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The Magical Transporter:Part Six

by hallie035


     Katniss was running to the Defenders of Neopia Headquarters. She just heard that the Defenders of Neopia had found some good information. It was possible that they knew where Calleigh and Amy were. Katniss was really excited to hear the news so she ran as fast as she could. Judge Hog immediately asked her to calm down when she came running into the building.

     'You don't need to use all your energy to come here,' Hog said. 'We are going to have a search party. We know your family's whereabouts. It's going to be a dangerous task up ahead and we will need you. You are the one they will trust. We have to go undercover and that is why we need you to preserve your energy. Let's go to my room so we can have a talk about our plans to help you'.

     Katniss nodded. She breathed in and out to calm her breathing. She believed Hog when he told her she was going to come with them. She also knew he was right about her energy. She should take it calm if she didn't need to use her energy. She was willing to do everything to save her sister and family. She wanted to save them more than anything.

     'Do you remember daily dare a few years ago?' Hog began. 'AAA and his sister Abigail had been held captive. After we saved them we made sure nobody could enter that place again. We didn't want it to be used for bad purposes. Recently we found that people have been active in that same area. Your friend who was working in the stamp factory was of good help too. We'd like to thank you for telling us his name. Anyway we think that someone has built up the whole place and used it to hide something. Possibly another secret laboratory, in which plastics are tested. Plastics which look exactly like normal plants and trees and flowers and stuff like that. I think Calleigh and Amy have accidently found out what was going on. They are probably held captive there so they can't spread the secret'.

     'You really think a search party is going to save them?' Katniss asked. 'I know it's going to be dangerous. I don't think it's just one person who is working on it. So how many people are going?'

     'A lot,' Hog said. 'We have asked Neopet owners who have been a help for us in previous missions to come and help with this. They have trained their Neopets as strong as possible. They will all come here in a couple of hours. We have sent them letters in which we told them our exact plans. We will travel to the dungeons. From there on small groups will enter the dungeons from different directions. We will also search every part of the island around the dungeons. We will sure find them. And when we find trouble, we can fight'.

     'Then what do you need me for?' Katniss asked.

     'We need you in the island search party,' Hog said. 'The dungeons are old and since we tried to close them they are also very fragile. It's likely that your family has escaped their already. There are a lot of tunnels there so I am not too sure. On the other hand a lot of those tunnels have collapsed already, making it easier to go through'.

     'So they could be in trouble?' Katniss said. 'Can't we go now? Every minute they spend there the more chance they won't ever come back'.

     'We can't do that,' Hog said. 'We need to have a good plan. We have to know how to deal with problems we might discover. We have to make sure everyone understand what they have to do. If we go without making preparations, we might put your family in even more trouble or even put them in danger. Please be patient a little while longer'.

     The hours seemed to be days for Katniss. Hog explained her everything about what they were about to do. Katniss would be searching the area around the dungeons. In this area there would probably be a lot of Neopets protecting the place. Katniss needed to practice her moves so she was send to Mystery Island to get some fast courses. She learned new moves and got used to new equipment. Yay's Neopets were there too. Yay had asked them to come and help. They wanted to help Katniss. They had become good friends since Katniss moved in with Yay. Because of the training courses they became even better friends. And they also became good fighting teams.

     Eventually Hog came to pick Katniss up. He gave her a letter. In the letter she could read what to do when they reached the island. She needed to open it when they arrived there, it shouldn't fell in the wrong hands. Katniss kept it safe in a bag she carried on her back. She made sure there was always someone from the group behind her so nobody could steal the letter.

     Katniss finally reached the island. She was with four other Neopets. It was only a small group. Hog had told her a small group wouldn't be noticed by people who worked on the island. The guardians on the island probably wouldn't be suspicious if they travelled across the island. They would just think they were guarding the island just like them.

     Katniss opened the letter.

     Go to the north part of the island started the letter. There you will have to search every centimetre of the island. Search behind every tree, under every rock. Look out for metal though. This island could be filled with these transporters we found earlier. If you touch them you will probably move to another place. Probably somewhere on the island but you wouldn't want to be alone. Be sure to destroy this letter before going to the north.

