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A Scary Master's Scary Minions: Part One

by krabbox


      A graveyard full of sound. That's unheard of until now.

     You can hear loud cheering and joyful applause, along with the occasional song.

     There's something strange about this graveyard, but you can't put your finger on it. It sounds familiar, and you feel like you've been here before...

      And you are so right.

     Greetings, mortals. I am Lord Dark Noirgus, but fans know me as Dark Noirgus or LDN, or simply "m'lord". I am a Kiko, and I am the ruler of this graveyard.

     I can already hear you thinking, "How could such a simple Kiko rule such a spooky graveyard?" Well, do THESE answer your question? *flashes claws*

     Hohoho, that's what I thought. Now, I'm sure you may want to know more about me. I'm strong, handsome, and I have a glorious wisp that is always well kept. I play songs for a living, and yes, I really do only have one eye.

     ...Oh, what's this? You want to hear more about my servants?

     Well, that works out just fine. I was going to show you around anyway. So come along with me, and I'll show you all the pets I rule over.

      Now, you may think that a handsome ghost such as myself rules over the dead, yes? You're partially right. I rule over both living AND dead Neopets, and even some who have come back into the afterlife. I will show you all of the lackeys I have in control, but that'll take some time. Allow me to show you one group at a time, starting with...Ah, these guys!


     The weakest of my servants, but also the most loyal, Ghost Neopets are the most commonly found around the graveyard, and can always be seen helping me during my concerts. Mostly known for their magical powers and generally blank expressions, these guys are usually sent out as a warning to those who interfere with my plans.

     I have ranked my top ten soldiers in both spookiness and strength, though they go in order upon strength. While some are scarier than others, some are known to be physically stronger and therefore more useful for fending off foes.

     Number Ten: Nimmo.

     Generally the fastest and certainly great with magic due to their zen-like nature, the Nimmo's physical power and defense just don't do the trick. They can give chills with their blank stares, however.

     Spookiness: Two out of five skulls.

     Strength: One out of five skulls.

     Number Nine: Ruki.

     Great defenses and very well known for their grumpy expressions, Rukis look like they're going to punch you in the face, but tend to just hold their hands up into your chin. They're brave for certain, I'll give them that.

     Spookiness: One and a half out of five skulls.

     Strength: One and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Eight: Aisha.

     Their evil stare is enough to send most pets fleeing in terror, and are pretty good with magic. But their lack of bulk makes them pretty easy to defeat. Just don't touch those collars or you'll regret it...

     Spookiness: Three out of five skulls.

     Strength: One and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Seven: Acara.

     Another minion with an unnerving stare, these guys excel in defense, and are decent with physical strength, but still lack the potential to unleash it fully. Watch out for their horns, though, I've seen so many unsuspecting pets get whipped by them. (I taught them how to do that)

     Spookiness: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Strength: Two out of five skulls.

     Number Six: Cybunny.

     Ah, you should know this one due to Hubrid Nox, yes? These guys are some of my top notch guardians and have excellent magical powers. Just seeing one makes most cower, hohoho! I suppose they're afraid of it being Nox in disguise.

     Spookiness: Four out of five skulls.

     Strength: Three out of five skulls.

     Number Five: Kau.

     Known as "The Lawn Mower", I can count on these guys to keep the Graveyard looking neat. They are also known for their powerful headbutts, but have a problem aiming, so that takes away from their strength a bit...But I've infused their horns with magic so that if they DO hit, you're bound to be cursed for life!

     Spookiness: Three out of five skulls (boosted up to five if you make them VERY angry).

     Strength: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Four: Quiggle.

     The Gaze of Death. That's their signature move. Enough said.

     Spookiness: Four out of five skulls.

     Strength: Three and a half out of five skulls.

     Number Three: Usul.

     No matter how hard they try, they can't seem to get their hair to look "right". I find their fur attractive, really...All that frizz...ANYWAY, powerful magic, can't deny it.

     Spookiness: Three out of five skulls (just because that frizz is too much).

     Strength: Four and a half out of five skulls (I taught them a secret move with their hair).

     Number Two: Grarrl.

     My second strongest guardian, I can never have too many of these. While their magic is terrible, they are known to give powerful bites with their teeth, of which, by the way, haven't been brushed in a million years. Watch out if you come near one because they will not hesitate to bring you down!

     Spookiness: Four out of five skulls.

     Strength: Five out of five skulls.

     Number One: Jetsam.

     My guard shark, my number one servant, my last resort...MY EVERYTHING! I can depend on these guys to scare others away, AND beat them up if needed! These guys are powerful and I always look forward to taking more for my own.

     Spookiness: Five out of five skulls.

     Strength: Six out of five skulls.

     Special shout out: Kiko.

     I've been rumored by many to be one of these, and while that may have been the case, people are normally confusing me with my twin, Noirgus. We both have sharp claws, one eye, and a strong desire to rule our realm.

     While he may not be around physically, he lingers as a memory. I suppose you can say that a ghost Kiko has a...Special place in my graveyard.

     For Noirgus alone, I will give him a six out of five skulls rating on spookiness (he gets it from me) and seven out of five skulls on strength (where do you think my power came from, hm?).

      Did you enjoy meeting my servants? I knew you'd be honored. After all, these guys serve the one and only Lord Dark Noirgus!

     Now, which army should you meet next, hmm? Maybe I'll take you into the Wraith Valley or the Zombies' Dance Room...Hohoho, only time will tell!

     To be continued…

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