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Soup for the Neopian Soul

by remidica


     It is the Month of Storing here in Neopia and boy is it ever COLD. The time of warm summer breezes, cool crisp waters, fresh fruity drinks with sunny perfect days are gone! I know! So sad. Well, don’t be too sad, you might end up turning Grey! Boy, that might throw a battle muffin in some of our plans, wouldn’t it? Never fear! This edition for “Soup for the Neopian Soul” is guaranteed to warm your Neopian up from the inside, complete with that ooshy, warm feeling of love, straight from the stove to replace the fading fun of lost summer days! These recipes are straight from the Gourmet Club of Neopia, for you to make at home, to get bonus points of feeling quite fancy!

     Hot and Sour Soup

     This first soup will rush back (literally) the heat of summer and complete the mood of missing summer days along the beach: sour! This soup might take some getting used to, but we promise it’ll do it’s job quite nicely with your Neopet. I recommend pairing it with some miniature Bread Wreaths or Swirly Chocolate Milk to combat the heat you might experience with this soup. You might also need to groom your Neopet afterwards, if the heat is too much for them.

     Korbat Wing Soup

     Since the Month of Collecting is over, we know that you have some left over Spooky Foods sitting around that you don’t know what to do with. Why don’t you throw all those extra meaty Korbat Wings into a fruit puree to serve up a nice soup for your Neopet? (Not recommended for Korbat species, obviously. Good luck explaining that one to your Neopet. I’m just gonna stand over here.. Excuse me!)

     Deceptive Soup

     Your Neopet will love this hot delicious soup - until it’s not. This soup is deceptive and needs a little imagination to be fed to your Neopet, but boy will it be funny to see the look on their faces. (It’s also totally a valid soup for those on an extreme budget, but hey, at least the ice cubes aren’t made from Ice Draik Eggs… or is it? WAIT. THOSE POOR DRAIKS! Either way, I don’t want to know.)

     Gorgroggle Soup

     With Slorg day this month, you might have to convince your Neopet that you didn’t throw their precious Petpet into the cooking pot! This soup is perfect if you have any leftover Steamed Gorgroggle and need something a bit different to finish up those leftovers!. I recommend throwing in some fresh veggies into the soup such as a Red Octopepper, Deluxe Jacket Potato or Faerie Kale to top off the taste quite nicely. Try to avoid the, “What is a Gorgroggle?” when you Neopet asks by offering up a tasty dessert.

     Soup Faerie Soup

     What better way to combat the blues of missing warmer fun filled days than a soup made by the Soup Faerie herself? This soup is packed with magical adventures for your taste buds and tummy. Made with love, magic and all things delightful, this soup will obviously make your Neopet bloated after a few bites, so this soup will last quite a while.

     Pumpkin Soup

     This soup is best made with leftover pumpkins that you didn’t carve up (or leave sit outside) from last month. I hope you saved those seeds as they are the PERFECT garnish for the top of this soup once baked and tossed with warm spices. I recommend using fresh pumpkin and grilling them slightly to bring out that smokey flavor. Once pureed and topped with those crunchy baked seeds, your Neopet will forget about the long passed summer days and look forward to the autumn holidays! Warning: They might start chatting about the Advent Calendar and once that happens, IT DOESN’T STOP.

     Leafy Noodle Soup

     This soup is the alternative to ever so played out Chicken Noodle Soup. It’s filled with warm broth that accents the yummy long, long, long noodles and healthy green leaves. I recommend using wholesome Illusen approved green leaves for this soup. (Ones you find outside off the trees are a bit dried out, dull looking and will fall apart easy. Not to mention probably coating with dirt! Eww!)

     Space Rock Soup

     Why not give your Neopet an out of this world adventure for their tummy with this (literally) out of this world soup? Warm, succulent flavors arise from this carved out, bowl shaped space rock. Adventures of being an Alien Aisha or possible terrors of typing might ensue! (We hope not for the latter.) Either way, their troubles of woe will surely disappear once they see that bowl! Please make sure the bowl is organic and not preprocessed space rock as it might affect the flavor of the soup held within.

     Rest in Pea Soup

     Have a can of those Halloween “Rest in Peas” or “Rest in Piece of Chicken” laying around? This soup is a watery grave for peas with your Neopet’s tummy as it’s final resting ground. Serve with hot chicken to the side or peel away from the bone and toss into the soup for extra flavor and juices. My Neopets prefer it off to the side, on the bone, so they can eat the bone later.. Lupes man! They like their bones as well as burying them in the backyard of my Neohome. Be bone responsible and dispose of them properly the first time or else you’ll spend hours cleaning up the back yard like me… and trust me a frozen bone to the knee hurts!

     Cheops Soup

     The spice cloud from this soup alone will give your Neopets a much needed vacation from the dreadful, cold, wet autumn nights to far off places like the Lost Desert. This soup is a great way to use up all those budget friendly Cheops you earn from the Fruit Machine. Just add some warm spices, puree and let sit on the stove for a few hours on low. I also recommend grilling the Cheops with the same spices to lock in that kick of flavor; it will surely enhance your soup’s pow factor plus will your Neohome with the scent of exotic places.


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