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The Worst Random Events

by katietease


Something has happened! You just lost all your hard earned Neopoints!

That's right, sometimes you get a bit unlucky and a random event will steal your Neopoints or rare items from you. It's an unfortunate part of browsing Neopets. Sometimes you'll get incredibly lucky and get a rare transmogrification potion or a highly sought after stamp, but other times the pant devil will pop up and steal your paint brush.

There are many terrible random events, sometimes it seems like there are more bad than good, so let's take a look at worst of the worst.

Sloth Tax

Dr. Sloth has his "associates" take 20% of your Neopoints away to support his next Neopian invasion effort.

In this random event, Dr. Sloth appears and takes 20% of the Neopoints you currently have on hand. So if you have 1,000,000 NP, he will take 200,000 NP away from you. This can be very frustrating, but this is why it's important to store your money in the bank. The bright side of this random event is that there is a hi-score board, meaning whoever has the most money stolen will be awarded a trophy.

Angry Tax Beast

Not been paying your bills, eh? The ANGRY Tax Beast arrives and takes 25% of your Neopoints away... because he is ANGRY.

Similar to the Sloth Tax, the Angry Tax Beast takes a percentage of the Neopoints you have on hand..this time it's 25%! This is the worst of all the tax random events as he takes the most. The regular tax beast will only take 10%, and there is another Marrow Tax that may take 20%. The Angry Tax Beast is feared above the rest.

Count Von Roo

OUCH! Count Von Roo appears in a puff of smoke and bites your pet on the neck!

Count Von Roo is an evil Blumaroo who runs around Neopia biting unsuspecting Neopets. What happens if he bites you? You'll lose up to 3 hit points off your maximum hit points!! We all spend so much time at the training academy and then this terrible Blumaroo comes to reduce all our hard work into nothing. This is a quite frustrating event.

Grundo Leader

The Grundo Leader attacks!!! He steals an item.

The Grundo Leader is angry for some reason or another and he decides to take that out on you. When he shows up he will steal a random item out of your inventory. It could be a pile of sludge or it could be a Super Attack Pea. Try to avoid him at all costs and keep a bunch of junk items in your inventory so he will hopefully take that instead.

Mutant Kadoatie

The incessant mewing of a Mutant Kadoatie drives you completely mad, and you give its owner NP to take it away!

Auuuugh! Can someone shut that Kadoatie up? Well, you can for a little bit of money. The owner of this Kadoatie uses it's terrible cries as a money making scheme. He lets it loose around Neopia and then takes the opportunity to charge you to take him away. You'll lose a few thousand in exchange for some peace and quiet, but it is worth it.

The Pant Devil

The pant devil attacks! He jumps into your inventory and steals your item. CURSES!!!

The man, the myth, the legend. One of the most notorious evil monsters in all of Neopia's history. He spends his days stealing rare items from innocent Neopians far and wide, and you are no exception! If you haven't encountered him yet, you will soon, I'm sure of it. He'll swoop down into your inventory and take whatever item he sees fit. Some people try to tease him with Pant Devil Attractors but he'll take whatever he likes.

Pirate Quartermaster

"What are ye lookin' at?", a pirate demands. "Yer Neopoints or ye'll walk the plank!" You hastily hand over some NP.

Nothing is more intimidating than getting approached by a bloated Elephante pirate covered in menacing tattoos who is demanding your money. Your best bet is to just hand over what he wants and get out of there quick.


Meuka slimes up and eats your item right out of your inventory! Good news though, it looks like he left you a lovely lump of Snot!

This one is just downright disgusting. Who wants a giant lump of snot?! Especially in exchange for whatever (probably rare) item he has stolen from you. The good news is that once he has stolen from you, you can now challenge him in the Battledome and really show him who is boss. Just hope that Count Von Roo doesn't show up on your way to the Battledome or he'll weaken you severely.


Lawyerbot says, "Ahh, there you are!" and tries to serve you with a subpoena. You quickly dash away... Whew, that was close!

While nothing bad happens to you necessarily, this one can be quite scary. You're just wandering Neopia minding your own business and now all of a sudden this robot is trying to get you to court! No thanks man! Hope you are a good runner because he can roll pretty fast!

So, what can you do to prepare for these terrible random events? Not much. But there are a couple things.

1) Store your money in the bank!

Under the watchful eyes of a Green Skeith in a suit and tie, no one will be stealing your Neopoints. There are no random events out there that will remove money from your bank account.

2) Store your rare items in your safety deposit box!

Like the bank, your items cannot be stolen from your safety deposit box. They also cannot be stolen if they are currently up for trade, so no need to worry there.

3) Reduce page-clicks when you have a lot of money on hand or rare items in your inventory.

When you want to make a trade or send a friend a gift, you'll need to have that item in your inventory or money on hand. When you have a situation like this, visit as few pages as possible to reduce the chance of a random event. Don't keep that Faerie Paint Brush in your inventory while you go through all your dailies, prioritize the trade!

Be safe out there and try not to tick off any of these baddies out to steal your money and you should do okay. If someone does steal from you just take a deep breath and move on, it isn't worth getting stressed about and you'll earn it back eventually!

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