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Feather Fashions

by earthiness


    Weewoos aren’t the only ones who can pull off feathers, now your own Neopet can too! There are numerous Neopoint and NeoCash feather options to make your pet standout in the crowd. This article will give you tips on what items and themes you can use to incorporate those feather closet items into one of a kind customizations. This article also includes a special weewoo section, where you can learn about the weewoo items available as well as get tips on how to make your very own pet look like one.

    Theme One: Fancy Feathers


    Nothing says elegance more than a feathered hat and gloves. Maybe your Neopet is going to the Poogle races for the day? For this occasion they’ll need the Feathered Hat, which is sure to keep the sun out of their eyes while they bet on their favorite fast runner. Or maybe your pet is simply going to a fancy dinner party? In that case they should check out the Elegant Feather NC set, complete with a dress, hat, shoes, and gloves. Don’t know what to wear to that upscale New Years party? Look no further than a feather theme! Just grab the Fancy New Years Feather Mask and build the rest of your ensemble around it.

    Theme Two: Tribal Fringe


    Maybe your Neopet is a tribal leader? Or just likes pretending to be one? Then be sure to break out the feathers to make their look complete. Some neopets have species specific items for this theme, such as the Feather Elephante Headdress, or the Gelert Feather set which includes a wrap, headband, and necklace. Some paint brush clothing also aligns with this theme, such as the Island Hissi Headpiece and the Royal Girl Chomby outfit (which goes more tribal elegance in my opinion). But don’t fret, there are plenty of non-species specific items for this theme as well. For accessories, be sure to grab the Feathered Belt and Compass Hiking Staff. You’ll also want to make sure your Neopet is protected from rival tribes, so adding on the Tribal Fence Foreground is a must.

    Theme Three: Faerie Fluff


    Does your faerie theme need a little more.. oomph? Want to make it more detailed, but not sure how? I’m sure you guessed it, the answer is feathers! With feather items you can turn an average faerie theme into a mystical, bird-inspired, enchanted custom. Fitting items for this custom include the Feather Wig and Felt Accessory, Glittery Feather Face paint, and Magical Feather Shower. And of course you can’t forget the most important part, the wings! There are numerous wing options available including the Rainbow Feather Wings, Colourful Feather Wings, and Painted Feather Wings. Magical feathered foregrounds for such a look can also be incorporated, such as the Feather Button Tree or Feather Flower Garden Foreground.


    Theme Four: Gothic Plumage


    Who says feathers are just for yuppie parties? As it turns out, feather wearables can be used for a glam goth look as well. Take, for example, the Deep Red Hair with Feathers. This wig is a quintessential goth themed item, and it just so happens to also have feather accents! And what’s that on the Ruffled Gothic Silk Wrap? Looks like more feathers to me. Let’s not overlook the wing possibilities either, both the Red Feather Valentine Wings and Feathery Gothic Wings would be ideal add-ons for a dark goth look. So maybe your pet has always been goth at heart, or perhaps they’re just going through a phase, no matter the reason be sure to keep an eye out for feathers for their next dark theme.

    Honorable Mention: Weewoos in Customizing


    In case you’re not aware, there are SEVEN weewoo customization items. The marvelous thing about these items is how diverse they are, so no matter what theme you’re after there is probably a weewoo item you can incorporate into it. The Branch of Singing Weewoos Garland is a gorgeous higher foreground item that can really be used in any lightly colored/pastel outdoor setting, although I love seeing it in an enchanted forest or outside a magical castle theme. But unfortunately this is the most sough-after of all the weewoo items, so it may take a while to find. The Magical White Weewoo Table is a bit more restricted when it comes to uses, it’s pretty much good for.. magician themes. If you want to be a bit more creative with it, you could incorporate the item into a wedding theme. They release Weewoos at Neopet weddings, right? The next two items are perfect for outdoor garden themes, the Silver Weewoo Perch and Weewoo Bath. While the bath is for your more run of the mill outdoor gardens, the silver Weewoos have a touch of elegance that would work nicely with a garden tea party or romantic picnic look. For your spring themes, look no further than the Spring Weewoo Garland and Weewoo Garland Wig. Both of these weewoo items are super colorful and just scream spring! Because of their cheerful looks, both items would also be great for a birthday theme. And last but not least, we have the Weewoo Clock, which may be the most versatile item of them all. Because the clock is small, and muted in color, it would go nicely with most indoor themes. It does have an industrial vibe, which would be fitting of an inventor look, but it would also fit in with a spooky or rustic cabin type theme.

     Imitation Tips


    Perhaps just using weewoo items isn’t quite enough for your weewoo obsessed pet? Maybe they want to go the extra mile and actually dress up as their weewoo idol? Well not all pets can be white Pteris, so the simplest way to achieve the weewoo imitation is by using a combination of feather and white colored wearables. After exploring the options available, I have come up with the perfect combination of items to achieve such a look. For the feather appearance, be sure to use: Elegant Feather Dress, Elegant Feather Gloves, Cherub Wings, and Feather Wig. You’ll also need to cover up the top black half of the dress with something, for that you can opt for Homemade Polarchuck Costume or Cloud Cardigan. Finally, what’s a weewoo outfit without a beak? For this you’ll have to get the closest item possible, the Gobbler Mask, to achieve the illusion. And there you have it, a complete weewoo costume!

     So next time you roam your closet and think to yourself, “How am I ever going to use this Feather Headband?!”, remember to skim this article for ideas!


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