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Tricks and Treats for a Halloween Feast

by megotchi


     Halloween Food – Tricks and Treats

     Halloween is just round the corner kids! ..Watching...Waiting. Ready to sneak up on you when you least expect it.

      It’s the spookiest, scariest holiday of them all. By now you’ve no doubt taped together an Eliv Thad costume, and Spyder webs were hung by the chimney with care. Seriously, be careful with those things, they’re flammable. Now you’re ready for the onslaught of hyper young Neopian trick-or-treaters who just can’t wait to fill their boots with candy!

      …Wait, you are ready right?

     Oh dear, so you’re yet to gather any goodies for a right ol’ Halloween feast huh? Well, with so many options for dark, spooky and sometimes down-right gross food, it’s no wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed. However will you know what to buy? Those little Neopets are hard to please, and you do not want to endure the wrath of a hungry baby Lupe with a vendetta.

     Fear not my friends! This right here is a handy comprehensive list of tried-and-tested Halloween delights that will help you tell your tricks from your treats. Just in time for a Pumpkin Spiced Spookfest like no other!

      Treat: Haunted Pumpkin Bar (2,900 NP)


      This classic candy bar is made from delicious pumpkin-flavoured taffy. Great for giving out to any Pets that visit your Neohome this Halloween. It’s sweet and sticky, and it might look spooky, but we’re sure it’s not really haunted. The evilest thing this candy bar will do it give your Pet a cavity! Be sure to stock up, once you’ve given away a few of these bad boys you’ll have Pets lining round the block.

      Trick: Stale Black Jelly Beans (145 NP)


      Jelly beans are another classic candy to give away on Halloween, small and portable without being sticky. However these beans are hard as pebbles and taste even worse. The squid ink and liquorice flavour combination was not entirely well thought out. Only to be given out by those asocial Neopias as a safeguard against future trick-or-treaters. Spread the word kids, it’s these or raisins!

      Treat: Angry Marshmallows (12,000 np)


      Bored of all those dull, non-satient candies? Why not try these interactive little goodies! These are soft, gooey, vanilla flavoured mallows are perfect for a Halloween bonfire, or making some spooky s’mores. Sure they might bite back, but those gummy teeth won’t cause your pet any harm. Probably.

      Trick: Zombie Marshmallows (125 np)


      Those after a cheaper option might look towards these Zombie marshmallows. They sure look similar to the angry marshmallows, but don’t be fooled! These mouldy mallows taste as bad as they look. Should really only be used as a novel decoration, if you can put up with the smell and odd atmospheric moan.

      Treat: Jhudoras Cupcake (2,200 NP)


      Of course cupcakes are a necessity at any good feast, and these Jhudora’s cupcakes are perfect for Halloween. Now hear me out, I know Jhudora isn’t always been the friendliest faerie, but don’t let that put you off trying these little beauties! The mint choc chip cupcake is topped off with the mysterious and delicious ‘grey stuff’; The exact make-up of which is a closely guarded dark faerie secret.

      Trick: Army Of Undead Cupcakes (14,000 NP)


      On first impressions, these cupcakes look ideal for a Halloween party! The blueberry cream frosting makes for a cute homage to Esophagor, a true Halloween icon. However, if you take these to a Halloween feast, they’ll soon be the only thing on the menu. As the description reads; They turn anything they touch into MORE CUPCAKES! Eh gads, maybe best leave these off the table altogether.

      Treat: Candy Pumpkin Latte (3,500 NP)


      As the night goes on, you might need a little something to wake you up and keep the party going. What could be better for the job than a sweet Candy Pumpkin Latte? Delicious, spiced coffee with cinnamon whipped-cream topped with tiny candy pumpkins, it’s the perfect pick-me-up for tired party hosts!

      Trick: Coffee of the Dead (140,000 NP)


      For those looking for a less candy-coated caffeine fix, this Coffee Of The Dead certainly has the Halloween aesthetic down to a T. However the taste leaves a lot to be desired. Thick, bitter and of questionable origins, this coffee is really not fit for consumption by living Neopets and Neopias. Juries out on Ghosts and Zombies.

      Treat: Rest In Pea Soup (8,000 NP)


      Sure candy may be the main attraction on Halloween, but a feast needs real food too. Make sure your little Neopets get some nutrition on the night with this hot and tasty pea soup. It’s a suitably slimy green colour and comes complete with little gravestone croutons!

      Trick: Scary Soup (5 NP)


      This ‘warming’ soup may be taking things a tad too far. The spicy concoction is always too hot to eat and will have your Pets eyes watering. Not to mention it has a nasty habit of magically spilling itself out of the bowl and burning holes right through the dinner table. Avoid.

      Treat: Cheese Ghostkersandwich (1,300 NP)


      These slices of creamy cheese and cress on buttered white bread make a great crowd-pleasing snack, perfect for a party with the added bonus of being spooky! Ghostkersandwiches also available with chokato filling for lactose-intolerant Neopets, and ‘slime’ filling for those truly committed to the Halloween theme.

      Trick: Pant Devil Sandwich (4,800 NP)


     The Pant Devil is certainly a scary character, so it’s no surprise he’s found his way onto this list. However, in order to get that iconic Pant Devil look, these sandwiches have the unfortunate filling combination of blueberry jam and carrot. Not exactly the most popular combo, the sweet sticky jam and crunchy carrots smushed into soft bread make for a confusing and unpleasant sandwich experience. Not unlike the Pant Devil himself.

      ..Annnd there you have it, a fool proof list of eerie treats to make any Halloween bash a blast! From candies to snacks, soups and sandwichs, drinks and desserts, you’ll be able to throw together a spooky banquet fit for Esophagor himself. And you now also know what to avoid, however well it fits in with your spooky décor, turns out some Halloween food really does taste as bad as it looks.

     Most of these treats can be bought easily from fellow Neopias or the brave may venture into the Deserted Fairground to find some Spooky Food. However we don’t recommend lingering around there for long, and whatever you do, don’t get lost.

     They’re always looking out for fresh ingredients…


      Bounce..bounce..whirr.. Splat.

     …Happy Halloween Friends! Mwahahahaha..


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