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Monochromatic Wardrobe: Black

by madiwoo


     Greetings, Neopia. Last time, we shared with you a series of blue items to satisfy your need for blue! This new series of monochromatic items features everyone's happy color: black.

Do you like a nice monochromatic customization for your pet? Are you looking for the perfect black item to compliment your pets look? Are you a believer that black is indeed the new black? Then this article is for you!


Black Flowery Eyeball Bouquet

Description: Charming for some, terrifying for others.

Have you ever found yourself and your Neopet wandering through fields of inky black flowers and had the eerie sensation you were being watched? No? Well now you can! With the black flowery eyeball bouquet, you can gift anyone the uneasy feeling of constantly being stared at, complete with a strip of black lace for a little extra flair!

Black Lace Up Dress img src=http://images.neopets.com/items/mall_jjpb_dress_blacklaceup.gif

Description: This dress is perfect for dramatic entrances!

Sometimes we want to feel fancy and what is fancier than lace? Lace dyed as black as the pit of the Esophagor's never-ending hunger. Your Neopet will relish the feeling of composure and class in this dress. The perfect addition to any black-themed wardrobe.

     Black Satin Bow Tie

< img src=http://images.neopets.com/items/mall_blackbowtie.gif>

Description: This black tie is shiny!

No evening out on the cobbled streets of Neopia is complete without a black satin bow tie to complete your neopets look. You know the saying (that I just made up) that no outfit is complete without a bow tie? It is absolutely true in this case. Headed to a wedding? Pop on a black satin bow tie. Nipping down to the cafe for a fresh cup of haunted milk? Pop on a black satin bow tie.

Black Veined Contacts and Makeup

Description: For the truly possessed. This NC item was awarded for participating in Haunted Hijinks.

These are all the rage, the latest trend! With this contact and makeup kit, your Neopet can go about their day looking haunted, possessed- or simply like they haven't slept in the past 48 hours. Evolved from the 'smokey eye', the new look created by the Black Veined Contacts and Makeup will create a perfect fall look to die for.

     Crawling Spyders Foreground

Description: Eek! Keep them away!

We are all shivering in our boots thinking about this next black-themed item! Spyders. Dozens of them. Crawling all over you and your Neopet. If that doesn't sound like something you would enjoy, well, that is just too bad. We all have to make some sacrifices for fashion and this should definitely be one of yours. Nope, not our sacrifice, yours. We insist.

     Barbat Headband

Description: These Barbats shouldnt take off with the headband.

It's cute AND creepy. Complete with two active barbats and 4 glowing red eyes, the barbat headband offers the perfect balance to complete any monochromatic outfit. Just take care to keep it secure around your Neopet’s head, or it may flutter off into the night to never be seen from again!

     Dapper Deathly Union Top Hat

Description: Is that really hair?

The best way to celebrate any union is with a hat with 'death' in the name. This top is tall, handsome, and gives us just enough of a subtle, ghostly glow to help you spot your Neopet if it gets lost at all of those night-time weddings you attend in the middle of the night.

     Deadly Beauty Wig

Description: Long, beautiful hair as dark as the dead of night.

As the wonderful Edgar Allen Poe puts it; "Let my heart be still a moment and this mystery explore..." It's too bad that this item was retired in November of 2013; because this item would have transformed your pet into a silky, raven-haired beauty! Don't be sad, though – this item is still circling around, so be sure to check the NC Neoboards if you really wanted this item!

     Growing Black Vines Foreground

Description: They grow especially when you aren't looking.

This item was part of the Halloween Horrors Mystery Capsule; and was also retired back in November 2014. Though, that's not to say you can't still obtain this eerie foreground by lurking in the NC Neoboards. The curly vines aim for your poor Neopet at an alarming rate, don't worry – the vines don't hurt your sweet Neopet. It just may tickle him/her!

     Debonair Mustache

Description: You will look quite charming with this mustache.

Nothing is classier than this sleek black mustache for your Neopet. The best thing about this mustache is that your Neopet can wear it whenever they feel like it. No struggle in trying to grow it out and keep it maintained. You’re Neopet will get the coolness of a mustache without all the hassle! It’s a win-win situation.


Black Alabriss Wings

Description: These wings are perfect for a dark and spooky look.

This beautifully crafted black wings are also perfect for Halloween; you could go as an fallen angel, one of My Little Pony characters, or you could go as a raven. The number of costumes you can create with these wings are endless! Just a note… No Alabrisses were harmed in making these items. :)

     Black Eye Shadow

Description: Best way to cover up a black eye is black eye shadow!

Take your smokey eye to a whole new level with this “Black Eye Shadow” compact. Pair this black eye shadow with your Neopets all black ensemble and they’ll just scream “Too cool to care.”

     Black Lace Gloves

Description: Black lace gloves are all the rage in Neovia right now.

I can see why they're all the rage – they are elegant, and gorgeous. You could wear them ALL year round! They are delicate, and has a Victorian Era feel to it. Wear this with regular clothes, OR, wear it with a fancy dress; such as Black and Red Promenade Dress, High Collared Black Dress or the Classic Neovian Dress.

     Simple Black Horns

Description: Scare all your neighbors and friends with these horns!

This classic and simple item is another wonderful Halloween item for your costumes; you could try going as Vira (mirror and all that!), or you can combine the horns with the Black Alabriss Wings to go for a Fallen Angel look!

     Black Jazzy Bori Boa Img src=http://images.neopets.com/items/clo_bori_flapperblboa.gif>

Description: That boa isnt made of Pteri feathers, is it?

Your Neopet will be feeling sassy in this jazzy boa. This “Black Jazzy Bori Boa” is ideal for any Neopet that like going out with friends or just to wear around your Neohome because why not?

Black Satin Cybunny Top Hat

Description: Mmm... there is a carrot for decoration... and a late night snack!

Wanted to find something to complete your dapper Cybunny customization? This is the perfect choice to pull off your Cybunny's dapper outfit! There's a bonus item on the Top Hat; a carrot! Perfect for when your Cybunny is at a grand event and he/she gets hungry; they can sneak a snack in!

     Velvet Black Lipstick

Description: Its THE perfect shade of black, really.

This “Velvet Black Lipstick” is the perfect pairing for any outfit. It’ll never clash because black goes with anything. The velvet matte formula will make sure your Neopet’s lipstick is in tact all night long. Remember: Black is the new black…always.

     Ballet Kiko Dress

Description: An exquisite black lace dress with sequined ruffles.

Tired of people thinking of your Kiko as just a cute and cuddly circle? Dress them in this fierce and fashionable all black dress and they’ll be known as the most fashionable Kiko in all of Neopia. They’ll upgrade from cute and cuddly to supermodel status in an instant.

     Mysterious Acara Archer Mask

Description: It is always better if no one can recognize you.

Ever wanted to be Catwoman or Batman? With Halloween looming around the corner, this simple black archer's mask (designed specifically for Acaras) will be a perfect way to pull off your costume if you were looking to go as a masked superhero!

     Delicate Ink Frame

Description: The ink on this frame looks quite delicate, as if it would dissipate at a simple touch.

This “Delicate Ink Frame” is perfect for all the art lovers out there. It’s a bold accent piece to anyone’s wardrobe. It’s fun, classic and will never go out of style.

That’s all the black items we have for you today! We hope this article inspired a monochromatic outfit for you. We’ll continue this series and feature every other color in the rainbow! Until next time :)




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