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5 Stunning Halloween Costume Ideas

by teukieteukie


     Hello Neopia, and welcome to another installation of our yet untitled customization piece. Customization Station?

      Let's call it that. This is the month of Collecting and we all know what that means: Halloween is just around the corner! But before you can fill your bellies with candy, you need the perfect costume. Unfortunately for some of us, we leave our costume plans until the very last minute! We've all been there, stood in the aisle, staring at the slim pickings, and not knowing how to put all of the available pieces together into a whole and cohesive costume on such short notice (why did we procrastinate?). Well, fear not! To help those of you who are struggling with some inspiration for an incredible costume, we have decided to put together 5 looks. If you like what you see, feel free to grab some of these items for you and your Neopet to recreate these spooky designs!

     1. Classic


     Costume: I Vant to Taste Your Candy!

     Vampires are a classic staple to Halloween, and who doesn't want to be the prince of the night, the most classiest vampire of them all? With the following items, you too can transform into the prince of darkness for a night. Who is the prince of darkness? Why, none other than count Dracula of course! To begin this costume, one must don the Vampire Costume Wig, Vampire Counts Cape, and the Dyeworks Black: Games Master Challenge 2010 Lulu Shirt. Silky, suave, and black, exactly how the prince would dress.

     So you are dressing like a master vampire, but we're not done yet. Tone down your healthy, natural, and living glow with some Vampire Costume Face Paint. Red Vampire Contacts will send shivers down the spines of all those you meet while on the prowl for candy. You're almost there, just a few more touches.... To set the right scene, add the Eliv Thade Castle Background and Vampires Bane Garland. Finally, to complete the look, hook the Vampire Costume Amulet around your neck, and your Count Dracula look is finished and you are ready to hit the streets!

     Optional: Add some glitter so you sparkle. Or, you know, don't.

     2. Witchy


     Double, double, toil and trouble with a dash of sunflowers ~ with this unique customization, you get the best of both worlds!

     Using the Autumn Witch Wig, you get these beautiful sunflowers resting on the hat's brim. Don't forget about these luscious auburn locks flowing in the wind, best used with a combination of the Potions and Spells Room Background and the Jhudoras Cauldron that will bring a breeze to the room whenever you cast a spell. The Gothic Red and Black Dress is the perfect dress to complement the hat; and when you wear the Skeleton Hands Necklace – their deep ruby colour sparkles wherever you go, capturing the moon's reflection. Feeling too glamorous? You may want to jazz up your spookiness by using Witchy Spyder Web Shoes, as well as the creepy, icky Giant Suspended Spyder Webs. Don't forget to apply some Spooky Witch Makeup to give yourself a gorgeous, illuminating glow. But lastly… Since it's All Hallows Eve and the month of Collecting, you can't forget the ONE important thing that every Trick or Treater needs; the Jack-O-Lantern Pail! Otherwise, how can you collect all the delicious, gooey candy?

     3. Character


     ♫ Let it go, let it go, That perfect girl is gone!

     Here I stand in the light of day!

     Let the storm rage on, the cold never bothered me anyway. ♫

     Elsa' takes over Halloween in her ever-sparkly Ice Castle (using MME20-S1: Ice Palace Background, Fluttering Snowflakes Shower, and Snowflake Garland). She has a gigantic Jack-O-Lantern Pail filled with yummy trick or treats that Olaf and Sven keep stealing from; which one do you think they got? Treats? Tricks? Her outfit (Ice Queen Gown and Snow Queen Shoes) may be made out of ice, but I assure you, it's super comfortable and very cosy to wear (it's even warm to the touch!). Her blonde locks with a hint of ice in it is actually the wig; Blonde Fishtail Side Braid. You'll do a double take, because she also completes her look by wearing Contacts of the Cosmos and lightly brushes her cheeks with Rosy Cheeks Face Paint. Oh Elsa… Wanna build a snowman with a pumpkin head?

     4. Scary


     Costume: Scary Clown

     Items used: Clown Kacheek Shirt, Clown Kacheek Shoes, Clown Kacheek Trousers, Cowl Kacheek Wig, Inside Circus Tent Background, Dual Personality Makeup,Haunted Goople Cleaver, Feocious Negg Bites, Ferocious Negg with Negg Balloons and Crawling Spyders Foreground

     Clowns are definitely the It costume for this Halloween. If you're looking for the perfect scary costume that will make your friends scream in terror, then look no further! All you need is a seemingly innocent clown costume, some scary face paint, a weapon, and some evil neggs and spyders for good measure.

     Optional: Carry around a boombox that plays creepy circus music if you really want to scare the bejeezus out of your friends. You'll have the scariest costume in all of Neopia!

     5. Hybrid


     Costume: Zombie Alice

     Items used: Charming Wonderland Wig, Adorable Wonderland Shoes and Tights, Lost Valentines Garden Background, Undead Contacts and Face paint, Undead Lawn Gnome, Haunted Butterfly Necklace, Key Garland, Valentine Ruffle Dress, Deadly Poison Bottle and Cover of Darkness Foreground

     This outfit combines my two favorite things: zombies and Alice in Wonderland. Why choose just one or the other when you can combine both and create an awesome and unique costume! This outfit includes a poisonous "Drink me" bottle and a dead butterfly necklace to really add to the frightful zombie aspect of the outfit. The key to this outfit is to dress normal and then add a ton of creepy Wonderland related objects to make your outfit creepy, yet somehow still adorable.

     Pro Tip: Bribe your Neofriend with candy to follow you around with a fog machine to add to your costume's creepy vibe.


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