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The Lessons of Dice-A-Roo

by sybilious


     Recently I’ve been spending a lot of time around Roo Island, lounging in the Coffee Shop, browsing through the Spring Shop, but mostly, trying my luck in the Dice-A-Roo Tournament Hall.

     After several days of endless playing- even to the point that my darling Vandagyre bemoans the game and insists that we do anything but, you might think I’d be sick of the frustrating die, tired of the Blumaroos commentary, and just as exhausted as King Roo after a long day of standing on his tail- the Blumaroos tell me they can start to hurt. And while I am tired, I am also amazed at the game. What might first appear to be a simple ‘roll the dice’ game actually has a lot more to offer Neopians. Yes, indeed, there’s more to Dice-A-Roo then just Neopoints, avatars, and prizes (although I’ve heard you can win faeries from this game!), and lucky for you, I am here to help in the understanding of the lessons that these colored die can teach us.

      The Red Die

     Another game begun, the 5 Neopoints paid, and you’re off and rolling. This first dice is humbling, you are only a beginner and all Dice-A-Roo players start from the same place. Perhaps greatness awaits.. I mean you’re so close! Keep trying! You might feel as small as the amount of Neopoints you’re winning for the pot. One, two, three points- and it might feel like you’re losing points from your pot even more quickly than your adding them, but don’t worry, your pot can never go below zero! Tra la la, just keep rolling my friend, and soon, you’ll find yourself on the way to the next die.

      The Blue Die

     Onto the next die! You’ll notice the amount of Neopoints getting taken from and added to your pot have gone up a bit, with a big win earning up to eight Neopoints for your pot. Although it might seem like there’s a little voice in the back of your head screaming “Take the money!! Take the money!!” you just need to—oh wait, that’s not in your head, that’s a passing Blumaroo.. oh well, what you need to remember with the blue die is patience. Don’t get to eager, take your time and enjoy playing the game. Even though you’re only on the second die, imagine how much more fun this is than being a bingo ball would be. And if you, your pet, or another passing Blumaroo are feeling a little hungry, don’t worry, because with the next die comes prizes.

      The Green Die

     There are seven available options when you’re rolling the green die, two more from the previous dice. Along with the standard loss or addition of Neopoints to your pot, the potential for moving onto the next level or losing the game, and of course, nothing happening at all, you now also have the potential to feel a mystical wind blow over you, and more excitingly, to win an item prize. These items cover everything from Apple Juice to the Ultimate Burger. As we roll the green die, and if we are lucky enough to win these item prizes, we have the chance to remember the Money Tree, Second Hand Shop, and other Neopian examples of charity. While there might not be any Nachos available- Blumaroos love Nachos. I bet you didn't know that- there is a chance to win some Fajita Chips, which seem like almost the same thing. If your Neopet isn’t too keen on Fajita toppings or doesn’t like crispy tortilla chips, then I’m sure a passing Blumaroo would be happy to take them off your hands.

      The Yellow Die

     You’re so close to the final die! And maybe the excitement and stress is starting to show, after all that jackpot is such a lot of Neopoints! But with that Bottle of Water you’ve just managed to win, you’re staying cool and collected. Even though the dice options might appear the same, one of those “nothing” rolls might not be as it seems. With the yellow dice, you have the chance to win a lottery ticket or have an unfortunate visit from the Pant Devil. Don’t let a few stolen items get you down though, those items are replaceable, unlike say, having your friends be eaten by a Monocerous. Your temperance is unmatched, and while you’ve got a strange urged to quit and add a Neobadge to your pet’s homepage, you persist and finally, move onto the fifth die.

      The White Die

     The final frontier of the Dice-A-Roo game.. or is it? You seem to keep hearing whispers of a secret sixth dice.. but anyway, with this die, you’re adding between seven and fourteen points to your point, and if you’re unlucky, you might lose between seven and thirteen! Or maybe even half you pot! But you’ve got your eyes on the prize, the jackpot. You might feel tempted to promise King Roo that you’ll adopt a Blumaroo if he lets you win- they’re very fun, clean, pets after all- but restrain yourself and focus on keeping your diligence. Keep rolling that die and moving towards your goal. Some Blumaroos might try to tempt you away from the game and into the Battledome, but focus, focus.. focus..Boing!

      Something has happened!

     You are now eligible to use ‘Dice-A-Roo' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

     Congratulations! Your perseverance, dedication, and patience with the game has paid off! Give King Roo a hearty slap on the back, you’ve finally won! After the endless dice rolls and commentary from the Blumaroos, you finally have a shiny new avatar to show off on the boards. You’ll be the envy of the Avatar Chat as you bounce around, eating nachos, and encouraging others to visit the Tournament hall, after all, they might win faeries, or apples, or Neggs. Maybe King Roo will even give you a bonus for referring some friends? Maybe that’s what all that talk about the sixth dice was about.. who knows. Enjoy the winnings and remember the many lessons that Dice-A-Roo can teach us. For now though, you’ve got a beautiful new avatar, a bag full of Neopoints, and a new appreciation for Blumaroos.

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