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Shurb, The Cursed Aisha

by _the_spardel_queen_



      "Our story takes place back in the time of the Darigan War. Yes, you've heard of the great battle between King Skarl and Long Darigan, but what about those who had to pay the price of war?" the Darigan Aisha in the corner of the dark prison cell says, as he turns around with a candle in hand.

      "That's right. We exist. Everyone wants to pretend that after the war, all went back to normal. Meridell citizens threw flowers in the air and everyone rejoiced. Then they went back to their normal lives." he said snarling, his eyes focused on the flame of the candle.

      "We, the victims of war, exist. So, are you ready for this spooky story? I'll forewarn you, I'm known to get a little...CrAzY."


      "Visualize a young, handsome looking Aisha. Yeah, he has a cheap-looking wig from the donation tree because he's too broke to get anything else. His life is dull, his parents were potato farmers. No- they don't play that silly 'guess the potato' game. Potatoes are for eating, what an embarrassment to people in Meridell. ANYWAYS...

      That's me. tired of the boring nights and days in the farm, I joined the Meridell Army. Imagine that handsome Aisha in silver knights armor, oh yeah.

      That's when I first met Loki, the Darigan Wocky. Commander to King Skarl or something or other. Thought he was so cool. WELL we became friends somewhere along the line and fought side by side in battle." he said as he rolled his eyes, his voice getting more and more manic.

      "Well, we lost. WE LOST THE BATTLE." he said, increasing the volume and angry tone in his voice. "And guess what Lord Darigan did to us? Made us surrender. Then to add insult to injury, he turned us Darigan. I watched Loki's plush, blue fur...it turned fiery red. Thick black horns grew from his head, he grew evil looking wings and his eyes turned yellow. I watched, horrified. Then it was my turn. My green fur, dark purple. Spikes grew from my back. I screamed in agony...

      We were now part of Lord Darigan's army. He had some kind of effect on our brains too, because from then on, all we knew how to do was fight and win."

      Shurb closed his eyes, and twitched his head. It appeared as though he had a bad migraine, he was clearly in pain. Or remembering the war had gotten to his head.

      "We were good, you know. So good, we rose through the ranks. We became Darigan's right hand men. With a big battle ahead, he gave us special abilities and skills, and most importantly, immortality. Loki, highly intelligent and extremely persuasive, was given the ability to shape shift. And I was given the ability to read, manipulate, and turn dreams into nightmares and access valuable information from our enemies."

      He turned his gaze toward you. "I still have it you know. I can read your mind. I can see you backing up slowly, I did warn you it was a scary story. But, I'm getting to the good part, don't worry. And besides, you don't have to live with it every day." he said, wincing again at the pain in his head.

      "Well, The Three, you know The Three right? Evil creatures, embodying revenge, greed and ambition. They get in your head, tell you all the things you want to hear, but it's always only for their own good. They drive people mad, with the voices they leave in the heads. Well, they destroyed Lord Darigan, and then blamed it on us. Another cruel trick, they got into our heads. They told me Loki had destroyed Darigan. And they told Loki I did.

      We were taken to high security prison, locked up, never able to break free. I still have scars from the chains cutting into my wrists, see? I could hear Loki screaming my name from the other side of my cell. He wanted to destroy me, after all he thinks I did this. That I GOT US LOCKED UP HERE. I believed for over fifty years that Loki did it, until I gained strength enough to read the minds of The Three with my powers. I saw their evil plot, they still get a kick out of it and how they got away with it. So evil. But, they don't know the force they are reckoning with.

      The only problem, because Darigan thought me and Loki betrayed him, he took our abilities and cursed us with them. My abilities to manipulate dreams are stronger now, but they come at a price. Insanity." he said, jerking on the chains around his ankles. "I can't sleep. My own nightmares have become haunted. People think I'm crazy because I talked to myself."

      He let out a cackle, the first time a smile has come across his face this entire time. His teeth were razor sharp.

      "Rumor has it, Loki's gone mad too. I heard he can still shape shift, but only in direct moonlight. If he transforms in the sunlight, he stays that way until the moonlight hit him again. AND his paws became engulfed in flames (as a reminder of his betrayal), he would become a monstrous version of whatever he shifted into and he was unable to control himself or the rage that ensued. He would have no memory of even transforming until night.

      Talk about a dangerous creature. Yeah, well he still hates me. In fact, he figured out I was watching his dreams to see what he's up to. He made a mask to cover his face out of bone, and it deflects my attempts to see within his mind.

      But tonight, I have seen his plans. He let his guard down. At 12:01AM Halloween night, he is going to escape. He is going to transform into a small insect and creep out, guess he has regained enough power, too. And I'm escaping, too. See that guard out there? He's been daydreaming all day, he is in a vulnerable position. While he is sleeping, I will make him sleepwalk, pass the keys and then leave. Giving me ample time to escape. I know what he wants, exactly the same thing I do. The throne of Darigan Citadel."

      Shurb sits for a few moments, his mind feeling like it might explode. His eyes turn extremely large and he begins to foam at the mouth. He blinks a couple times, then looks rabidly for you, he planned to use you as part of his plan.

      But alas, he is alone in his cell. He has been talking to himself. He cackles loudly, get's on his hind legs and kicks as hard as he can, breaking the chains from the wall. He cackles and laughs even louder, he looks out the window of his security cell and sees the keys sitting there, and the security guard walking the other way. He takes the keys and escapes from his cell.


      "Code red, repeat CODE RED. This is not a drill, this is NOT a drill!" someone screamed over the microphone. "Inmate #24601 has escaped." he says with hesitation.

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