     Katniss tore the letter to pieces and spread it across the ground while walking to the north. She searched everywhere she could see and where she could not see too. She looked under rocks, behind trees, above trees, in the grass. She climbed trees to search between the leaves. She dug through the ground to find hidden things.

     After what seemed hours Katniss and her group had searched the north of the island. They didn't find anything important. One of her group members had walked to a small hill a few metres away from Katniss. He was a faerie Aisha and had said he heard some noises coming from underground. Katniss and the other members couldn't hear anything but he insisted that they should wait for him so he could check it out.

     'It's really coming from here,' he said. 'You should really come and listen. There are people under the ground. I think they are in trouble but I am not sure why. I can't hear them that well'.

     Katniss rolled her eyes. She knew for sure that nobody was here, not even under the ground. And why would he be the only one who could hear it? She still walked to the Aisha, because she knew he would keep asking until she came. She lied down on the hill and put her ear against the ground.

     Eventually she too heard voices. They were really soft and coming from far away. She didn't know what they were saying and from which direction the sounds were coming from. The other members of the group had also lied down and were listening too.

     'It's coming from that way,' a Christmas Moehog said. He pointed to the south.

     'No I am sure it's coming from east,' a baby Korbat said.

     'You are all wrong,' the faerie Aisha said. 'They are right beneath here. I can hear them really well'.

     'I don't hear much from here' Katniss said. 'But there should be dungeons beneath here. Maybe everything is echoing and therefore we never know from which direction it's coming from?'

     'That might be true,' the Moehog said. 'But what can we do if that's it? How will we ever find these people? We can't leave them there, it's dangerous. They were used for AAA and Abigail a few years ago right? These dungeons will collapse. They won't make it out unwounded'.

     'I know that,' Katniss replied. 'Maybe we should dig around here? Dig deep to see what we can find? Maybe coming closer will make it clear.'

     'They could also be other search groups' the baby Korbat said. 'Hog said that some of the groups would go to the dungeons and I think the dungeons are underground. So maybe we don't have to worry'.

     'We can still try and help' Katniss persisted. 'Let's just try to dig them out'.

     'That really won't work,' a voice said.

     Katniss and her group turned around to see a mutant Pteri watching them. The Pteri had an angry look in her eyes. The Pteri moved her head and looked every member in the eye for a while. Katniss looked away. This wasn't good. That Pteri wasn't part of the search party. This was probably a Pteri who was guarding the area for intruders.

     'You are all coming with me,' the Pteri said. 'You have seen too much and I can't have you around here anymore. Believe me you'll never see your family and friends again'.

     'Are you sure about that?' another voice asked.

     Katniss looked up right in the eyes of Emily. On her left stood Amy and on her right stood Calleigh. Tears boiled up in Katniss' eyes.

     'You are coming with us,' Calleigh said. She whistled and from behind the trees came the Defenders of Neopia. They took care of the Pteri. Katniss smiled and hugged her sister and after that Emily.

     'So where have you been?' she asked.

     'We were locked in the dungeons beneath here,' Amy answered. 'The walls weren't tough anymore so we broke through. Then we ran through the dungeons until we found a way out. There we ran right into the arms of the Defenders. They have fought against the Pteris who were following us. And they have won. You know the defenders right? They usually fight in the battle dome to stop enemies but the island was good enough too'.

     'That's right,' Emily said. 'I ran into them too. Now the only thing left to do is to find all these transporters. Then we have to search the dungeons once more to be sure we saved all the people who are trapped there. After everyone is saved we have to get out of here and make sure this island closed off once again. This time it will be forever. At least I hope we will be able to do that'.

     'We will find a way,' one of the defenders said. 'And if not, then we can always call some Neopet owners to come and fight. They will always give us a helping hand if we need that'.

     Reunited Calleigh, Katniss and Amy shared their stories while walking to the middle of the island. There they would hear what the next plan would be. They had to make sure the laboratory and the dungeons couldn't be used for these kinds of things anymore.

     To be continued…

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