he bears keeping quiet about the beast behind the tree. The weight of a secret so large can take a toll on any mind, both strong and weak, yet on the outside, it hardly seems to phase the tree. Afterall, up until this moment, I am sure only a handful of readers even knew a beast was hidden just beyond the tree. So where’s the proof that a beast even lives? If the Brain Tree knows about it but will not speak of it, how do we know he is not a liar? The answer is in the bark of his tree.

      The most recent account of the beast behind the tree was from Samantha, the Wocky. She had sought out the tree, looking for information about the beast behind him. Uncharacteristically, the tree told her that he had no knowledge of what she spoke of. Though the Brain Tree refused to disclose any information to Samantha, she waited for her moment to sneak past the tree. When darkness fell she was able to sneak behind the ancient tree and to her disbelief, she saw that the bark of his backside was covered in massive gouges and scratches. Samantha knew there was no way the tree would do this to himself, so there must have been a beast behind the tree.

      Seeing the physical evidence against his backside was not enough for the adventurous Wocky. She continued to travel after passing the tree. After a little while, her presence provoked the beast and he unveiled himself. In her recount of the incident, Samantha could not confidently identify the beast. In that moment, she made the smart decision to run for her life, rather than trying to get a better look at the beast. Samantha narrowly escaped the claws of the beast, but she managed to sneak around the Brain Tree just in time.

      However, her escape only infuriated the beast. As she caught her breath under the safety of the Brain Tree, the beast attacked the tree. The sound of claws raking the bark echoed through the quiet woods. When the beast got tired and retreated to where he came from, the Brain Tree was exhausted and in pain.

      Samantha apologized for causing the tree immense pain, and he replied: "it is my pain to bear." Perhaps the single greatest contribution to his beautiful mind is his willingness to protect Neopia from the truth that is the beast behind him. Sometimes having a wealth of knowledge can be an immense burden, yet the Brain Tree handles it with grace.

      To be a beautiful mind, you have to have more than just the brains. The Brain Tree embodies the concept of a beautiful mind, he is forever looking to expand his knowledge, he isn’t afraid to ask for help, and he carries the burden of a secret to protect Neopia.


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