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5 Most Underrated Xweetok Colors

by kayahtik


     Hip hip hooray, it’s Xweetok Day! For many of us, Xweetok Day is the best day of the whole Neopian year, and it’s the perfect time to celebrate some of our favorite pets. What better way to show your Xweetok how much you love them than to give them a whole new look by changing their color? Of course everyone loves Desert, Faerie, Maraquan, Transparent, and plenty of other very popular colors. But sometimes Neopians seem to forget that those aren’t the only options. If you’re looking for a new color for your precious Xweetok that’s a little bit off the beaten track, then you’ve come to the right place! Below I will discuss just a few of what are, in my humble opinion, five of the best and most underrated colors for Xweetok available today. Maybe one of them will strike your fancy--believe me, your Xweetok will thank you for it later!

     1. Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow

     Also known as “basic colors,” these are the four standard options you can choose from when you make a new Neopet. Some people look down on them because they aren’t exclusive (and expensive) like paintbrush or lab ray colors, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t still look great on your pet. One of my favorite things about Xweetok as a species is that their eyes tend to match the color they’re painted, which makes the four basic colors have a great effect on this species in particular. The blue, green, red, or yellow eyes match the colored mane and ruff. Together, these contrast features provide a complimentary pop of color against the otherwise brown coat. And the best part is that these colors are free and available to everyone!

     2. Brown

     This color might get a bad rap because it’s exceedingly plain, but that can be a really great thing if you really enjoy customizing your pets. This neutral color is a very convenient base for countless customizations, no matter the theme or color palette you choose to work with. You won’t have to worry about your pet’s clothes or accessories clashing with any bright colors or distracting patterns, and their fur won’t distract from whatever awesome outfit you come up with. If you’re still convinced that the Brown Xweetok is too bland, take a closer look at their garnet-colored eyes (which match those of the Red Xweetok), which gives them a striking look and an extra bit of personality. No matter how plain you may think their coat is, you can’t deny that those eyes add an extra layer of depth and determination to this Xweetok color.

     3. Striped

     Raise your hand if you enjoy spending hundreds of thousands of Neopoints on a one-time-use item. No? Me either. It’s your lucky day! If you’ve had your eye on a Pastel Xweetok, but can’t quite convince yourself to splurge, you might be interested in going Striped instead. Striped Xweetok Morphing Potion currently runs around 225k, which is a much cheaper alternative to the 700k Pastel Xweetok Morphing Potion. Not everyone likes such light-colored pets, but if you’re looking for a low-key look, this could be the one for you (and your Xweetok!). The blue and pink hues in the Striped color (the same for all species) are not dissimilar from the light pink and green found in the Pastel Xweetok. It’s not exactly the same look--Striped does come with, well, stripes--but the major cost savings definitely make it worth considering.

     4. Skunk

     Speaking of less expensive alternatives, have you ever thought of painting your Xweetok Skunk? It sounds a little gross when you think about it (although no color will ever be as disgusting as Swamp Gas!), but it’s a very viable alternative to the more costly Shadow color. If you’re looking to get away from that standard brown fur that dominates so many Xweetok colors, this is a great option. The Skunk Xweetok is another great possibility for customization fiends, since it’s entirely black, white, and shades of grey. It lends itself very well to film-noir and spooky themes, and also looks great with some brightly contrasting accessories. No matter how you dress your pet, or even if you don’t dress it at all, these black and white stripes are a classic look that are always in style--at least in my book.

     5. Speckled

     This brings us to our final underrated Xweetok color: Speckled. This color bears a resemblance to the Green Xweetok mentioned above, but has a lot more personality. The bright green color and speckled pattern make this option stand out against many of the more neutral and muted colors typically found on Xweetok. No one can deny the cuteness of those freckle-like speckles, and this particular shade of green gives a bright, fresh feeling to any customization. If your goal is to give your pet some extra pizazz, perhaps as an artist or avid nature-lover, then this could be the color for you. Best of all, with a price tag of only around 50k, the Speckled Paint Brush and Speckled Xweetok Morphing Potion are both buyable in user shops and attainable for Neopians in pretty much all income brackets.

     Well, are you convinced? There are a lot of colors to choose from when painting a Neopet, and all of them are great in their own ways. But unfortunately, many excellent colors often go unnoticed and unused, which in my opinion is a real missed opportunity. So go ahead, treat yourself and your favorite Xweetok to a special new look to celebrate their special day. I hope one of the colors listed above inspires you to try something new, and that this adventure becomes a fond memory for you and your pet. Even if you decide not to embark on a color-changing operation just yet, I hope you’ll be waiting anxiously with me to see this year’s two new Xweetok colors--who knows, they may be the most fabulous colors we’ve seen yet.

     This is kayahtik (and her lovely Xwee, Ellava) wishing you a Happy Xweetok Day!

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