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Neopian Travel Guides - Shenkuu

by jjensen688


Citizens of Neopia tend to stick to their roots- Pets can often be found exploring and shopping around Neopia Central, taking a slice from the omelet of Tyrannia, or popping in and out of a seemingly nonexistent tower in Faerieland. The hustle and bustle of our modern world means that more secluded lands get overlooked.

One of these lands is Shenkuu, a city in the mountains of northern Altador. Despite its seemingly boring appearance, there’s plenty to do and see in the thriving city.



Considering that it’s a merchant town, there’s plenty of places to shop in Shenkuu- many of which sell items that aren’t available anywhere else!


Remarkable Restoratives

Is your pet sick? Can’t find a treatment anywhere else? Wanting to try alternative treatments? Remarkable Restoratives is your place. Run by an intimidating Ruki, his wise treatments will surely get your pets well in no time at all- if it works for you, that is. Bloaty Belly? Get your hands on a White Squid Root. Talon Roots will certainly cure your case of the Lumps. If your pet is struck with the NeoBlues, try some Steaming Green Tea.


Exotic Foods

Does your pet have some adventurous taste buds? Drop by Exotic Foods for a taste of another culture. Overlooked by a Red Nimmo, he’s sure to take your pet on a flavor-filled adventure. On a budget? Try some Chili Stir Fry or Mint Rolls- both just about 10np on the shop search! Willing to dish out a little money? Pick up some Chomby Sushi or Shenkuu Pumpkin Cake. If you fall somewhere in the middle, try some Cold Buckwheat Noodles or a Rainbow Roll. No matter what you’re looking for, Exotic Foods is willing and able to satisfy.


Wondrous Weaponry

Weapons are an essential item for any pet gearing up to fight. Where else to go than a store full of ornate and powerful ones? Wondrous Weaponry, run by a yellow Scorchio, has a wide variety of weapons for you to pick from. If you’re looking for something more organic, try a Paper Dagger or an Eight Point Throwing Star. If your pockets are deep, try and get your hands on a Shuriken. Weapons like the Merciless Idiom and Gold Handled Katana are sharp enough to pack a punch, while still letting your pet look at least a little fashionable.


Noda’s Fortune Cookies

If you’ve got some NeoCash to spend, drop by Noda’s Fortune Cookies. The warm and friendly orange Cybunny will gladly serve up a freshly-baked cookie- if you can pay the price. For as low as 100 NC, you can win various prizes. Cookies like the Wild Card Fortune Cookie provide you with double NP on certain games. If you buy an NC Archives Fortune Cookie, you can spin the Archive Wheel once a day for 3 days. This means you can win retired items! Regardless of which cookie you buy, you’ll always end up with an interesting prize.


Fanciful Fauna

The last store we’ll be visiting is Fanciful Fauna. Run by a lovely Spotted Koi, this store is your one-stop shop for any variety of exotic Petpet. Pets like the Biyako and Gikerot are perfect for owners who are looking for a fun yet cheap option. Petpets like the Quilin and Pandaphant are a bit more costly, but are equally beautiful. The Kazeriu and Dandan are staples of the Shenkuu culture.



No land is complete without a few fun things to do. Shenkuu has no shortage of interesting activities- Many of which have prizes!


Mysterious Negg Cave

One of the newer dailies- having been discovered in Y14- the Mysterious Negg Cave is a complex puzzle disguised as a simple fill-in-the-blanks game. With 3 symbols in 3 different colors, each symbol/color combo must appear in the right orientation for you to unlock the Negg. When you do- with the aid of provided clues, of course- prizes await! Items such as a Purple Hasee Plushie, Zen Bed, or Aplets await- if you’re lucky, you could even win an avatar!


Lunar Temple

Overlooked by a wise old Gnorbu, the Lunar Temple offers you a chance at prizes- if you can guess the right phase of the moon. Though some people have methods to correctly guessing the right answer, it’s not an easy puzzle. The wise old Gnorbu picks a random location for Neopia and Kreludor, and you must guess what the moon will look like in that position. If you get it right, you’ll win a prize- Pygui, Lunar Cape, and Moon Orb are all items you could win. Get the answer wrong? Nothing to fear! Consolation prizes include Soothing Stones, Orange Chicken, and Shenkuu Firecrackers.


Culinary Concoctions – Bonju’s Cooking Pot

Run by the iconic Chef Bonju, Culinary Concoctions is the only place in Shenkuu to make brand-new, oh-so-exciting recipes. Just don’t get too attached to any items that you hand over- despite claiming to have a magical cooking vessel, the orange Blumaroo isn’t the most gifted chef. Of course, Bonju’s lack of culinary skill doesn’t mean it’s a completely useless activity. With the right blend of items, you’re able to win the Chef Bonju avatar! Advertise his beautiful face all over the Neoboards- we have a feeling he could use the business.



Run by youthful pink Kougra Linae, Kou-Jong is one of many games you’re able to play. With a 1/1 points-to-points ratio, making money off of this game is easy- if you know how to play. In order to play, you must select a “free” tile (A tile with an open space to its left or right on the same level) and a matching tile. These two tiles are then removed, and you win points! Your aim is to clear the screen of tiles. The player is also offered at least one hint- if you need an extra one, though, type cyodrake at any point for one extra hint. High scores for this game tend to be in the 1000-1200 range. Think you can beat that?


In conclusion, Shenkuu is a hidden wonder of Neopia. A world often overlooked, Shenkuu is filled to the brim with things to do and places to visit. With plenty of things to do, Shenkuu is well worth your time. I hope you consider visiting sometime!

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