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All About Autumn And Fall Books

by chibiaden14


     Have you ever wondered about the latest and best books to read all about this wonderful, most beautiful, and colorful time of year? With the leaves changing colors, the air becoming crisp and cool, and Halloween fast approaching, have you ever wondered what's the best autumn AND fall books to read to your pets? Well I can help you in your quest for knowledge with the books' names, rarities, the descriptions, and where to buy them, plus a little bit of commentary by yours truly! So why not make yourself and your pet a bit smarter all at the same time?!

     Tales of Autumn – Rarity of 90 (Very Rare) – Magical Bookshop

     Book Description: Find out what autumn is like through a Bikiwans perspective!

     Commentary: How can one not find autumn to be such a beautiful season, especially to a Bikiwan!? Imagine said Bikiwan just telling it's tale of watching the leaves change colors

     while flying through the air or even jumping into the lovely leaves, and just frolicking around to have a grand old time. I would definitely want to read it to my pets anytime, and over and over if I could!

     Leaves of Autumn – Rarity of 72 (Common) – Magical Bookshop

     Book Description: Various leaves and how the colors they turn to during autumn.

     Commentary: This book looks to be exceedingly informative about leaves and the colors of the leaves of autumn in general! Knowing this book, it is probably about the different types of leaves from the many strange and unique trees native only to Neopia, and it's neighboring places. It probably tells you what sizes, what shapes, and what different colors that the leaves turn when autumn hits full blast in Neopia! All around, another excellent read in my mind!

     Neopian Autumns – Rarity of 90 (Very Rare) – Magical Bookshop

     Book Description: What is it like in Neopia during the season? This book will give you all the answers.

     Commentary: Hmmm.. I could only wonder what the stories this book might be able to tell you! Do they tell a story of how fall REALLY started in Neopia through the eyes of the Neopets or a single Neopet? Or perhaps it tells you what crops are grown through the months of Gathering, Collecting, and Storing!? Perhaps even how autumn happens itself! Who knows! I bet you will want to read this rather informative looking book to yourself and your pet!

     Autumn in the Glade – Rarity of 85 (Rare) – Faerieland Bookshop

     Description: Some say that autumn is the most beautiful time of the year!

     Commentary: A book written by the lovely and fair faeries of Faerieland! I can just imagine how gorgeous autumn must be where the faeries are located now. They must enjoy raking the leaves, jumping into leaf piles, and flying among the trees to see the glory and beauty of autumn and fall itself. How could one not? The colors, sites, sounds, and the smells of autumn are an awesome thing to behold at this time of year for them all! I would highly recommend reading this book to yourself and your pet!

     Autumnal Decorating – Rarity of 82 (Uncommon) – Magical Bookshop

     Description: This elegant book will teach you how to decorate your Neohome in an equally elegant manner.

     Commentary: An actual book on how to decorate your Neohome for fall!? How much fun would that be to do! Maybe it suggests on which wall paper and paint to use so such things don't clash too much? Or perhaps how to make a leaf garland out of leaves and string? Even decorating for a fall themed or inspired party perhaps! The possibilities are absolutely endless with this book! A truly superb read if you and your pet are into decorating things!

     An Usul Autumn – Rarity of 80 (Uncommon) – Magical Bookshop

     Description: The story of an Usul who got lost in the leaves.

     Commentary: This is truly a gripping and fast paced book! An Usul walking through leaf piles bigger than them or even jumping into a HUGE leaf pile, and only to get so hopelessly lost and turned around sounds like and absolute page turner to me. One can only hope that they make it out of the leaves that they got lost in! I'm rooting for you, and so are the readers of this fast paced testimonial book of a poor, little Usul! Definitely read this one to your pets this autumn and fall season.

     Fall Coloring Book – Rarity of 72 (Common) – Neopian School Supplies

     Description: Leaves and trees. And more leaves. And more trees.

     Commentary: While not an 'official' book that you can read to your Neopets, it is something that you can do with them this fall to keep them from becoming bored! Especially with the Fall Crayons to color those pictures in the coloring book? Magnificent pictures await you to delight the eyes and bring joy to your bored Neopet! Definitely something to do to keep them occupied while enjoying the fall and autumn weather.

     Fall Destinations – Rarity of 90 (Very Rare) – Magical Bookshop

     Description: Where do you go when the leaves start to fall? A handy book will show you the way!

     Commentary: Do you and your pet like to travel all around the magical land that is Neopia? Well if you both do, then this is certainly the book for you two! This book explains where to find the most premium spots in Neopia to view fall leaves and experiencing autumn at the utmost best times of day! Can't you just imagine the astounding colors the leaves will give off when the sun hits them at just the right time? I certainly can, and so will you if you read this awesome book, too!

      So now that you know all the best fall and autumn books to read, go get reading! You will enjoy spending time with your pet, and your pet will gain knowledge and a new appreciation for the those crisp fall days and the beautiful season that is autumn, too. Now..go get those books and start reading to your pet!!

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