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Autumn Hot Drink Recipes

by happyinengland


      When does autumn officially start? This is a question that I can guarantee will be asked of me every year. Some say it starts on the first day of the month of Gathering, others say the 22nd day of the month of Gathering… but I say when the leaves start to fall off the trees. Now you know why a lot of Neopians refer to autumn as fall. ;)

      autumn is my absolute favorite season. The heat is no more, and the coolness of the air starts to show. The leaves start to fall of the trees and fly through the crispy air… the rejuvenating breeze. It’s the perfect season and the start of wearing cozy sweaters, scarves and ankle boots – my favorite combination. For some of you, it’s the start of NeoSchool!

      Anyway, that’s enough of my rambles… you’re not here today to listen to my love of this beautiful season. You’re in fact here for one thing only: my latest drink recipes!

      Hehe, it feels like this is becoming a thing of mine on the Neopian Times but I really don’t mind. I love making drinks and I love consuming them … so bring it on!

      There’s a reason why I mentioned the season in the beginning of this article. Autumn is the type of year where you start consuming hot drinks… you want to feel warm and cozy inside when the air is brisk outside, right? With the weather becoming crisp and cool, I know I’d want to hold and sip something warm and refreshing. Something full of sugar and delight… or fruit, I mean fruit. Kids eat your five a day… *shifty eyes*

      Take off your scarf, hat and jacket and sit by me as I tell you how to make three delicious drinks perfect for Autumn!


      Oh, and before I forget – here’s a little something something you can enjoy whilst you’re here. It’s a Caramel Hot Chocolate!



      Caramel Latte


      2 cups of Kau Kau Farm Milk (I think this tastes way better than Kau Kau Farm Half And Half)

      1 cup of water

      1 tbsp. of coffee

      ¼ cup of caramel sauce

      Optional Ingredients:


      Whipped Cream

      Let’s start off with something that looks really sophisticated and complicated to make … but trust me, it really isn’t!

      Boil the water and heat the milk in separate pans. Add the coffee into the pan with the boiled water and stir. Pour the coffee water into the pan with the milk and stir. Add the caramel sauce and you guessed it – stir! ;)

      Once they are all mixed together, try the drink and see if it’s to your liking. If it isn’t, add more caramel sauce or sugar to sweeten it.

      Pour the contents into your favorite mug. At the moment, I personally like drinking out of my Morning Meerca Mug – it’s simply divine.

      You now have the option to add whipped cream on top of your gorgeous drink.

      Finally, the fun part (or one of if you decided to add the whipped cream) – extra caramel sauce! This is where your creativity can take over. Make any design you want on top or follow the image above. Draw three lines of caramel sauce horizontally and then vertically.

      Ta-dah! You are now capable of making your own hot and delicious caramel latte, which can give you a much needed sugar boost.



      Peppermint Cocoa


      2 cups of Kau Kau Farm Milk

      1 cup of double cream

      Half Melted Chocolate Bar

      Candy Cane

      Optional Ingredient:


      Mmm, peppermint cocoa… or as a lot of us like to call it… peppermint HOT CHOCOLATE. *drools* It’s one of my all time favorite drinks and I bet you wouldn’t disagree, would you? I can see it in your eyes – it’s one of your favorite drinks, too. *high five*

      Oops, sorry… here’s a napkin. I didn’t mean to spill your drink.

      Ready? Here’s my recipe for the perfect peppermint cocoa.

      Break up your chocolate into pieces and place them into a pan along with the Kau Kau Farm Milk. Heat these ingredients on a low heat and gently stir the contents. Once they are mixed together, remove the pan from the heat. Pour the double cream into your mixture and stir.

      Pour the cocoa into a mug. Now, get your candy cane and stir in as much peppermint as you want into your drink. Oooh, can you smell that? That’s some gorgeous, minty goodness right there! Yum!



      Strawberry Kiwi Tea


      1 cup of water

      1 tea bag

      ½ a cup of dried strawberries

      1 strawberry

      1 kiwi

          This is the final recipe that I would like to share with you. It’s one that’s a hit with all hot drink lovers. If you don’t like anything with chocolate or Kau Kau Milk then this right here is the perfect solution.

      Strawberry and Kiwi Tea is so colorful, so healthy and most of all, it’s oh so refreshing.

      Boil the water into a pan and add in the tea bag. Leave it in for as long as you want (or as strong as you want it to be). Remove the tea bag from the pan. Add in the dried strawberries. Stir them both together until your mixture is a bright pink color. Pour it into a mug!

      Now, wash the fresh strawberry and chop it into little pieces then add them into the mug.

      Finally, cut a slice of kiwi and cut a line from the middle to the end to create a way for the kiwi to attach onto the ridge of the mug. Add the kiwi onto the mug for an artistic effect. ;)


      Guess what? You’ve just mastered creating three fantastic and wonderful drinks to make for autumn. You’re a quick learner!

      I hope that you have the best autumn ever – if not, I can guarantee your drinks will be the best, anyway!

      Thank you once again for reading my article. I really appreciate it. :*

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