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28 Weird Neopets Things You Didn't Know

by unfreeze_divicool72


      One of my favorite things about Neopets is the breadth and depth of content available, which might not necessarily be obvious to casual players. Despite having played Neopets for over ten years, I am consistently surprised by all the fun, tiny details I’m still learning. Here are some of the fun trivia facts I’ve discovered that you might not know!

    1. There is no Red Pteri Plushie - it’s the only basic-color pet plushie that doesn’t exist. The Magical Red Pteri Plushie, however, does exist; it started out as the Magical Orange Pteri Plushie, and was at some point changed to red. There is an orange non-magical Pteri plushie counterpart, but for whatever reason, it never went through the same transition.

     2. Although no zombie Jubjubs exist, there is a Zombie Jubjub Morphing potion.

     3. Speaking of morphing potions, there is no Brown Kiko Morphing potion but there is a potion that serves the same function - and it's called the Potato Potion! Clearly, brown Kikos are our favorite potatoes.

     4. You might know that Neopia-wide half-price days occur on the third of every month, but did you know that all the Haunted Woods shops have their own half-price sale to celebrate Halloween?

     5. It is possible to win a valuable Xampher Petpet by sending a score in Snowroller - it’s extremely rare though!

     6. Forget books - playing Cliffhanger can increase your pet’s intelligence (so can doing the daily Faerie Crossword!)

     7. The wearable item "Patterned Pajama Bottoms" changes appearance when worn so that the pattern reflects the species that’s wearing it.

     8. A Snuffly Petpet that has been painted grey is called a Sniffly. Awww :(

     9. Lupes are so averse to Chias that if you give a Lupe a Chia Plushie, it rips it up!

     10. Pets with lower intelligence take longer to get bored of certain non-flash games such as Dice-a-roo and Scorchy Slots. (Handy if you’re aiming for a trophy or avatar!)

     11. It is possible to win a Moehog Skull from any Haunted Woods Scratchcard. This was confirmed in Editorial #473. The Moehog Skull is one of the most powerful Battledome weapons in the game, able to simultaneously attack, defend and freeze. Because of this, it is worth hundreds of millions of Neopoints - but it’s also incredibly rare.

     12. We have a NeoDiary which you can access through the Neomails page! Very handy for noting down appointments or commitments. Entries are only saved for future days though - you can’t look back at entries you wrote for days that have already passed.

     13. On the 12th of October each year, thousands of Scamander Petpets are released at the Money Tree by a Neopian named Commander Scamander-in-Chief. The Scamanders appear every few minutes throughout the day and you can try to catch them like any other item at the Tree. However, most of the time the slippery Scamander will wriggle away and escape through a hole in the ground. (This will still count as one of your ten items that you can take daily from the Money Tree though!) According to Editorials #364 and #465, it is possible to actually get a Scamander but it is extremely rare. If you do manage to grab one - congratulations! Scamanders are rarity 99 Petpets and very valuable!

     14. You can very occasionally get certain Rare Item Code prizes from Donny’s Toy Repair Shop in Terror Mountain.

     15. Have you ever noticed that Chocolate Ice Cream, though fairly common, is inexplicably expensive? At the moment it’s around 40-45k on the Shop Wizard. This is because it can be combined in the Cooking Pot with a Purple Negg to create a Punegg, which is worth 9 tokens at the Neggery. Purple Neggs are worth 2 Negg tokens which means that Chocolate Ice Creams are functionally worth 7 Negg tokens. Interestingly, since Purple Neggs have this additional use, they tend to be worth slightly more per Negg Token than regular old Neggs.

     16. There are some items with exactly the same name but have different images, descriptions, and rarities. Two examples are the Christmas Baby Blu (only one of which you get if you paint your Baby Blu Christmas) and the Cloud Kiko Plushie. There are also two Tea Infusers, which have the same name, image, and description, but have different rarities and item IDs.

     17. Lu and Bri Codestones are the same shape and shading, just rotated.

     18. Some pets have strange reactions to the Pound. Magma pets turn red when pounded, and ice Boris turn blue (other ice pets are fine though!) Lutaris are impossible to pound or transfer, because they run away if you try.

     19. Over the years, we have had three "Artist Days Off", where non-artists attempt to draw with....interesting results. In total, 31 items have been released from Artists Days Off. My personal favorites are: Disturbing Gelatin, Air Mote, Insane Evil Fuzzle, and the It Took Me 7 Hours To Animate This Foreground.

     20. There’s a trophy for losing a lot of money through Black Pawkeet Slots and Brucy B Slots. It’s called the "Slots Big Loser" trophy. (I know this because I have a silver trophy - on the one hand at least it isn’t gold, but on the other hand I lost all those Neopoints and didn’t even get a gold trophy?!)

     21. When you create a pet, their height depends on their species. Which species would you think is the largest? Elephante? Skeith? Wrong! It’s Eyries, which have an average height of 160cm! The smallest pets, on the other hand, are Flotsams, which have an average height of 21cm! Weird!

     22. http://www.neopets.com/joke You’re welcome.

     23. There is a secret text adventure Neoquest game called Neoquest 3D. You can access through Meridell Castle - click the middle flag which has the hover text "What’s this?"

     24. There is a door in the original Neoquest game which is impossible to actually go through. The original staff member who is responsible for it, Mr. Insane, states that "It was a deliberate attempt to drive people nuts".

     25. There are 365 Neodeck cards to collect, but your Neodeck album only has space for 365 cards in total.

     26. Unlike most food, the Rainbow Melt Pizza actually lowers your pet’s hunger level. This can be useful if you need to feed your pet a lot - for example if you are gourmet feeding or training using stats-boosting Neggs. However, at 30k a pop, it’s pretty pricey to do so!

     27. The Lab Ray can’t zap your pet into an Ixi. When they were first created, Ixis started out as limited edition (much like Krawks and Draiks, which are also unobtainable via the Lab), but were made creatable after the discovery of Meridell - but the Lab Ray seems not to have changed to reflect this.

     28. Lupe Consolidated (which you can invest in at the Stock Market) is run by its CEO, Lupert Murdoch.

          I hope you found these as interesting to read as I did to learn. Let me know if you have any little-known facts that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear them!


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