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Guide to the Battledome: Training (Part 2)

by berzerkturtlez



Welcome back to the second installment of this series. Here, we’ll go through the rest of training your pet up to become a monster, as well as Faerie Abilities.


We left off last time at Lvl 100, and 200 HP/Str/Def. You’ll notice that Mystery Island Training times are very long here (up to 24 hours) and quite expensive (5+ codestones). At level 100, it is worth training purely level, all the way up to 250, ignoring HP/Str/Def for the most part. Once you are at Lvl 250, you have access to the Secret Ninja Training School, which offers 4 hrs/course at 1 red codestone, which is much cheaper and faster. I would definitely start doing scratchcards daily and stop the lab ray (as it has a tendency to decrease level). This is definitely the most tedious part of training, because you may be only gaining 1-2 stats per day. There are currently no cost-effective stat increasers for level, like there is for HP/Str/Def.

Once you reach level 250, you’ll have much faster training times. From here, you want to train your HP, Str, Def from wherever you left off (around 200 each, but hopefully you gained some stats from Quests/Lab Ray) up to ~575 each.

SUMMARY: Level up to 288, then Strength, Def, and HP up to ~575 each once you are able to train at the Secret Island Training School. It will take you a few months and several million just to get to level 250, and a few more months and a few more million to reach 1800 HSD. By now, you should have a pet capable of easily defeating most challengers in the Battledome, even with relatively cheap weapons.


At Lv 288, and HP, Str, Def each at ~575, you’re pretty close to the max boost of 750. Remember that you can train HP up to 3x your level, which can save you a bit of NP on codestones. Depending on what other training methods you’re using, you can train your HP to just under 800 at 1 codestone a piece, while keeping your Str and Def within range. Basically:

1. Starting at HP, Str, Def at 575 each, Level 288.

2. HP train up to 730-750 at 1 codestone a piece, meanwhile FQC/Lab/Kitchen Quest to get Level to 300, Str/Def up to 600.

3. Train level up to 375-390 at 2 codestones a piece, while FQC/Lab/Kitchen Quest boost your other stats a bit.

4. Train Defence up to 750. Meanwhile, HP will have been boosted by FQC/Lab/Kitchen Quest to around 800.

5. Use Bubbling Fungus to get Strength from 600 to 750 (more on this later).

6. Train HP at the school up as high as you can. You can go up to 1200 HP while remaining at 2 red codestones per course.

Of course, it may be too complicated to balance your stats to minimize your spending while using Lab, Kitchen Quest, or FQC. In that case, just do it the old fashioned way, keeping everything even.

Bubbling Fungus: Currently, these cost around 45k-60k a piece. These have a chance to decrease or increase strength; however, on average they will increase strength by ~1.3-1.4 strength per use. From my trial of 50 Bubbling Fungus used, I gained 37 strength, and I’ve seen similar percentages reported by other users. This means you’re spending just under 50k for a strength point, which is right in line with Secret Island Training School costs once you reach level 300. This is why I recommend leaving strength at 600 while training Defence only, as you can just use Bubbling Fungus to get all the way up to 750. It costs around the same and there is no wait time needed, so it is strictly superior. Prices may change, so double check with the relative costs while doing your own training!

Armoured Neggs: These are currently the best stat booster for Defence, just as Bubbling Fungus was for Strength. These give 1 Def each, but cost ~100k each. If you’re on a budget, then I wouldn’t use these, but if you want to reach max boost ASAP then it might be worth looking into. The most efficient feeding technique: Wait until your pet is “Dying” of hunger, then feed your pet one negg. Thereafter, feed your pet every 65+ minutes. Otherwise, if you feed your pet too often, they’ll get bloated and won’t want to eat anymore. BBQ Porkwich also increases Def by 1, but is slightly more expensive because it is retired.

SUMMARY: We’ve trained HP to 800+, Str, Def, and Lv up to 750. Additional Str/Def past 750 don’t make a difference in terms of battling currently. It’ll probably take at minimum, a year to reach this point unless you use Armoured Negg/Bubbling Fungus a lot more. You’ve spent many millions to build up your pet. Congratulations!


NC Cupcakes/Birthday Slices: 8th Birthday Tied with a Bow Cupcake and 7th Birthday Cake Slice #3 are tradable NC items that will increase Strength by 2. 8th Birthday Sparkler Cupcake and 7th Birthday Cake Slice #1 will increase HP by 5. These are all relatively expensive, however, as they are trading at 2-3 GBC (400-600 NC) each, but the upside is you can feed as many as you want at a time, unlike regular foods. There are some other stat increasers which are no-trade, however. If you do use these, keep in mind that you’ll save more NP if you use these at 1000 HP vs at 200 HP.

Scrolls: Scroll of the Ancients will increase Strength by 1-3. Scroll of the Warrior will increase Defence by 1-3. Mummified Scroll will increase HP by 1-3. These are all one-use per pet, since they are books. These cost 100k-150k, and I’d recommend these once you hit at least 600+ in stats.

Neggs: Faerie Queen Negg and Snegg are the most popular increasers for HP. They’re relatively expensive, averaging ~350k per hit point. These are only worth it if you already have a monster BD pet (several thousand HP), in which case, you don’t really need to be reading my guide! But, if you’re rich and want to get more stats quickly, these are the best for HP increase.


Of course, while you’re training your pet in the schools, remember to get your Faerie Abilities! You get these by blessing your pet with bottled faeries. The best ones, in order of level, are:

1: Static Cling (does some damage)

5: Shade (some defence)

10: Positive Thinking (minimal heal)

25: An Icicle (deals decent amount of water damage)

50: Lens Flare (Blocks your opponent’s move, once per battle) or Throw Pillows (only if you’re fighting a challenger for an avatar with a weaker pet, namely the Space Faerie, used once per day)

100: Burrow (defends random icons fully)

200: Warlock’s Rage (same as Lens Flare)

300: Rejuvenate (full heal but only if you take damage that round)

400: Reflect (Reflect 66% of damage)

500: All of them deal the same amount of icons and block opponent’s damage, but is once per day. I like Summon Monoceraptor for Fire damage, which is generally harder to block.

    Thanks for reading, and in the next part of my series, I’ll go over the best Battledome weapons for your budget, whether you only have a few thousand NP or a few million.


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